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BF Auction: V6-Powered 1975 Chevrolet Vega Kammback GT

Sold For: $977

The owner of this 1975 Chevrolet Vega Kammback GT believes it is the only examples in this exact specification left in existence. They purchased the vehicle in Brownsville, Texas, and placed it on stands to perform a restoration in 2011. They completed numerous drivetrain updates that should make it a potent performer, but they have lost the passion to see the project through to completion. It needs a new home and a buyer who can add the finishing touches. If you believe you are that person, you will find it listed for sale exclusively here on Barn Finds as a no-reserve auction!

The GT wears Antique White paint, just like the one seen in the ad above, that looks consistent across the entire vehicle. Several small sections of rust are visible in the lower front fender, the passenger side door just below the window, and around one side window frame. None are particularly bad, and the buyer should be able to tackle these with simple patches rather than resorting to panel replacement. The car is very straight for its age, so addressing the rust and applying a fresh coat of paint should prove a rewarding task that the new owner could complete in a home workshop. The glass looks in good order, with no significant flaws or defects. The GT features its original wheels, and a bonus is the inclusion of a pair of spares complete with center caps and trim rings.

If the buyer returns this Kammback’s exterior to its factory appearance, the upgraded drivetrain could make it a genuine sleeper. The Wagon originally featured a 140ci four-cylinder engine that produced 80hp. That motor is a distant memory, and the upgrades performed by the seller are carefully considered and sensible. After investigating the weight of various candidates and the stress that some might place on the vehicle’s structure, the seller slotted a 3.8-liter Buick Even Fire V6 of 1985 vintage under the hood. This smooth-running motor doesn’t add significantly to the overall weight and won’t compromise its structural integrity. The upgrade will see power jump well into three-figure territory, which feeds to the rear via a Turbo 350 automatic transmission. One area that requires the buyer’s attention is the rear end. That aspect of the vehicle remains untouched and may not cope well with the additional power and torque. Therefore, the seller sourced and includes a 7½” Cosworth rear end and steering gear. Both require a clean before installation but will help make the drivetrain pretty tough. Once the new owner returns the Vega to a roadworthy state, it should provide an enjoyable driving experience when the driver floors the gas.

As part of the build process, the owner partially dismantled the interior. It appears that all the removed parts are present, including a couple of nice-looking dash pads. Everything requires a deep clean before the buyer compiles a shopping list, but it looks like the list might be pretty short. It will include seat covers and a carpet set, although the door trims may be okay. The plastic has aged, but I don’t believe it is beyond salvation. The dash and gauge cluster would present well with a clean, and there are no problems with the wheel. Overall, whipping the interior into shape should be straightforward and is unlikely to break the bank. There’s also a large number of spare parts included with the car that will help get it fixed back up (a full list of parts is provided here).

The fact that this Kammback is fitted with the GT package makes it a genuinely unique vehicle. However, most cars from this era didn’t possess performance levels that made the driver’s pulse race. The most desirable Vega is undoubtedly the Cosworth, but the drivetrain upgrades performed by the owner should lift this Wagon’s performance well beyond that offered by the Cosworth. The heavy lifting on this project appears complete, leaving the buyer to add the finishing touches. Do you feel up for that challenge?

  • Location: Alamo, Texas
  • Engine: 1985 Buick 3.8 Even-Fire V6
  • Transmission: TH-350 Automatic
  • VIN: 1V15B5C101112
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $977
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Ended: Aug 12, 2022 2:00pm MDT
Buyer Premium: 5%
  • KERRY KAMBACK bid $977.00  2022-08-12 11:09:04
  • 72deuce bid $877.00  2022-08-12 11:04:04
  • 72ccnwa bid $777.00  2022-08-10 20:52:08
  • Hartenchris bid $650.00  2022-08-10 17:58:26
  • bid $550.00  2022-08-09 18:59:49
  • 72deuce bid $450.00  2022-08-08 15:49:50
  • Hartenchris bid $350.00  2022-08-07 11:21:48
  • freeman bid $250.00  2022-08-05 18:25:18
  • bid $125.00  2022-08-04 18:55:27


  1. Mel Hilgenberg

    Not the only one out there.

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    • Rod Clarke

      True. I changed out a clapped out 4 banger with a 3.6 Pontiac V6 into one of these in the early 80’s. Made a world of difference to the performance.

  2. mike

    And if it were true the original mtr.was changed so Vega is not an original anymore.

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  3. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Only a handful of Kammback GTs left the factory with a V6. The engine has obviously been swapped out here but we are checking with the owner to see if they have any documentation to prove that it is one of those rare cars.

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  4. Joshua Mortensen Staff

    I just spoke with the seller and unfortunately this isn’t one of the V6 cars. Their statement about rarity was based on the overall options that the car received and there was a bit of confusion on our part about the engine since its now equipped with a V6. It appears to have been built to the exact same specs as the car seen in the ad that’s provided. Sorry for any confusion.

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  5. Gary

    Many thousands left in drier climates, along with hatchbacks, Monzas, Astres etc

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  6. Jerry

    There were never any production V6/8 Vegas built, just the standard 140 cid and the Cosworth engine. The Monza did come with a V8 option however, I believe that is where the confusion lies. I’ve had V8 Vegas and Monzas, including a Pro Street injected 427 Kammback, good in a straight line but not so good anywhere else.

  7. Rw

    4.3 would have been the proper 6 to use.

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  8. Headturner

    Trust me on this, if there is rust you can see, there is more you can’t see. I love Vega’s and had a couple with V-8 swaps and I would like to have another but hard to find a rust-free one.

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  9. T. Pond

    I bought a Vega GT wagon several years ago for $1000 that was all original. Brown with GT white stripe. Engine original 4cyl with 4spd floor stick which ran great but gas mileage was much better than oil mileage ( therefore we called it “ole smokey”). My son, whom I bought it for, passed away in 2019 and I sold it last year for $1500. It was a solid car in good condition except for the usual oil consumption for that 4cyl GM engine. These GT Vega wagons were not common but there are some still around.

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  10. Claudio

    I admit that i am very picky
    I dont like large cars (boats)
    I dont like 4 doors ( taxis)
    I love ragtops
    I love sporty driving (goggles pisano)
    I dont like station wagons but this little 2 door station pleases my eyes
    Sadly , texas to montreal would be extremely expensive for shipping and not much better having to take so much time to drive with trailer

    Many moons ago , i had a monza with the v8 and even with quite a bottom end knock , it was pretty peppy , i wanted to swap the engine but had too many things going on …

    This little thing is for someone else

  11. Glenn Schwass Member

    I remember seeing the dash rusted out on one when I was a teenager 40 plus years ago. I couldn’t understand it. If in a junk yard for 30 years, yes but it was decent other than that. Too much work for something I might not fit comfortably in and I can’t weld. Like most junk from the 70’s, they rusted here in the Northeast within 3 years.

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  12. Pete_W.

    My first brand new car was a 74 Vega Wagon. At approximately 25,000 miles it overheated and starting using oil by the gallon. When I tried to get Chevy to fix it, they told me to pound sand. (Last GM product I ever bought.) I realized the Vega and new Monza/Skyhawk/Starfire used the same front subframe and transmission, so a trip to the junkyard was in order. The Olds V6 dropped right in and aside from a slight weight increase, was a much nicer car than the original.

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  13. Cerno

    You haven’t even bought the steel wheels yet !! Wagons are hot and this will get chopped into a drag car I’m sure .

  14. Vegaman Dan

    This ticks every box I want except missing the luggage rack on top. Texas. Damn. The shipping cost would exceed the budget very quickly. If this was in the Northwest, I’d be bidding hard.

    • Joshua Mortensen Staff

      We have a shipper that I can put you in touch with to see what it would cost. He found us a truck that would haul 3 project cars shipped from New Jersey to Idaho and it wasn’t nearly as expensive as we thought it was going to be.

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        could i get the shippers information please

  15. John John

    Interesting find. Never seen another one like it. Lots of Cosworths for sale and junked out Vegas. Wished I had a place to work on this piece of history. Beautiful little car.

  16. Dennis A sevick

    Hey, can I get some extra pictures of this vega wagon? Floors extra parts. Interior. Thanks.D

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