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Dodge introduced the Cummins diesel engine to its D250 Pickup range in 1989, and this motor produced enough power and torque to satisfy most buyers. However, the owner of this 1991 model craved more of everything, with the resultant monster earning a feature in Diesel Power Magazine. They detuned the motor for practicality, but the bones are there for those wishing to return this Pickup to the beast that previously scorched the ¼ mile in an astounding 12 seconds. If you are tempted, you can submit a bid on this Dodge listed exclusively on Barn Finds Auctions In Lafayette, California.

This Ram makes a bold visual statement in what I believe is a combination of Charcoal and Medium Mist. Although it generally holds a respectable shine, the photos indicate the clear coat is peeling in several places. They are isolated spots that don’t require immediate attention, but stripping the affected areas and performing a repaint could be a great way to occupy the coming winter months. The process should be straightforward because there are no bumps or bruises worth mentioning, and the excellent selection of supplied photos confirms the vehicle is rust-free. The bed shows no evidence of physical damage that could hint at abuse or mistreatment, while the trim and glass are excellent. The black alloy wheels look spotless, helping to add a touch of menace to the exterior.

When this D250 rolled off the production line, its 5.9-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine sent its 160hp and 400 ft/lbs of torque to the road via an automatic transmission and a dual-range transfer case. When the going got rough and tough, the engine performance and the inclusion of power assistance for the steering and brakes would have made this Pickup an accomplished vehicle both on and off-road. However, sometimes an owner seeks more from their classic, which is the case with this Dodge. A previous owner installed many engine upgrades that lifted the power output to a staggering 600hp. The result saw the vehicle featured in Diesel Power Magazine, scans of which can be seen below, as it humbled the opposition with its 12-second ¼-mile passes. The Dodge remains in sound mechanical health, although the seller detuned the motor for practicality. However, the bones remain intact for those wishing to recapture its high-performance credentials. It is a prospect that many potential buyers may find too tempting to resist.

This Pickup’s interior presents well for a workhorse with thirty-two years under its belt. There is some slight wear on the outer edge of the seat on the driver’s side, but the cloth upholstery shows no signs of abuse or stains. The faux woodgrain is in good order, and there’s no crumbling plastic. There are some minor flaws, but these require more time than money to address, and doing so in a home workshop would be enormously satisfying. For those looking for touches of luxury, power windows, cruise control, and a Pioneer CD player should make life on the road pretty pleasant.

Some classics can be extroverts, while others are genuine sleepers. This 1991 Dodge Ram D250 falls into the second category, and leaving it largely untouched would be a valid strategy for the new owner. However, there is something quite attractive about returning its engine to the monster it once was so the Pickup can send many muscle cars away from the local drag strip with their tails between their legs. Life is full of surprises, but this Pickup could be more of a shock to the unwary. It is a solid vehicle with only minor cosmetic shortcomings that the new owner could address cheaply during the cold winter months. By so doing, this classic would be ready to claim a few scalps over the ¼ mile when the warmer weather arrives. Do you find that prospect too tempting to resist? If so, maybe the time is right to throw your hat into the ring by submitting a bid.

  • Location: Lafayette, California
  • Mileage: 222,957
  • Engine: 5.9-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel
  • Transmission: 727 Automatic
  • VIN: 1B7KM2685MS215423
  • Title Status: Clean

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $12,500 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Nov 20, 2022 4:06pm MDT
High Bidder: bleumudd
  • bleumudd
    bid $12,500.00  2022-11-20 16:02:25
  • beardog99 bid $11,800.00  2022-11-20 11:14:57
  • chumminsguy bid $10,000.00  2022-11-20 09:57:57
  • 1991 Dodge Power Ram 250
    bid $9,000.00  2022-11-20 09:29:41
  • beardog99 bid $8,600.00  2022-11-19 16:42:58
  • bleumudd bid $7,100.00  2022-11-19 12:13:31
  • 5plymouth7
    bid $6,800.00  2022-11-18 19:27:26
  • Parker bid $4,500.00  2022-11-15 00:47:10
  • Jnl519 bid $3,000.00  2022-11-13 13:44:19
  • bob warder
    bid $2,500.00  2022-11-13 10:57:57
  • Projects bid $1,500.00  2022-11-13 10:56:05
  • bob warder bid $1,000.00  2022-11-13 10:42:44
  • bcausey83
    bid $200.00  2022-11-12 10:35:32

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  1. Genr

    I see this easily going for $40,000. What are your guesses?

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  2. Stan

    If only a 5 spd , it’d really be a dandy.

    Like 2
  3. Peter k

    If only a crew cab….

    Like 2
    • Stan

      True those are super cool. Best looking of any truck , my .02.
      King cab , std transmission 🙌

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  4. Carl Lucas

    518 auto trans in stock form won’t hold up to the boosted HP. And if it was a 360 5 sp wouldn’t do any better with the boosted power.

    Like 1
  5. RBC

    No hemi?

    Like 1
  6. Jakespeed

    2 Questions:

    1) As this truck has a “dual range transfer case,” doesn’t try hat make this truck a W-250 Power (Wagon) Ram?

    2) It was right about this time when Dodge introduced an Overdrive into the tail-shaft of the 727 Torque-flite at create the 518 Torque-flite. So, being a 1991 Model Year truck, can you confirm whether the Transmission is a 3-speed 727 or an Overdrive 518?

    Please advise.

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  7. Brian

    This is not a D250. It is a W250.

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  8. Brad

    Brian, How was the hp/torque made? Did you put in after market ecu or what? Any mechanical mods?
    Thanks in advance for your reply

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  9. CARFREAKMember

    Brian how’d you make the extra power? Ecu mapping, mechanical changes?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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  10. Jakespeed

    Old Cummins 2-Valves don’t use a PCM. It’s all mechanical. So the Pump, Injectors and Turbo rates must be “turned up” and/or their timing must be changed to increase HP and torque.

    So just by memory, the Pump and Injectors were Changed, a Different Turbocharger (without a waste gate) replaced the stock unit, there was a photo of a water cooled Heat Exchanger/Charge Air Cooler added and Dual 3”(?) exhaust exhaust, exiting 1 pipe per side behind each rear wheel. I seem to remember something about a cocktail of 70% Methanol Fuel. All of these have to be tuned to work with each other. Remember, it was also mentioned that most of these mods had been removed.)

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