Stored For Years: 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

The owner of this 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible has owned the car since 1970. It is said to be completely original, but it is a car that is going to require a complete restoration. While it may appear to… more»

A Right Fine Tourer: 1948 Lincoln Convertible

In years past, many  automobile enthusiasts focused on restoring antique automobiles rather than driving them.  These cars were often drug from AACA meet to AACA meet on trailers in search of the elusive AACA Senior award.  Now, the costs… more»

Art Deco Find: 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

The epitome of Art Deco style and luxury, this V12 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe is a fantastically scarce find that is just begging to be put back on the road. Discovered by the seller 15 years ago, it would seem… more»

Former High Roller: 1987 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

One of my cinematic guilty pleasures is The Lincoln Lawyer, which was a fairly silly title for a movie about a guy who just happened to cruise around in one of the most typical luxury cars of the era…. more»

Parked In The ’50s: 1942 Lincoln Zephyr

With the advent of World War II, US new car manufacturing ended as the automotive industry threw its weight behind the war effort. Lincoln was no exception to this rule, and production of the Zephyr ended on 10th February… more»

Parked for 30 Years: 1937 Lincoln Zephyr

When Henry Ford purchased the near-bankrupt Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, he did so for three very diverse reasons. One of these reasons was purely personal, as Lincoln founders, Henry M. Leland, had led a group of investors who… more»

44k Mile Survivor: 1989 Lincoln Town Car

While this may look like “just another old Lincoln”, this one-family-owned, 44,000 original miles, driver 1989 Lincoln Town Car is unique among its peers, in that it has been kept and cared for over the years when many of… more»

Save From the Elements: 1965 Lincoln Continental

In 1965, Lincoln was still using the body introduced in 1961. The wheelbase had been stretched from 123 inches in 1963 to 126 inches in 1964. The convertible was still being offered with suicide doors, but a 2 door… more»

Classy Survivor: 1962 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is a well-recognized machine for its elegant yet simplistic styling. Thought to have been stored for 50 years in a 300 car collection, this Lincoln is a sharp machine with only a few minor concerns to… more»

Restoration Worthy? 1957 Continental Mark II

Big and Heavy isn’t the latest rap star, but along with the word beautiful it’s a good description of this 18-foot long, 5,000-pound 1957 Continental Mark II. This once-gorgeous car is listed here on eBay with a single bid… more»

UPDATE: Huge Stash Of Barn Finds Found In France!

UPDATE – This collection has been sold. The Lamborghini Miura was the star of the show with a $640k high bid! FROM 1/13/19 – More often than not, haphazard collections of vehicles may contain one or two interesting cars… more»

1 of 17??? 1934 Lincoln V-12 Convertible!

You probably haven’t seen too many of these. This is a 1934 Lincoln and the seller states the car is one of seventeen made with only five known survivors! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid… more»

Nothing Could Be Finer! 1948 Lincoln V12

Lincoln’s sales literature bragged that “Nothing could be finer!” than the ’48 Lincoln. The seller calls this 1948 Lincoln V-12 in Centralia, Washington seeks a “True Barn Find.” While the sedan may be less desirable than a coupe, these… more»

Massive Pre-War Lincoln Collection Unearthed!

A large stash of vintage Lincoln cars and parts has turned up in California, and the pictures on eBay show a fairly ridiculous scene with years upon years of parts and cars squirreled away. The seller notes the collection… more»

Saved From Junkyard: 1978 Continental Mark V

In 1977, while the Thunderbird benefitted from downsizing to the old Torino frame, the Continental Mark V stayed on its previous 120.4-inch wheelbase, and while down about 300 pounds in weight, it actually grew about two inches. The Mark… more»

74K Miles Daily Driver: 1979 Lincoln Versailles

There was no denying the Lincoln Versailles roots, the Ford Granada/Mercury Monarch. Mercury actually produced a very well equipped car in 1976 called the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia (read about it here) that was sort of a prelude to… more»