First Year Mark! 1956 Continental Mark II

Synonymous with luxury, the Lincoln Continental spanned through ten generations of cars, and while it took a pause here and there the Continental nameplate ultimately lasted until just a couple of years ago when it was put to rest… more»

Low Mile Survivor: 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII

Some enthusiasts yearn to own a classic offering unparalleled luxury, but such cars can often prove prohibitively expensive. However, this 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII is in fantastic condition for its age and has a genuine 37,000 miles showing on… more»

1 of 350: 1940 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet

The 1940 Lincoln Continental set a new standard for luxury cars made in the U.S. It would be the last American-built automobile produced with V12 power. In the car’s first year in production (1940), only 404 copies were assembled… more»

Grandma’s Cruiser: 1956 Lincoln Premiere

The Lincoln Premiere was a luxury car produced from 1956-60. It was slotted below the ultra-posh Continental Mark II and above the Capri which it was based upon. This ’56 edition was owned from new by the seller’s grandmother… more»

Low Mile LSC! 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

The target market for luxury sport coupes ranges broadly between luxury and sport. Lincoln’s regular Mark IV covered buyers with its emphasis on luxury, and the LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe) like this 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC, covered buyers… more»

898 Original Miles! 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

There’s a lot to be said for owning the last of a breed, especially in the world of classic luxury cars. The final production examples of a particular model should theoretically be the best of their type. The manufacturer… more»

1 of 400: 1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet

If there were ever a Mt. Rushmore of great Lincoln designs, the elegant 1940-1941 Lincoln Continental would certainly be on it. These low production classics (only 400 cabriolets and 850 coupes were produced in 1941; even fewer in 1940)… more»

9k Mile Survivor? 1977 Lincoln Continental

The Continental dominated Lincoln production for 55 years – until 2020 when the company decided to focus exclusively on crossovers and SUVs. The car’s fifth-generation was built between 1970-79, including this ’77 edition which has been off the road… more»

1 of 850: 1941 Lincoln Continental

The 1941 Lincoln Continental was the epitome of luxurious cars in the 1930s-40s. So much so that a couple of them were chosen to appear in The Godfather movie of 1972. The seller thinks this one was featured in… more»

One Of A Kind: 1978 Lincoln Continental Pickup

There are numerous subcultures in the hobby car universe, and most of them make sense as to why they exist. But the desire to convert big luxury cars into pickup trucks is one I’ve never quite understood. Flower cars,… more»

Block Party: 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

We used to joke in high school that the Lincoln Continental was as long as a city block. This car is listed here on eBay with a Buy It Now Price of $16,000. The seller has also included a… more»

Museum Find: 1964 Lincoln Continental

I’m not sure how you feel, but I have always believed that while preserving classic cars is essential, designers and manufacturers never intended their creations to spend their lives as museum pieces. That has been the fate of this… more»

1 of 847: 1948 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe

My high school Government teacher had one of these behemoths in his garage in the mid 70s that he was hoping to restore. He let me look at it one day because he knew I was an old car… more»

Upscale El Camino? 1985 Lincoln Mark VII

Among the numerous automotive trends that seem to just take a life of their own, converting vehicles into an El Camino-style arrangement (or a flower car, for you sophisticated types) is one of the more ambitious backyard hack-jobs I’ve… more»

Taking Aim at Rolls-Royce! 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

The Mark II was an uber-luxury coupé sold by the Continental Division of Ford in 1956-57. It was the flagship FOMOCO automobile, marketed against the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Supposedly, Ford lost money on every one of them sold because… more»

Stored Since ’82: 1971 Lincoln Mark III

The Lincoln Continental Mark III was a huge success for Ford Motor Company, and in its three model year run from 1969 through 1971 when the personal luxury car was king, Lincoln dealers managed to sell more than 70,000… more»