BF Auction: 1998 Volvo S90

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  • Seller: Douglas P errin
  • Location: Denton, Texas
  • Mileage: 213,595 Shown
  • Chassis #: YVlKS9604W1140841
  • Title Status: Clean

UPDATE – The seller still has the Volvo S90 and has asked us to relist it for them! Be sure to take another look and cast your high bids below.

As long-time Volvo fans, this 1998 Volvo S90 is rather intriguing. In our opinion, the last of the rear-wheel drive Volvos are some of the best cars the brand has ever built. They were durable, ergonomic, and uniquely Swedish. We’ve owned a few 240s, 740s, and 940s, but we’ve yet to experience an S90. That’s likely because there aren’t many still around. These were the very last rear-wheel-drive cars Volvo would build, and they were jam-packed with luxury features, but it seems most Volvo buyers at the time were more interested in the 850 series and its more budget-friendly price tag. This example looks to be in nice condition, especially given its mileage, and is ready to be enjoyed. You can find it in Denton, Texas, and it is being offered here as a Barn Finds Auction.

The S90 name was used briefly, 96-’98, then revived in 2012 to be used on Volvo’s flagship sedan. It was an odd move to rename the vehicle so close to the end of production, but the brand was trying to standardize its naming conventions. Before being an S90 (or V90 in wagon form), this car would have been labeled a 960, which was just an updated and slightly restyled 740. The biggest differences were under the hood and inside the cabin. Gone was the venerable B230 series engine, and in its place, you’ll find Volvo’s modular engine in six-cylinder form. While the 2.9-liter inline-six isn’t as beloved as the B230, it’s a good engine with solid performance. With 181 horsepower, it’s on par with the turbocharged B230 but without the complications associated with a turbocharger.

For a car with over 200k miles, you would not expect to find an interior in this clean of condition. It’s a testament to Volvo’s quality and the care given to this example. It isn’t perfect inside, but the seats don’t show any tears or significant wear, the dash is crack-free, and the original sound system is present and working. The worst issues are wavy seat pipping, sun-faded carpets, and failed steering wheel wood. A trip to your local junkyard would likely yield the needed parts to make it perfect again, but this interior could be used as is. It’s also optioned with the AM/FM/multi-disk CD player with cassette and a sunroof. The seller notes that the air conditioning system doesn’t work, but all the original components are present. They also note some minor hail damage on the roof and hood, but the exterior presents well overall.

If you’ve been considering joining the Volvo Club, you can’t go wrong with any of the rear-wheel-drive models. They are durable, easy to service, and unique. The 240 might be the Volvo that gets all the attention nowadays, but the end-of-the-line cars are far more refined, offer better performance, and are just as quirky. So, give this example a closer look and cast your high bid if you’d love to make it yours.

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Ended: May 29, 2024 11:00am MDT
High Bidder: Louis
  • Louis
    bid $800.00  2024-05-23 15:09:43

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  1. Paul

    I had a 97 that came from a Capt. In the army who had it in storage while he was deployed until 2005. Traded in on a new Ford. It only had 40k miles on it when I bought it from the dealership. One of the finest vehicles I’ve ever owned. Low cost maintenance and never had any issues with it. Drove it and kept the oil changed, tires rotated and brakes replaced. It had well in excess of 300k on it when I got rid of it. Wasn’t afraid to take it anywhere even after the mileage bump. Nice sporty looking sedan, that didn’t lose it’s style. Need more cars like this in today’s market.

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  2. B Wallace

    I like this car but then again I drive a Silver 98 S70 but they are rugged, durable and comfortable cars. Even at its current mileage it still has another 100K or more left to go.

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  3. Matt Kennell

    I inherited a 1997 Volvo S 90 that was purchased new by my father . It is a gorgeous nautical blue with tan leather and runs like a swiss watch at about 135K miles. Even though it is now 26 years old, it drives like a dream and everything works ( except the sunroof). This is the ultimate Volvo in my opinion.

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  4. Randall D Reichenbach

    Has the timing belt been changed recently? How old are the tires?

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  5. Douglas W PerrinSeller

    The Dot code on the Pirelli reads- 1213.Very little wear on these tires because the car has been sitting. Timing Chain is good, belts have been replaced.

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  6. Randall D Reichenbach

    Thanks for the quick response. I’m pretty sure that this vehicle has a timing belt, not a chain, and the belt has to be replaced periodically – so when was the timing belt changed?

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  7. B Wallace

    I agree the 5 cylinders were the best. I had an 850 T5 and now have an S70 T5 Mine had sat in a garage for 2 years undriven due to a medical mishap that I had. I called a towing company to have it towed out and brought into a shop to get it running again. The guy from the towing company brought out his charge pack hooked it up and it started on the 3rd try after sitting for 2 years and idled smoothly.

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  8. MGM

    Is this an interference engine? What was the milage when the T-Belt was changed? I like this Volvo, lotsa miles, may be worth a gamble.

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  9. Douglas W PerrinSeller

    This 98 S90 has been in my possession for about 4 years, I personally have never changed the ‘ t-belt’ or have had to perform any other major mechanical issues. The a/c has never worked but all original parts are intact. The previous owner owed it for approximately 15 years , he told me it put his daughter through college. The car was well maintained by Daves Foreign Car Service here in Denton tx, a shop that was in business since 1985 and was well loved and respected but unfortunately no longer active due to retirement. On Daves Facebook page I found a comment where he emphasized the changing of this ‘ t-belt’ to avoid future trouble. Unfortunately, I do not know how to locate Dave but he knows this car. – That’s all I got-

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  10. Jason Cain

    Timing belt kits are very straightforward on these, 30 min if you’ve changed it before, an hour if you’re meticulous and spend time cleaning up the area. Mr. Perrin can probably confirm the condition of the belt, ease of access and visibility make it a non issue. Another plus for these “analog” Volvos are the metal replacement parts vs today’s plastic. Other owners who have commented here can probably attest to that as well.

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  11. slomoogee

    Like others have mentioned these are large, in charge, and a great road car. The folks that have them tend to hold them for many years and likely get passed down to family members. These were built when Volvo was on top of its game and had many repeat customers.

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  12. BrettK

    These are great cars ! Comfortable, quiet and stone reliable for miles and miles. The Fuel pump zip tied to the cowl leads to a little speculation as to the quality of the maintenance and repairs however. GLWTS

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  13. Dave Brown

    The Volvo looks nice except the front seats. What’s wrong with them? Do they need replaced? They look pretty worn. The piping is dancing and the suede is too gathered now. I don’t think that they have aged well at all. This was the FIRST thing I noticed about the front seat pictures was the strange condition of the seats. Are they covers?

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    • peter havriluk

      The front seats match the back seats, whatever that’s worth. I had a 1998 V90 and the seats didn’t look like these….

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  14. peter havriluk

    My V90 – – – bless its late soul – – – was a wonderful ride. The only PITA it gave me was deterioration of the vacuum system driving the HVAC stuff. First parts Volvo installed on the dashboard.

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  15. Douglas W PerrinSeller

    No seat covers, original seats front and rear. Piping seems to be fine, normal wear for a relatively low riding car, and a 98. Some sun blemishes and fading areas ( there is a sun- roof)

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