Beautiful Unrestored 1964 Mercedes-Benz 230SL

Growing up a car geek in the ’60s and being totally in love with 2-seater Thunderbirds, I remember the first time I saw one of these 230SLs up close. I was about ten and was a bit awe-struck. It… more»

Instructions Not Included: 1996 Mercedes G-Wagon

Uh-oh! Even the mighty and exalted get the bums rush barn treatment sometimes. This 1996 (it’s not an ’80 as the listing initially suggests and the VIN checks out) Mercedes-Benz G320 has gotten the banishment treatment but there’s a… more»

Pagoda In The Garage! 1967 Mercedes 250 SL

I have never heard of the term “Pagoda” used to describe a Mercedes SL model but then there are a lot of things that I have never heard of. Regardless, here’s a beautiful 1967 Mercedes SL 250 Pagoda. It… more»

37k Mile Beauty! 1997 Mercedes-Benz SL600 V12

The Mercedes SL Class is a grand touring sports car, equipped with plenty of everything to ensure that the driver has a great experience every time he or she gets behind the wheel.  And since I haven’t seen all… more»

It’s A Mudder! 1998 Mercedes 190E 4X4

Sprechen sie Deutsch, Y’all? That may be helpful if you were to become the next owner of this outrageous 1998 Mercedes 190E four-wheeler. Where does one start with a mash-up like this? Why? might be the first question and… more»

Warehouse Cache: Huge Barn Find in North London

Imagine for a moment that you are rather well-off; so well-off, in fact, that you have access to an enormous warehouse in London. What does one do with such a property? Why, stuff it to the gills with cars… more»

Big Estate Sale: Mostly Fords and Model Trains!

When I see an estate sale involving several cars, I always wonder how they came to be gathered in one location and why. Case-in-point is this group of 21 cars located in a huge garage on a large piece… more»

This Unique 1981 Mercedes 300D Pickup Needs Love

It’s too bad cars can’t talk, because this one would have quite a story to tell. It’s a car Mercedes-Benz never made, a 1981 300D pickup truck. It’s for sale here on Facebook Marketplace in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania with a… more»

Ponton Barn Find! 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S

Talk about Rip Van Winkle. This 1958 Mercedes Benz 220s, for sale here on eBay in Canton, Ohio, has been in storage since 1969, with its six-cylinder engine sitting next to it. I owned a 1959 example of this… more»

Super Rare 1955 Mercedes Diesel Pickup

Here’s a new one on me, a Mercedes 170 truck. I know what a Mercedes 170 is, many years ago there was a family in my neighborhood that had a collection of gearhead sons and one had a 1951… more»

Life Car? 1981 Mercedes 240D 4-Speed

I’ve asked the question before – could a Mercedes 240D make the perfect lifelong car? They were well-built, handsome, and economical. Sounds about perfect for the daily commute, right? I’ve thought about buying one for a while now so… more»

THROWBACK: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster Garage Find

UPDATE 6/7/2021 – To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we thought it would be fun to repost some of our favorite finds from the past decade! We featured this Mercedes 300 SL shortly after launching the site and to this… more»

5-Speed Luxury: 1991 Mercedes 190E

From the days when four-door sedans and manual transmissions still freely mixed, we have this 1991 Mercedes 190E for your review. This example is in fantastic condition, in spite of its claimed 157K miles (yeah I know, no biggie… more»

Field Of Project Cars: 1940s To 1970s

Located near Bakersfield, California is a field of automobiles that the seller describes as a collection of project cars. Some are in better condition than others and some would likely best serve as donors for other projects. Twenty vehicles… more»

Diesel Coupe: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The Mercedes-Benz W123 lineup has long been celebrated for its reliability and overbuilt qualities, but not necessarily associated with earning its driver major style points, and certainly nothing to do with speed. The W123 turbo diesel coupe aimed to… more»

V8 Survivor: 1975 Mercedes 450SL

The Mercedes Benz 450SL has always been the epitome of style, class, and grand touring motoring. This 1975 Mercedes Benz 450SL is a two-owner coupe that is ageless in its design and beauty. The car is located in Junction… more»