BF AUCTION: 1986 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

We listed an auction for a SVO Mustang the other day, but some of you said that you’d rather have a V8 in your foxbody. Well, here you go! Throw in a five-speed and a drop top and you have a recipe for fun! Steve, the seller, purchased the car last year from the long time owner who had bought all the way back in 1988. It’s in good shape and doesn’t need much to be a nice driver. It’s located in Lindenhurst, New York and you can place your bid below!

Steve would keep this car for summer cruising, but he already has a red colored twin in his garage. The engine is said to run well, but the clutch could use replacing. Other areas that could use attention include a nonfunctional horn and a bypassed heater core. It could also use some detailing inside and out to look its best, but this Mustang is unmodified and unmessed with.

The interior is very nice and the door panels have already been redone. There is an aftermarket stereo in the car,  but the rest of the interior is stock. This was well-optioned for the era and the best part is the air conditioning still blows cold! Usually people just claim that the system needs recharged, but we all know the truth. Steve didn’t mention if it has been converted to 134A or if it’s still running the old R12.

The exterior was resprayed back in 2010, but any hidden problem areas should have bubbled up by now. The convertible top and and tires are relatively new too, so you should be able to drive this one as you address the little issues. If you are interested, please place your bids below and feel free to post your questions in the comments section. Thanks for listing this one with us Steve!

Location: Lindenhurst, New York
Mileage: 65,480
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1FABP27M6GF203531

Bid On This Vehicle

High Bid: $3,000 (Reserve Not Met)
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Ended: Sep 2, 2017 9:10am MDT
High Bidder: Edward
  • Edward bid $3,000.00  2017-09-02 15:02:17
  • Rferri
    Richard bid $2,800.00  2017-09-02 14:59:16
  • Edward bid $2,500.00  2017-09-02 12:22:19
  • Daniel bid $2,300.00  2017-09-02 11:52:25
  • adam bid $2,100.00  2017-09-02 11:48:51
  • Edward bid $2,000.00  2017-09-02 11:39:53
  • Daniel bid $1,850.00  2017-09-02 11:19:59
  • adam bid $1,600.00  2017-09-02 05:42:54
  • Edward bid $1,500.00  2017-08-30 16:02:41
  • goatman64 bid $1,056.00  2017-08-29 05:03:23
  • Sean bid $955.00  2017-08-27 16:21:27
  • Tony bid $855.00  2017-08-27 15:47:03
  • John bid $754.54  2017-08-27 15:02:00
  • goatman64 bid $600.00  2017-08-27 11:22:55
  • Sean bid $500.00  2017-08-27 09:49:32
  • goatman64 bid $400.00  2017-08-26 17:07:39


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Look ! It even has a battery ! :)

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  2. Rustytech Member

    The A/C fittings are still the R12 type, so no it hasn’t been converted. I never liked doing conversations to the 134 as they didn’t cool as well as the R12, so I’d leave it alone as long as possible. V8 5speed convertible with A/C pushes all my buttons, but being from NY, rust underneath is a concern, so if your interested get a close inspection before putting your hard earned money down.

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  3. Troy S.

    If it is just cruising your after it will work fine.For gear heads the 86 is a bit down on power. For one year only the 86 used some weird heads that did not breath all that well and it had a smaller throttle body compared to the fabled 87 and newer 5.0’s. Still a good machine, thing that bothered me the most no cup holder! Oh darn.

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  4. Wayne

    I never heard about the heads causing a power problem. But the intake was changed for 1987 to a much better design. Externally they look almost the same. But once you compare the two you will see the difference.
    No matter, swap the intake with the Cobra / Explorer intake, change the heads to a pair of some of the aftermarket aluminum heads and you have gained an instant 30+ horse power. (bump the injectors up a notch and install some 1.7 roller rockers and you have an additional 10-15 horses to play with)
    All can be done on a weekend.

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    • Rocco

      Funny you should mention those intake & head items since I have them sitting on a shelf. But, be careful with the mods, since these early EFI Mustangs don’t have MASS air meters. The speed density cars computers are more sensitive to mods than the MASS air (’88-’89?) cars.

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  5. Wayne

    Having played with both speed density and mass air flow cars. I have found that you can easily perform the mods that I recommended without any issues. When you hit “The Wall” is when you change the throttle body or go above 24 lb. injectors. Which will increase HP to about 60 over stock. Depending on the condition of the engine and your altitude. you start getting diminishing returns. And fuel economy starts to suffer. So the mods that I noted above (Intake, heads, 1.7 roller rockers, 21lb injectors) and free up the exhaust (2 1/2″ as the original system is 2 1/8″) should get you to that “magical” endpoint that is the end of the line for speed density. That gives you about an additional 50-55 horses to play with without losing any appreciable fuel economy. (if driven the same way, yea, right)
    Have fun. I have had about 25 Fox Body cars. (Mustangs, Capris, T-Birds and currently an ’87 5.0 an SVO and a Durango which will all be mixed together into a very interesting SVO pick-up truck) And I have enjoyed all of them.

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  6. Wayne

    Also, some of the early California emissions cars did have mass airflow systems.

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    • Rocco

      Very good info. Thanks.

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    • Chris nicholson

      How can I visually tell if it is a speed density or early California car with mass air , and how difficult is it to swap over to a mass air set up (mine has a small black box in the fresh air intake tube by the air filter with about four or five wires plugged in it)

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  7. Daniel Miller

    Can you take pictures of under the car? Could you drive this home over 200 miles or would it need towed.

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  8. Steve Coughlin

    Hello, Steve with the 1986 Stang. im out now(Sat afternoon), so i cant take pics. of car. car is nice underneath. car was parked at Ft. Benning Ga. for a long time since, i believe the late 80s, so its not rusty. yes, you could drive this car for a trip, but you just have to treat the clutch nicely. car is registered, insured and inspected. i take it out about once a month for exercise. Thanks, Steve

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  9. Wayne

    Hi Chris,
    That is a mass air flow system.. On a speed density system there are no electronics between the air filter and the throttle body. Please be mindful of changes made to your system. Injector size and throttle body size must be coordinated.( we are talking about mass air flow here) And once a certain threshold has been past with the injector and throttle body size. Cam, intake and ECM must now be matched as well. Several books on the 5.0 Ford are available on the subject. And many back articles in Hot Rod, Car Craft and Mustang magazines are written on the subject. So do your research on how you plan to use your Mustang and what you want to get put of it. A couple of “rule of thumb” notes. Speed density generally won’t “keep up” with an application of over 3.55 rear diff. (I.E. 3
    .73, 4.10 or higher) Also Fuel economy (speed density or mass air flow) deteriorates quite appreciably after 3.31/3.27 rear diff. And just falls off the table after 3.55 is used.

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  10. Chris nicholson

    Thank you for your response,it’s very helpful, I’m surprised with it being an 86 model and glad mine has the mass air set up. Just gonna be a nice street car and something to play with at local track a little

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  11. Brian

    Did this sell? Was there a reserve?

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  12. Wayne

    Ford Motorsport used to make an adapter Mass Air flow kit. It mounted the sensor in the intake air stream and sent a small harness down to the ECM. Where the harness was plugged in between the main harness and the ECM. (in the right hand kick panel) It worked well. In fact I have the same set-up on my 1987 5.0.

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    • Chris nicholson

      Thank you, I didn’t know they made a kit that simple, maybe very useful in the future

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  13. Steve Coughlin

    Hello, still for sale Steve at barn finds website. Thanks, Steve

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  14. Mark

    You have the milage listed at 65k. I’m a little confused, the original seller had the milage listed at 86k in 6/11/2016.

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