BF Auction: 1983 Volvo 244 Turbo

Sold For: $4,400

UPDATE – We’ve decided to pull the reserve on this Volvo! If you’d love to have it, be sure to bid below.

I’ve owned a handful of old Volvos over the years and they have all been great cars so when I had the chance to trade a 240 wagon for this Turbo sedan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I had always wanted to drive a Turbo and this one has turned out to be lots of fun. The extra power provided by the turbo along with a few IPD suspension upgrades have transformed this normally sedate sedan into something that’s actually fun to drive.

The previous owner did a bunch of work on the engine including swapping the head with a resurfaced one (exhaust studs had broken) and replacing a bunch of the gaskets and seals. A new water pump and belts went in while everything was out too. As you can see, this engine has been upgraded with an IPD cam and cam gear. Someone also installed an APC system from a Saab turbo. It does allow the engine to boost higher but if I were going to keep it, I would swap that out with a manual boost controller.

What fun is going faster if you can’t stop or turn? These cars came with great brakes from the factory but the suspension was tuned for comfort more than performance. This car on the other hand has lowering springs, IPD sway bars, and a rear Panhard bar so it can now carve through the corners. The previous owner even installed new Pirelli P6 tires (as would have been fitted originally) to the original Turbo rims. You can spot the custom exhaust under there too.

I believe this car originally came with leather seats but they have been swapped out for some blue pinstripe cloth units. That may not be a bad thing though because the leather seats in these never seemed to age well. The Turbo-specific gauges are all there and work as they should. This car is fitted with overdrive but the custom shift knob necessitated a move of the switch to the dash. I have purchased a replacement knob with the OEM style switch and will include it and a couple of boxes of spares with the car.

As you can see, the clearcoat on the top of the trunk lid and roof has failed. The car already has a tough look to it though so I’d probably just leave it for now. This thing would make a unique daily driver that you don’t really have to worry about getting dinged or stolen. The roof rack may not be for everyone but it does add back some of the functionality that you lose by not going with the wagon. Throw a spare tire and fuel jug up there and you’ll have the perfect rally wagon! Please review all the photos provided in the photo gallery below before placing a bid. Also, feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below.

Bid On This Vehicle

Sold for: $4,400
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Ended: May 17, 2022 1:05pm MDT
High Bidder: gonavy78
Buyer Premium: 5%
  •   gonavy78 bid $4,400.00  2022-05-17 12:58:29
  •   accessbuilders bid $4,300.00  2022-05-16 14:52:08
  •   mrlbs bid $4,200.00  2022-05-14 18:41:43
  •   mrlbs bid $3,800.00  2022-05-14 18:41:36
  •   mrlbs bid $3,300.00  2022-05-14 18:41:26
  •   mrlbs bid $3,000.00  2022-05-14 18:41:13
  •   mrlbs bid $2,700.00  2022-05-14 18:40:58
  •   mrlbs bid $2,400.00  2022-05-14 18:40:39
  •   gonavy78 bid $2,240.00  2022-05-12 17:53:52
  •   Fordonsimporten bid $2,000.00  2022-05-11 10:55:27
  •   Wayniac bid $333.33  2022-05-11 10:14:15
  •   gonavy78 bid $200.00  2022-05-11 09:55:45


  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Since this is one of my personal cars, we are waiving the buyer’s premium. Also, I wanted to mention that there is a little rust in the driver’s side rear fender which is visible in the photo gallery. Otherwise the body and chassis are solid.

    • Frank D Member

      You had one of the top of the line models. I had a 73 242 DL standard shift. These 242’s are bullet proof. I never had an issue with this car and drove it for 189,000 plus miles. Traded it for a new 83 MB 300SD. Great vehicle, good luck with the sale.

  2. Mike

    It would look better without the metal barnacle that has attached itself to the roof. Great color kinda like Porsche’s petrol blue.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      The roof rack is easy to remove.

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  3. Jack M.

    I have always thought of myself as mechanically proficient, but how do you spot an upgraded camshaft without disassembling the engine?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      You can see the cam by removing the valve cover but I’m not sure what markings to look for.

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      • bobhess bobhess Member

        Don’t need markings. Just measure the lift of the cam lobes and compare them to a stock cam’s dimensions. Slick car here.

  4. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Nice Brick, but I’d like to see a few more pictures! 😄 😆

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Good one! We just want you to know what you’re getting.

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        Unless I’m missing it, where is the car located?

  5. rockin75646

    where is the vehicle located? I am in SC. Thanks!!

    • Doug Edwards

      Boise Idaho, I would guess by reading the ad

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  6. alphasud Member

    One thing worth mentioning is this has the intercooler kit installed. I would drive it with the Saab APC system first before removing it. It’s nice the have the safeguard for knock detection. If you have never owned a Brick with IPD enhancements you will be in for a treat. These are great cars. I could very easily own a Brick again.

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  7. Walter

    Where is this car located and what do you think about the purchaser driving it home to Fla? My daughter’s Mustang is about to give up the ghost after 240K and this could be a replacement.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      I know the car made a long-distance trip along the West coast not too long ago. As with any old car though, bring a toolkit, spares, and a AAA card. It would be an adventure for sure!

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  8. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The car is located in Boise, Idaho. I will update the post with all the vitals. Thanks guys!

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  9. carsntrucks

    The blue velour interior was also in my 83 242T.
    This is the first time I’ve seen quad round headlamps in a 240 that originally had 4×6.

    Except my 82 245 T that I converted many years ago. I also modified an earlier grill to accommodate the flat hood I converted to.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      The original headlights are included along with a few boxes of spares.

      • alphasud Member

        I had the early round headlights in my Volvo as well. Fit them with e code H4 and H1 headlights to actually see at night.

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  10. angliagt angliagt Member

    Come on people – only $100 bid?


    You (gasp!) didn’t cover up the license plate.

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  11. Wayne Graff

    Is there a reserve?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It does have a reasonable reserve.

  12. Phipps

    Very interested in this car. I had a 1990 and these are classics to me.

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  13. gonavy78

    I have a few vintage 240’s, all wagons, but this one looks interesting depending where the bidding goes. The big downside is location, especially for an east coast buyer not willing to brave the cross country adventure drive. Shipping anything from Boise is expensive in normal times. With the price of fuel, it may make the entire purchase unaffordable.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Boise is right on the interstate along a main corridor for shipping so I’m not sure why you said that. I have shipped cars in and out with no issue. It would be cheaper than shipping a car from California or anywhere further West.

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  14. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Feel free to place a bid!

  15. Gig Harbor Washington

    Awesome looking car! I remember when Volvo cars looked like this. At the time I didn’t find the Volvo 240 very attractive to look at, at least not next to the Saab 900. But today, 40+ years later, I would give anything to see a Volvo 240 car.

  16. Eric Lund

    the quote I just got from Boise to me in Virginia was $1,500 (open carrier).

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      That’s not bad for shipping a car clear across the country!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      I know a good broker if anyone needs shipping quotes.

  17. chrlsful

    10 yrs from there to the last 240 (well my ’93 wagon I was told was last yr). Not much change tho. ‘N my leather (2 yrs old – ’21) was in great shape tho not garage kept or saddle soaped but 1 X yr those 23 yrs. Admittedly I did not eat/drink in the car, no babies or children there, only wrenchin B4’n after that time (I “had money” then)…

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      That’s impressive actually because they normally look like a worm out baseball glove.

  18. Bakes

    Beautiful brick – looks like a hoot to drive and those seats are stupid comfortable (enough so that the passenger seat from my dear departed S70 is now my office chair). Someone is going to get a great car. Wish I had room for it!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Fun and comfort together is a rare combination…

  19. Jeff

    And has the intercooler, not standard until 84 1/2. And I am pretty sure 240 rear suspensions had a panhard bar standard. Need another gauge for that empty spot, I have a set, wasn’t there an oil temp gauge?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      I’m not sure if the intercooler is original to car but it’s a nice upgrade. I should have said it had an IPD adjustable panhard bar. It’s important to have it you’re 240 is lowered. You may be right about the gauge because there is an air to fuel ratio in there right now. It’s cool how you could mix and match your gauges. Just pop out one of those little square boxes and install your oil pressure gauge, clock, tach, outside temp gauge, etc.

  20. Benjamin Dunn

    Do you have a carfax to go with the car? Looking to learn more about ownership + accident history. I’m located in Alberta, Canada and if I’m just trying to think through the logistics of getting this home if I bid

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Good question. I have uploaded the CarFax and added the link in the article above. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your interest.

  21. Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

    Silly question from the sweltering rust belt. I’m assuming that’s beauty was never blessed with an A/C system? 🥵

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  22. Eric Lund

    Looks like the a/c switch is on the dash… the question is if it is operational and blows cold.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      There is an A/C switch on the dash but no compressor under the hood. The parts could easily be sourced to put it back but that’s something to consider. Thanks.

  23. Bamapoppy

    Back in 1981 I had a choice to purchase a new 240 or a 1976 Corvette. I chose the Corvette as it had only 6,151 miles and presented as new. Had I bought the 240 i might still own it because they are rock solid. Oh, well…. This one is going to be a baby for the winning bidder!

  24. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The reserve has been met and this Volvo is going to sell. Please let me know if there are any questions. The auction ends tomorrow so good luck to any last-minute bidder!

  25. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

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