Super Rare 1955 Mercedes Diesel Pickup

Here’s a new one on me, a Mercedes 170 truck. I know what a Mercedes 170 is, many years ago there was a family in my neighborhood that had a collection of gearhead sons and one had a 1951… more»

Life Car? 1981 Mercedes 240D 4-Speed

I’ve asked the question before – could a Mercedes 240D make the perfect lifelong car? They were well-built, handsome, and economical. Sounds about perfect for the daily commute, right? I’ve thought about buying one for a while now so… more»

THROWBACK: 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster Garage Find

UPDATE 6/7/2021 – To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we thought it would be fun to repost some of our favorite finds from the past decade! We featured this Mercedes 300 SL shortly after launching the site and to this… more»

5-Speed Luxury: 1991 Mercedes 190E

From the days when four-door sedans and manual transmissions still freely mixed, we have this 1991 Mercedes 190E for your review. This example is in fantastic condition, in spite of its claimed 157K miles (yeah I know, no biggie… more»

Field Of Project Cars: 1940s To 1970s

Located near Bakersfield, California is a field of automobiles that the seller describes as a collection of project cars. Some are in better condition than others and some would likely best serve as donors for other projects. Twenty vehicles… more»

Diesel Coupe: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

The Mercedes-Benz W123 lineup has long been celebrated for its reliability and overbuilt qualities, but not necessarily associated with earning its driver major style points, and certainly nothing to do with speed. The W123 turbo diesel coupe aimed to… more»

V8 Survivor: 1975 Mercedes 450SL

The Mercedes Benz 450SL has always been the epitome of style, class, and grand touring motoring. This 1975 Mercedes Benz 450SL is a two-owner coupe that is ageless in its design and beauty. The car is located in Junction… more»

Euro Market Cosworth: 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16

  As many of you know, I saved a junked Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth from the junkyard just about two years ago, now. I promise you, we’ll have some new content soon; I’ve recently cleared a few projects out,… more»

1962 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE With Two Parts Cars!

There has been a movement for some time that involves photographers taking pictures of completely dilapidated industrial buildings and putting them up for viewership on their own websites or perhaps on an image sharing web app. Some photographers will… more»

Needs Nothing: 1988 Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

It is as good as it gets! A Mercedes-Benz 560 SL was a true top dog entry in the personal luxury segment back in 1988, and as a testament to M-B’s quality and engineering, this 32-year-old example still is…. more»

Euro-Spec 1982 Mercedes 300TD Turbo Wagon

Classic Station Wagons (or Estates as our friends in other lands call them) have recently gained a lot of popularity in the market, and this very nice ’82 300TD is up for sale here on eBay from Chester Springs,… more»

Rudge Wheels: 1956 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Survivor!

Well-documented, remarkable in its originality, and available for purchase, this 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL coupe should quicken the pulse of any enthusiast. Only an original-color paint job applied some years ago separates this car from true survivor status. The… more»

One Of Only 830! 1960 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Coupe

Talk about rare! The automobile pictured here is one of only 830 produced in model years 1959 and 1960. I am pretty certain that I have never seen one, and besides its obvious condition, it’s that “not recognized before”… more»

Turbo Diesel Survivor: 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300SD

This 1981 Mercedes 300SD is awaiting a new owner and is currently in Oakdale California. Showing 342,889 miles on the clock, this “{tank of a sedan” is offered here on eBay with a $1,500 Buy It Now price. Powering the… more»

BF AUCTION: 1990 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL

[wpaheader id=”92″ /] UPDATE – After receiving a few questions about the year, Ernie double checked the car’s title and it turns out it’s a 1990! Sorry for the confusion. Reader Ernie M has tasked us with finding new… more»

BF AUCTION: 1975 Mercedes-Benz 230

[wpaheader id=”57″ /] UPDATE – John took some time to clean and film a short video of this Mercedes, so be sure to take a look below. Of the 7 cars we are helping Reader John O find new… more»