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The Lincoln Continental name dates back to 1939 and has managed to stick around to this day, with a few short breaks here and there. The “Mark” series didn’t technically show up until 1956, but that’s just a technicality. Having been around for so long, there have been lots of revisions, redesigns, and evolutions, going from a personal luxury car to massive grand touring cars and now as a modern full-size sedan. Today’s find is a Mark VII LSC from 1984, which is a very unique time in the Continental’s history. Being an LSC or Luxury Sports Coupe means that this Ford’s Fox-body Mustang with a 5.0L V8 and rear-wheel drive is a great mix of performance and comfort! Reader Brent C has decided it’s time to move this running and driving Mark VII on to its next home. It’s located in Elko, Nevada and is ready to go! So, be sure to bid on this one owner hot rod Lincoln.

Calling this a sports car is a bit of a stretch, but compared to the cars it was competing with at the time, it was surprisingly sporty. The Fox-body platform offered decent handling and the 5.0 V8 produced respectable power. When it was introduced, it gave BMW’s 630 and Mercedes’ 380SEC a run for their money. Styling is always a bit subjective, but it’s a clean design and hides any hints of performance nicely. If you want to have a fun driver, but still cruise in comfort, this is the perfect combo!

While it’s looking a bit dirty, the engine is said to run very well. The transmission was recently replaced to get it back on the road and comes with a lifetime warranty. Brent states that it runs and drives great. The AC system has even been converted over to R134. This 5.0 isn’t ground shattering, with just 140 horsepower, but there are lots of upgrade options for those needing more grunt. And that’s what makes the LSC a great option for most of us. As great as a car like the BMW 630CSI is, this is a car anyone can afford to own. Parts are cheap, information is readily available, and anyone can work on it.

This Mark might have spent much of its life parked in the garage, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t driven. It’s covered just over 100k miles, so there’s going to be some work to do here. The biggest issue I see will be fixing the seats. Between use and their age, they are starting to look a bit sad. They are going to need to be redone, but most upholstery shops could make new covers or you could just buy some cheap covers to put over them. The rest of the interior looks to be in decent shape and would clean up nicely!

Making this Lincoln look it’s best will take some work, but the body looks to be straight, there are no signs of rust, and the paint should clean up nicely with a good polishing. Being a one-owner car that was serviced by the same Ford dealer since new is a huge plus and while it has covered a fair number of miles, this one should have a ton of life left in it. So, if you’d love to give this hot rod Lincoln a good home, be sure to bid! And if you have any questions for Brent, please leave them in the comments below.

  • Location: Elko, Nevada
  • Mileage: 106,551
  • Title Status: Clean

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High Bid: $550 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Apr 2, 2020 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: Ron H
  • Ron H bid $550.00  2020-04-01 16:49:52
  • MikShr bid $450.00  2020-03-28 16:45:01

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  1. Dusty Rider

    I wonder what’s under that bra…not good news I’ll bet. I had a ’97 LSC, great car but something was always wrong with it. Headlights (hid $150 for NOS low beam bulb), leaked water, neon tail light only worked the day I sold it as it drove away, I loved that car but I was glad to see it go.

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    • brent canfield

      the bra been on the car since it was new, take picture w/o if needed!

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  2. Gord

    97 totally different car though!
    one issue i had with an lsc was finding parts… emergency brake cable etc are MIA these days. Mind you… not had one in about 10 yrs, maybe rockauto does now
    great car… mustang in a tuxedo

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Too bad it’s an ’84. These didn’t really get desirable until the 5.0 got EFI in ’86. I’d like to have one from the very late 80s-early 90s. They had better rear discs, 225hp 5.0 EFI and some nice wheel options.

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  4. CS

    What’s with the turkey timer on the valve cover?

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    • Tony Primo

      How else are you going to know when it’s done?

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      • CS


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  5. CCFisher

    Has the air suspension been serviced or converted to coils?

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    • brent canfield

      changed out the air compressor, air suspension, load levelor works well.

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  6. lc

    Strange that this Lincoln didn’t get EFI until 86. My 84 Cougar LS with a 3.8 has fuel injection.

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    • Nick

      Was thinking the same thing and wondering if it was an early cfi system hiding under there. Otherwise I think it would be the only factory carbed car with the 4 speed aod transmission… although if I had the room for this (and kinda wish I did, been on the lookout for a clean 2 door LTD and this is technically better in every way…) and was building it up a little bit I think I would go aftermarket efi or carbed anyway. Nothing crazy, but a well muffled 300-350hp would be very nice. Wonder if the 3.5 ecoboost and 6r would fit…

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      • Todd Zuercher

        Probably CFI. I wrote ‘86 for EFI in my earlier reply and realized later I should have clarified that they didn’t get multi-port EFI until ‘86 – along with the Mustang.

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  7. Rodney

    First year of this gen. First US car with the flush headlights. Loved them.

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    • Nick

      Lots of firsts for the mark vii, modern style headlights with replaceable bulbs and an HID option, first American car with 4 channel abs, first fox platform with 4 disk brakes I think (although tied with the SVO).

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  8. stephen l brownMember

    What doesn’t work?

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    • brent canfield

      the power windows need repaired, would go down wouldn’t come back up mechanically the car runs excellent, wheels and tires are new, alpine stereos new,charge the a/c unit be ice cold!

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  9. Wifewontlikeit

    I almost bought a red one in 1984 but got a black TBIrd Turbo Coupe with a 5 speed instead. Yet, this yacht floats and goes! I drove a friend’s and felt like I was in the executive suite (sucks gas like it’s going out of style 11mpg vs. my ‘Bird @ 25 mpg). However, it was not the easiest to park. I may have to bid, but my wife won’t like it.

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    • brent canfield

      25 mpg freeway

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  10. brent canfield

    asking price 3000. little high but drive it myself for less! last call for a one owner Lincoln never wrecked make a bid take it out the garage you have a beautifule car everyone will admire thanks!

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  11. brent canfield

    reserve is 3000. one owner, never wrecked. beautiful car!

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  12. wifewontlikeit

    Wondering what will happen if the reserve is not met. Still trying to convince the wife here…

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    • brent canfield

      make an offer close too 3 consider it!

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  13. lc

    Sshe. I tried to sell my 84 Cougar on Ebay once for about half that, and it didn’t sell. I still drive it. If no one wants to buy it, then, drive it!

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  14. Michael Whitener

    I had an 84 loved the car drove it between Northern North Carolina and Southern Florida never any problem EXCEPT the suspension I could be running down I 95 and the front would drop so at 90 or 95 mph I would open the door and close the door sometimes I would need to repeat and the front of the car came back up. But loved the car beautiful car steel today.0

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    • Dusty Rider

      The easy entry wouldn’t work one day On my ’97 LSC and the steering wheel wouldn’t come down. I drove it about a block that way, then slapped the wheel with my fist…and the wheel came down immediately. Never used that feature again. I loved that trouble ridden car, though.

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  15. Erin

    Is this still available and, if so, is it possible to get a picture of what it looks like under the bra?

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    • B Canfield

      Erin still on the market, moving must sell

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  16. Randal Brown

    What is wrong with people, t his is a nice car. It’s a 36 year old car. It has a few issues which is to be expected. It’s unique the wheels look like Riddlers not sure if they are original or not. I like it and Im a Chevy guy. I own a 1968 Chevy II, Nova. I do have a 1998 Lincoln Continental that we gotten from my wife’s dad after he passed away. It us a wonderful car and has gotten me into these luxury Fords. I’ve been offered lots of money on several occasions. I won’t sell. Then I come across this and want it. I noticed the date of 01/09/2021. If its available contact me at 214 900 6349.

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