BF Auction: 1974 Triumph TR6

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  • Seller: Jesse M ortensen
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Mileage: 96745 Shown
  • Chassis #: CF25740U
  • Title Status: Clean

This TR6 comes from my personal collection. It’s a rust-free, driver-quality car that has had a lot of work done to it recently. Brown may not be everyone’s favorite color, but I think it suits the TR6’s masculine personality. This roadster is ready to be enjoyed, and it’s being auctioned off right here with a reasonable reserve!

The paint is an older respray that doesn’t match the original paint perfectly, and there are a few cracks and scratches, but the car still presents very well. The interior has been redone with new carpets, panels, dash pad, and seat upholstery. The biggest issue in here has to do with the gauges. I’m guessing a previous owner tried to calibrate a couple of them, so their starting and end points don’t quite line up.

A few improvements I’ve made since the photos were taken include installing the correct trunk carpet, a new turn signal switch, and new tires. I also sourced a valve cover that’s the correct silver color and purchased rebuilt rear Armstrong shocks from Apple Hydraulics, which will be included in the sale. The brakes have been gone through, and the rear springs have been replaced.

With its big inline-six engine and 4-speed gearbox, this TR6 is a lot of fun to drive! It’s not perfect, but there isn’t any rust and it runs and drives very well. Be sure to look through the photo gallery and post any questions in the comments below before bidding.

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Sold for: $13,000
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Ended: Jun 5, 2024 11:02am MDT
Winner: Thomas
  • Thomas bid $13,000.00  2024-06-05 10:58:47
  • BT67 bid $11,200.00  2024-06-05 10:47:44
  • jpfrazier
    bid $11,100.00  2024-06-05 09:46:03
  • BT67 bid $11,000.00  2024-06-04 12:12:44
  • Rick bid $10,000.00  2024-06-04 11:44:29
  • BT67
    bid $7,500.00  2024-06-04 07:24:12
  • Dean bid $5,000.00  2024-05-31 21:45:29
  • Jack Bacon bid $4,500.00  2024-05-30 19:38:36
  • Greg B
    Greg B
    bid $4,000.00  2024-05-30 18:50:16
  • Rick bid $3,500.00  2024-05-30 18:47:37
  • Greg B
    Greg B bid $1,000.00  2024-05-30 18:13:10
  • Suave79
    bid $750.00  2024-05-30 09:52:10
  • Slappy12 bid $500.00  2024-05-29 09:08:33

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  1. Timmy VMember

    To my eyes, the TR6 is one of the most perfectly proportioned cars ever made. It even looks good in brown! GLWTA!

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  2. Michael Garner

    Was the black on the tail of this rooter beauty like that from the factory?

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    • Michael Garner

      I typed Rooter and spellcheck struck, again!

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      Yep, the tails were all painted black, and, with the exception of the early cars, the windshield frames were, too.

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    I see it’s in Idaho, so would that be Russet Brown?

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  4. Joe MecMember

    Looks like a nice driver AND I do like the Triumph brown. These cars are made to be driven. I have gone to too many British car meets where the TR-6 section looks like a new car parking lot! Most aren’t driven, but want to be shown. My vote always goes to the guy who drove his car to the meet!! The TR-6 isn’t that exotic but it is a solid driver just like B’s and Spridgets.

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  5. SirRaoulDuke

    The brown over brown is super classy.

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  6. HoA HoAMember

    Judging by the way the site is run, commenting snafus aside, I don’t think anyone has to worry about the vehicles condition. It’s clear from the other posts, they leave little untouched. This car is the “CF” series, and like the 78% of this model sold, it does not have O/D. Having had a MGB without, then with, I can’t find the cost of the O/D new, some sites say a paltry $300 bucks more, and plenty of remorse, I bet, for the folks that didn’t get it. With a 28% reduction, it made a world of difference. To update now is way too costly, and you’ll just have to put up with that 3200 rpm roar, for hours. Like the old Detroit motors, sounded cool for about 20 minutes. Regardless, the new owner will be very happy here.

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  7. MGM

    One of the best designed Brits ever. Always thought they were sweet. The six was a great setup, easy to work on plenty of juice. I lost BF for a while, glad to have it back. I had 3 TR7’s that kept me broke and 2 Spitfires that were fun, think 70 yo is too much for this bad boy?

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      You should do it MGM! I love experiencing different cars, and I don’t think you will regret it.

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  8. Bruce Rolfe

    Where did you guys find this one?

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      It was here in Boise.

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  9. Malsal56

    Russet brown a popular colour in the BL range in the 70’s.
    A friend had one with overdrive on 2,3, and 4th but he still couldn’t stay with my Lotus Elan S4 fhc.

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  10. Jesse JesseSeller

    The auction is ending in less than 24 hours, and we are getting very close to the reserve! Please post any questions you may have in the comments, and I will do my best to respond before the end.

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  11. ChingaTrailer

    70? No big deal – in a few months I’ll be 71, I still drive, maintain and repair my 1948 Bentley, my unrestored RHD Cobra roadster and newest toy – a RHD JDM Celica Convertible . . . and I try to ride my bicycle 25 miles at least 5 days a week.

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  12. Jesse JesseSeller

    The reserve is off so it’s going to sell for the high bid. This a great car for the money guys!

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  13. MarkMember

    MGM, go for it! I am 76 and driving and wrenching on a 71 Alfa Spider 1750. I owned a blue 74 TR6 and loved it, in fact, I am thinking of bidding on this one. They are different but still great to drive. Howard is right about having an overdrive, I wouldn’t buy one without it. I changed out my final drive gear to lower the RPM’s on the Alfa and now I don’t mind driving long distances.

    Let us know!

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  14. MilitaryGuy

    There is no rust free British car . I’ll take the engine for my spitfire, though

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    • Jesse JesseSeller

      Sure there are! Like any other classic car, they just gotta live in areas that don’t salt the roads or have high humidity.

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      • MilitaryGuy

        …Like on Mars

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      • Jesse JesseSeller

        I’m guessing you live in the rust belt? There are rust free classics all over the Western United States.

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  15. Richard Martin

    It’s usually the other way round but on this occasion Australia got a better car than the Yanks. Ours were fuel injected, most had wire wheels and overdrive too. Generally speaking, rust isn’t a major problem here either.

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  16. Greg G

    Now this is how you advertise a car your trying to sell. Honest information and plenty of pics.

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