Frankenwagon: 2000 Lincoln Town Car Wagon

Ford stopped making “big” station wagons in 1991 with the demise of the LTD Crown Victoria, though they did continue making the smaller Taurus wagon until 2005. This Town Car is somebody’s version of “what if”… more»

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Low-Budget Baby Lincoln: 1950 Lincoln EL

While probably *not* destined for a stunning factory restoration, this 1950 Lincoln EL sedan could easily become an upscale ’50 Mercury-style low-rider, and in-fact numerous such examples exist. It would also make a stunning “wedding car”… more»

Pampered: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Look at that length! At just over 19 feet long this Continental isn’t a land yacht, but it certainly is a boat! These cars possess exceptional style for the era and this particular example embodies almost… more»

Space Age Barn Find: 1958 Lincoln Continental MKIII

It is more than clear that the “Space Age” was in full affect from looking at the styling and features of this Continental MKIII convertible. A little worse for wear after a long time spent in… more»

BMW Diesel Equipped: 1984 Lincoln Mark VII

The Lincoln Mark VII already is an appreciating classic, thanks to its combination of Ford 5.0 V8 power, rear wheel drive and mild exotica attributed to fancy bits like air suspension and digital clusters. However, for… more»

Solid Gold Classic! 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

This artistic collection of rectangles, otherwise known as a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V, weighs in at nearly 4700 lb of golden glimmer. While seemingly absurd, that portly-sounding number falls within 100 lb of a 2006… more»

Missed Mark: 1956 Continental Mk II

How does a car that was once very expensive and exclusive, end up in such a state? From jaw dropper to swept under the rug in a matter of 60 years. This was the Ford Motor… more»

Cheap MK II: 1957 Continental MK II

Seemingly the perfect mechanical attire for a booming business man, the Continental MK II’s are stunning cars, offering posh looks and exclusivity. Often difficult to find for sale, and typically having a lofty price tag, this… more»

Still In The Barn: 1984 Town Car With 15,279 Miles

A trend that has been increasing in popularity lately is referring to any car that has been kept out of the public eye for a period of time as a “barn find.” While we still feature… more»

Parade-Ready! 1978 Lincoln Mark V Convertible

A perfect fit for its home of Topeka, Kansas, this 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertible is well suited for cruising on flat roads that meet at predictable right angles. Thanks to our reader VWBubblehead for… more»

The BIG Pink! 1958 Lincoln Premiere Two Door

There’s no real description provided for this Lincoln listed on eBay, but perhaps there’s not much to say except it’s huge and pink or “Autumn Rose” as Lincoln named it. It’s 4,800 pounds of pink stretching over… more»

Hot Rod Lincoln And Custom Monte Carlo Auction

I don’t imagine this is quite like the car that Charlie Ryan envisioned in his song “Hot Rod Lincoln”, but it’s one cool custom all the same! Ryan’s song is one of my all time favorites,… more»

V12 Flathead Project: 1940 Lincoln Zephyr

It’s a bit difficult to tell what this dusty old barn find is in this dimly lit barn, but it once was a luxurious cruiser. After a good detailing and some mechanical work, this Lincoln Zephyr… more»