BF Auction: 2001 BMW 325i Sedan

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  • Seller: Alex V ecchio
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Mileage: 66,200 Shown
  • Chassis #: WBAAV33491FV01244
  • Title Status: Clean

Small BMWs are some of the most rewarding driver’s cars ever produced. They provide excellent performance, their compact size makes them ideal for coping with the cut-and-thrust of heavy city traffic, they are economical, and they have a reputation for bulletproof reliability. This 2001 BMW 325i Sedan is a gem that has a genuine 66,000 miles on the clock. It presents well, is in excellent mechanical health, and has been treated respectfully throughout its life. The owner admits it no longer gets driven regularly and deserves a new home with someone who will appreciate all it offers. Therefore, he has listed it exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

This little Bimmer has been part of the same family since Day One. The owner’s father purchased it in 2000, using it for the first few years for the five-minute commute from home to the train. This ended in 2004 when his father moved to the city, with the car placed into dry storage and receiving little use between 2004 and 2010. The owner became its custodian in 2010, and the trend of dry storage and limited use continued until now. The lack of exposure to the elements, adverse weather, and harsh UV rays has left it well-preserved and rust-free. The original Bright Red paint shines nicely, with only a few minor marks and defects on the bumpers, which are visible in the photo gallery below. The panels are as straight as an arrow, while the lights and plastic are excellent. The windshield has some slight pitting, but the remaining glass looks spotless. The car rolls on its original 16″ alloy wheels, but the owner admits the tires are old and require replacement.

History shows that BMW fits its cars with some of the sweetest engines in automotive history, and the numbers-matching 2.5-liter six-cylinder powerplant residing in this engine bay is no exception. It produces 189hp and 181 ft/lbs of torque. The power feeds to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission, while the four-wheel power disc brakes ensure it stops on a dime. The surprise with these cars is the excellent performance of what many would consider a relatively modest engine. They are happy to be taken to the limit, but the inherent flexibility means cars like this 325i will pull away strongly from relatively low revs. The 325i has a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality because while it can top 145mph on the open road, cruising at freeway speeds will reward the driver with fuel consumption of around 30mpg. This little Bimmer is in excellent overall mechanical health and has a genuine 66,000 miles on the clock. The only issues identified are the older tires and a slight leak from the engine valve cover, a professional mechanic found the issue and reported to the seller that the part is about $70. Our own quick search reveals that the part can be had for as little as $46, so not a terribly expensive issue to fix. The buyer will need to source a replacement spare wheel and tire, but scouring the usual online auction sites or a Pick-A-Part should bring positive results. Otherwise, this classic is set to provide its new owner with years of reliable and rewarding service.

Opening the doors reveals an interior that carries the hallmarks of a classic that has been treated respectfully. There is slight wear on the outer driver’s seat bolster, but a leather specialist should have no trouble addressing that cheaply. Some plastic items are slightly scratched, but there are no signs of abuse or mistreatment. The biggest challenge the winning bidder faces is tackling the sagging headliner. This is typical of many vehicles from this era, and the owner has stapled it into place so it doesn’t cause any drama. There are several options available to potential buyers that would eliminate the problem without breaking the bank. Otherwise, this interior presents nicely. Power windows are part of this package, although the driver’s window motor is slow and may require replacement. The only other functional issue is the windshield washer motor that doesn’t operate. Replacements are available for under $40, and installation is a breeze. The interior has enough luxury touches to ensure every journey is pleasant. The winning bidder receives dual airbags, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM radio/CD player.

This 2001 BMW 325i Sedan has much to offer its new owner. It is a practical classic that can comfortably seat four people. It presents well, is rust-free, well-equipped, and has a known history. Its few faults should be easy and relatively inexpensive to address, although the winning bidder could ignore them and enjoy the car without spending a dime beyond the purchase price. It could function effectively as a comfortable and economical daily driver, providing weekend fun as a bonus. Those attributes make it worth a closer look.

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Sold for: $4,899
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Ended: Sep 22, 2023 12:04pm MDT
Winner: frank d
  • frank d bid $4,899.00  2023-09-22 12:00:30
  • Asitlies bid $3,850.00  2023-09-22 11:55:13
  • Bakaman09
    bid $3,750.00  2023-09-22 11:17:53
  • frank d bid $3,650.00  2023-09-22 09:28:55
  • MattC bid $3,350.00  2023-09-22 09:26:42
  • frank d
    bid $3,250.00  2023-09-22 09:20:16
  • Bakaman09 bid $2,500.00  2023-09-22 06:38:51
  • frank d bid $2,300.00  2023-09-21 20:54:16
  • Bakaman09
    bid $1,800.00  2023-09-21 19:47:17
  • wes johnson bid $1,700.00  2023-09-21 19:38:53
  • Jeremy bid $1,600.00  2023-09-19 05:11:32
  • Andrew Conti
    bid $1,500.00  2023-09-15 12:32:38
  • Jeremy bid $100.00  2023-09-15 04:20:12

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  1. Frank Drackman

    Hmm, so if it’s “so not a terribly expensive issue to fix.”
    why hasn’t it been fixed? I mean if they’re the only owner and love it so much.
    I’d consider fixing it myself, being a Bay-Emm-Vay, probably $5,000 minimum, we’ll just deduct it from the price.
    No Spare Tire/Wheel?? my 2004 Crown Vic has one, you need them occasionally. Even “Roadside Assistance” won’t bring you a Spare Tire.
    There used to be a Stereotype about BMW Owners, this ad just confirms them.
    189 HP?
    so about the same HP as a base Honda Civic

    Nein, Danke!

    Like 1
    • Frank Drackman

      Didn’t read far enough? wipers don’t work? the ones on my Crown Vic do, but hey, should be a cheap fix! or just don’t drive in the rain! Drivers window motor is “Slow” I guess that’s a more diplomatic way to say “doesn’t work” or why else “may require replacement.” hey, another cheap fix at your local dealer!
      and a sagging headliner?
      Headliner in my Crown Vic doesn’t sag, must be a European Thang.

      Like 1
  2. Frank Drackman

    Didn’t read far enough? wipers don’t work? the ones on my Crown Vic do, but hey, should be a cheap fix! or just don’t drive in the rain! Drivers window motor is “Slow” I guess that’s a more diplomatic way to say “doesn’t work” or why else “may require replacement.” hey, another cheap fix at your local dealer!
    and a sagging headliner?
    Headliner in my Crown Vic doesn’t sag, must be a European Thang.

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  3. Claudio

    The same bmw, mercedes trend in our montreal area
    I guess they need to show that they will soon be broke !

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  4. markp

    Not as reliable as a Camry but e46s are not that costly to maintain and they are the last generation of 3 series that are pretty easy to wrench on yourself. I had one that ran like a top. 19 years old, 150,000+ miles on it. Not fast but it handled well and was very balanced. The inline 6 is silky smooth. The power window regulators are TERRIBLE!!! I replaced at least 7 but I became very proficient at the replacement process.

    Also the build quality is way better than a Camry, the interior is stark in that German way but feels and looks expensive. Someone pulled out in front of me and I totaled it otherwise I would still be driving it.

    Like 8
    • SirRaoulDuke

      Haha, I was going to post that the big headache is the crappy window regulators.

      I’m with you, these are pretty easy, and affordable, to own. And anyone that has driven one down a curvy road in a sporting fashion would not dare compare it to a Camry. These are true analog driver’s cars, very rewarding.

      Like 3
  5. Rick


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  6. SirRaoulDuke

    Rust free is a HUGE plus to anyone in the NE wanting an affordable classic BMW. Yes, these are now classics, and we are getting old! This would be quite tempting were it closer to me.

    Like 1
    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Plus it’s a manual! I owned an automatic one of these and it was fun to drive but I always wished it had a third pedal. If this were closer, I’d be tempted myself.

      Like 0
  7. Racer-X

    Clearly you’ve never owned and wrenched on an E46 generation BMW like the subject of this auction. Parts are inexpensive and widely available. After all, these BMWs are tantamount to being Germany’s Chevy.

    If you’re adamit about taking your 22 year old BMW to an official BMW stealership for repairs, then yeah, they’re going to screw you. But if you can turn a screwdriver yourself then these are very frugal cars. Independent mechanics are hit or miss.

    The key to BMW longevity is preventative maintenance of the plastic and rubber parts of the cooling and PCV systems.

    The valve cover seal job that may be needed for this car is $40 for seal & grommets, $5 RTV, and 30 minutes if you’re fast, 60 minutes if you’re a perfectionist.

    I regret selling my 1998 BMW with 450,000 miles on it. Original head gasket, ran perfectly. I wanted something biger and safer for my children to drive. Next month I’m replacing the original clutch on my 2000 year 160k mile 323i saloon wagon. I’m keeping my E46 wagon forever. Heck, I find notes on the windshield asking to buy it.

    Like 4
    • Mark C

      You nailed it. I’ve owned a couple E46s and they actually can be quite reliable. Like you said, cooling systems and that PCV valve is good for about 90-100k. And yeah, the window regulators are garbage. But they’re fairly easy to wrench on, and they handle wonderfully. The engine sounds great, and they’re smooth as silk. I’m a little jealous of your wagon!

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  8. RT Walker

    Are repair records available?

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    • RTW

      Disappointing that my question from 3 days ago was never answered

      Like 1
  9. RT Walker

    Carfax shows an accident in 2019. Explanation? Any service records?

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