Baby Lincoln: 1978 Lincoln Versailles

“For 1978, an American luxury car designed for the discriminating driver who will settle for nothing less than an unmistakable blend of elegance, comfort, and engineering distinction.” So says a 1978 Lincoln Versailles brochure. This baby beauty is listed… more»

Maryland Barn Finds: 10 Car Collection For Sale!

When we all eventually pass on, those of us with an assortment of project vehicles will inevitably leave it up to our heirs or an estate manager to find new homes for that which we held dear. Of course,… more»

Returning Classic: 1984 Lincoln Town Car

We have featured thousands of cars on the Barn Finds website since it was established over a decade ago, and many of those cars become distant memories because we never learn their ultimate fate. That makes this 1984 Lincoln… more»

Cheap Luxury? 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III

“Grandpa’s pride and joy” is how the seller describes this beautiful 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III. This was quite a car in its day and it still is today, although it’s been parked for many years and will need… more»

V12 Project: 1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Here on craigslist is this benchmark 1946 Lincoln Continental convertible project car, with an asking price of $10,000. The ad is running in Reno and the seller mentions that the car was purchased from a probate court in Nevada…. more»

Cartier Edition? 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Nearing the late seventies while GM was busy redesigning many of its flagships with smaller dimensions outside, Lincoln introduced a new Mark series for 1977, the Mark V, which used the same chassis as its predecessor but actually added… more»

Barn Find: 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

This 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe has a few unique features as do most fifth-generation Lincoln Continentals. The two-tone paint is nice, and hidden headlights are unique for this generation, as is being a two-door model. Not to mention,… more»

59k Original Miles: 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Lincoln always struggled to match Cadillac in the sales race, but that changed when it introduced the Continental Mark III. It signified the first time that the company marketed a genuinely worthy adversary to the Eldorado, and sales success… more»

Designer Package! 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition

As luxurious as the Lincoln Continental Mark V offerings were in base form, for buyers who wanted an even more special touch came the designer series line-up, which added a distinctive label and cosmetic treatment to the already opulent… more»

Sold! 1995 Lincoln Town Car Signature

UPDATE – This Lincoln was one of the first cars to be listed in our new Make An Offer system and we are excited to say that it sold right away for $7,500 and is now with its new… more»

Rare Lipstick Edition! 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

If you base it on nothing but sheer size, at 19 feet long the 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV made quite an impression in the daytime just by pulling into your executive parking spot before you even exited the… more»

Triple-Black Beauty! 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

By 1972, the muscle market was in decline but demands for personal luxury cars were escalating, making this an ideal time for Lincoln to introduce a new offering for their lineup, the Mark IV.  Building off the success of… more»

Florida Car! 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Lincoln’s 1955-56 Continental Mark II was intended to be the height of automotive luxury and excellence. It was largely hand-built, only small quantities were produced, and Ford Motor Co. lost money on each one they sold. Fast forward a… more»

Only 2 Owners: 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Continental Mark V was produced by Lincoln between 1977 and 1979 and was the longest 2-door coupe ever marketed by the company. Its successor, the Mark VI, would be the latest of the U.S. auto industries cars to… more»

Aviation Tie-In: 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

The Continental Mark III was introduced in early 1968 as a 1969 model. Borrowing from the Ford Thunderbird to keep costs in check, the personal luxury car became Ford Motor Co.’s flagship automobile to compete with the Cadillac Eldorado…. more»

Bubble Top: 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car

The era of this 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car is one that most people either like or, well, let’s say “not like” (I didn’t want to say hate, but there it is). I love it, and it can be… more»