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Although many Italian manufacturers are renowned for producing desirable sports cars, Maserati has a history of creating iconic Grand Tourers. One of the best examples to roll out of its factory was the 2013 GranTurismo MC. Our feature car is one of those vehicles, but its desirability increases because it is a Sport Line version. This update features carbon fiber components and larger wheels to push the performance envelope further, ensuring it satisfies the most hardened enthusiast. It runs and drives beautifully and is being offered exclusively for auction at Barn Finds in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo from the Coparts Listing

This Maserati presents beautifully, and it deserves some background information. The owner purchased it online from Copart, carrying a Salvage title. It has never received any accident damage but was offered by its insurer as a flood sale. The negligible impact of that damage is best assessed by the fact the owner drove the car off the Copart lot on completion of the sale and has been using it as their daily driver ever since without any issues. Its beautiful swooping lines were penned by Jason Castriota at Pininfarina and offer a combination of elegance and muscle. Those panels are cloaked in a charcoal gray shade that I believe is called Grigio Granito. There is no evidence of significant flaws in the panels or paint, with the gaps as tight as you would rightfully expect in a classic of this caliber. The “Sport Line” part of this Maserati’s story brought exterior changes to reduce weight and improve performance. The original front and rear spoilers, mirrors, and door handles made way for carbon fiber components, while the car rolls on lighter 20″ wheels. These components exhibit no damage, with the wheels looking particularly clean.

Photo from the Coparts Listing

The Grand Tourer credentials of this Maserati become evident when we examine its interior. The upholstered surfaces wear supple white leather, with the same material combined with Carbon Fiber on the wheel. Occupants receive the usual array of airbags, air conditioning, power assistance for almost everything, a premium stereo CD player with wheel-mounted controls, and a sat-nav. The overall condition of the upholstery is good, with no visible rips or tears. The photo above is of the interior when the seller purchased it, they have since cleaned it thoroughly and it has cleaned up nicely. In hopes of being totally transparent, the seller has provided the as-found images so that you can see how nice it was even at that point.

While the exterior styling is stunning, we must delve below the surface to reveal what separates the GranTurismo from mere mortals. Its engine bay houses a DOHC 4.7-liter 90° V8 featuring 32-valves. This mechanical masterpiece produces 453hp, feeding the rear wheels via a six-speed MC-Shift transmission. Is it fast? Well, just a bit. The Maserati should blast through the ¼ mile in 13.3 seconds, while its Grand Tourer credentials are cemented by its ability to reach 186mph. The seller indicates the car is in good mechanical health. It runs and drives exceptionally well, with the only issue to note being a slight brake pedal pulsing at low speed. The owner recently replaced the brake pads but discovered the ABS requires bleeding as part of the process. Otherwise, the engine is strong, and the transmission shifts smoothly in automatic and paddle-shift modes. The back tires are new, and the successful bidder could begin their relationship with this classic by flying in and embarking on the journey home behind the wheel. The original owner’s manual and toolkit are with the car and in good condition.

Genuine Grand Tourers are vehicles that will transport their occupants in splendid isolation while effortlessly devouring the miles. This 2013 Maserati GranTurismo MC fulfills those criteria perfectly, and its Italian heritage and Sport Line specifications make it exceptionally desirable. It should be equally at home on the freeway or tackling a twisting ribbon of tarmac. If that sounds impossible to resist, maybe the time is right to treat yourself to one of life’s great motoring pleasures by submitting a bid on this classic.

  • Location: North Las Vegas, NV 89031
  • Mileage: 38,500
  • Engine: 4.7 Liter V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Body Number: ZAM45VLA3D0067259
  • Title Status: Salvage

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $12,000 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Oct 22, 2022 3:18pm MDT
High Bidder: tberd62
  • tberd62
    bid $12,000.00  2022-10-22 15:14:33
  • stephenb bid $11,200.00  2022-10-22 15:09:51
  • tberd62 bid $11,000.00  2022-10-22 15:07:46
  • stephenb
    bid $10,401.00  2022-10-22 15:03:37
  • Alexi
    Alexi bid $10,300.00  2022-10-22 15:02:34
  • stephenb bid $10,200.00  2022-10-22 14:59:42
  • Alexi
    bid $10,000.00  2022-10-22 14:52:27
  • Pippo bid $9,900.00  2022-10-22 14:35:26
  • stephenb bid $9,800.00  2022-10-22 14:07:09
  • Alexi
    bid $9,700.00  2022-10-22 14:04:52
  • Pippo bid $9,600.00  2022-10-22 14:04:15
  • stephenb bid $9,500.00  2022-10-22 13:50:25
  • Larry
    bid $9,350.00  2022-10-22 11:36:26
  • stephenb bid $9,250.00  2022-10-21 02:28:00
  • tberd62 bid $9,000.00  2022-10-20 21:46:23
  • Frogwarts
    bid $7,250.00  2022-10-20 15:11:34
  • stephenb bid $7,000.00  2022-10-19 15:41:01
  • hat bid $6,500.00  2022-10-18 12:00:59
  • doczee
    bid $5,900.00  2022-10-17 18:08:03
  • JB bid $5,800.00  2022-10-16 16:28:15
  • shoggy1970 bid $5,600.00  2022-10-16 15:47:26
  • Stubby
    bid $5,500.00  2022-10-16 11:54:01
  • Billwill bid $5,000.00  2022-10-15 22:34:34
  • Ike bid $4,200.00  2022-10-15 20:31:10
  • jamesncantrell
    bid $4,000.00  2022-10-15 14:45:43
  • amqjr bid $2,950.00  2022-10-15 11:04:29
  • Biff bid $2,750.00  2022-10-15 10:52:52
  • bryan
    bid $2,500.00  2022-10-15 10:20:16
  • Jon bid $150.00  2022-10-15 07:56:13

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  1. Will Fox

    COVEAT EMPTOR: These Maseratis have a poor quality rating, and always have. Build quality wildy varied I understand, and they have lower than expected resale value. Just an FYI.

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      Most cars with this level of performance have poor-quality ratings, it just goes with the territory. For the money, it’s hard to beat the performance and sounds you’ll get out of this Maserati.

      Speaking of the sound, the seller is going to send us a video of it on the road so you can see how it runs and hear that exhaust note!

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      • Dirk Alder

        is this a ZF Auto or a single clutch trans

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    • gippy

      I had a 3500 GT and a 71 Ghibli in the old days and they definitely had quality control issues. I was actually quite shocked at how reliable the Granturismo is. When you can sit idling in 110 degree Las Vegas heat for 20 minutes with the AC running and never go over the 200 mark, it’s a far cry from those 60’s and 70’s cars. And this thing does not leak a drop of oil- you could park it on a white wool carpet.

      Like 1
    • FireAxeGXP

      CAVEAT my brother. Unless coveat was a clever play on copart and then Bravo.

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    • Emel

      Must explain the $150 dollar opening bid. lol

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  2. U.K. Paul

    Nice cars to look at. Pretty sure the one I see driving around locally is owned by drug dealers.
    The driver is so fat he fills the whole car and I swear it sits lower on the drivers side. Same colour as this one too.

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  3. Stan

    Theres a stik shift one in town. Sounds unreal. Fantastic.

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  4. Will Irby

    A friend of mine has a couple of these, a 2010 and a 2019, both in the convertible version. I drive them regularly, both around town and long-distance, and they are beautiful, comfortable, and wonderfully pleasing cars to drive. Same car as a Ferrari California, and without a doubt the most intoxicating engine note I have ever heard. As Will Fox mentioned, the Maserati versions don’t hold their value like the Ferrari versions do, but that just means good deals are available. Neither of his cars have ever needed anything repaired, but the regularly scheduled maintenance is not insignificant.

    Like 4
  5. Dan

    A Maserati with flood damage? Buyer beware. Go in with your eyes wide open.

    Like 2
    • gippy

      These cars are definitely only for those with sufficient funds for parts and labor, or with the mechanical ability to do work themselves. If you don’t have those things, then a better place is to look for a good low mileage Toyota or Hyundai on Craigslist.

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  6. alphasudMember

    Here is your chance to own Ferrari performance for a fraction of the price of admission. I don’t know the reliability history of this transmission. The F1 version was the same Ferrari unit and was expensive to maintain with clutch replacement and the mechanized shift. The later ZF unit had good reliability. The engines are really strong with exception to some having cam phaser issues. Parts are expected to be Ferrari level prices but do your due diligence and in many cases there are more affordable options. As a technician I would need to know the extent of the flood damage and if I could not view the vehicle myself I would pay to have a technician do some disassembly to see the extent of the damage. Things may work now but if the car may have hidden surprises that will show up later in life. I worked on a Quattroporte for a customer and man those cars fly and sound sublime doing so even without the flat plane crankshaft.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      100% alphasud! The marque got a (deservedly) black mark from their 80’s and 90’s biturbo/qporte days but these new Maseratis are beautiful inside and outside, and don’t suffer from those “dark days” poor qc issues.

      This one, if the price stays reasonable, might be worth the splash if it’s not too badly neglected

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  7. gippy

    This one was a low level fresh water flood, so no issues with any modules. The only thing that needed replacing was the starter, because they are mounted very low on the bell housing and it had a bunch of silt in it causing intermittent contact. Once a new starter was installed it has been absolutely reliable. Under body is like new- no rust or off road damage. Will get some pictures and post them here.

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    • NV Dave

      Has a “Rebuilt” title been issued or applied for since getting it running?

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      • gippy

        Yes, the car has passed the VIN inspection, safety inspection and smog test and has a clear rebuilt title.

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  8. Mitch

    Slight brake pedal pulsing at low speed could be bent caliper bolts.
    Or the brake discs. A bargain Ferrari? Could be. Buyers take into
    account Maseratis prefer maintenance by trained staff. The expensive
    cam belt replacement from the first series was simplified but
    they are not a bargain to maintain. The better choice then to fix
    some bent old Jaguars.
    And alpha here told the rest to know.

    Like 0
    • gippy

      Hadn’t thought about the bolts- when i got the car the brakes were fine, but the pads were about 1/2 worn, so I thought I would replace them. Rotors were all on spec thickness wise and I put a dial indicator on them and TIR was 0.001″ all around, so no issue there. But after putting in the new pads I had the pulsing. A guy on the Maserati forum said when you compress the pistons for the new pads, it forces the fluid back through the ABS module and sometimes you need to do the ABS bleeding procedure.

      Like 3
      • mickeytee

        Never push the pads back into the caliper. Always open the bleed screw asvyou compress andblet the old fluid run out. Then top off whe complete. On some MB cars you will be buying a new abs unit is you back pressure the fluid.

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  9. gippy

    Actually the Granturismo got a very high rating from Doug DeMuro – He referred to it as the best value in an exotic car.

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  10. JEV

    There are State and Federal Laws regarding salvage yards, auto auctions, dealers and private sellers selling “flood damaged cars”. These are generally deemed unsalvagable, uninsurable and total losses. Even if a title is cleared of flood damage, run away from any possible problems.

    Like 2
    • gippy

      Repairing salvage vehicles is an old profession going back as far as the history of the automobile. The only relevant laws are that titles must be labeled as “salvage’ and sellers must disclose that to the buyer. Each state has a strict set of rules regarding salvage cars requiring VIN, safety and smog inspections before issuing a title.

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  11. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    Regarding quality…my 2002 , 4200 Coupe, Cambiocorsa has now over 173.000 km under its wheels. No issues at all, besides a defective driver side window motor. Normal maintanance and no racing…keeps this beautiful car well.

    Like 8
    • U.K. Paul

      Unusual colour. I like it.
      I saw a white GranTurismo drive by just now. They are lovely.

      Like 1
  12. douglas hunt

    This is a beautiful car….I wish my driveway full of projects was empty, and I was ready to just have one to maintain and drive.
    absolutely gorgeous car !!!

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  13. gippy

    Thanks for the tip- I have changed pads on a few other cars with ABS without opening the bleeders, but maybe the Maserati is different.

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  14. Mark

    If it was as good as it looks you wouldn’t flip it for the low price a flood car will go for. On the other hand a buyer may be happy to get a few good years of spirited driving out of it for a small outlay.

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  15. U.K. Paul

    If the water didn’t enter the cabin it won’t be too risky a buy?

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  16. gippy

    I’m not sure how you can “see” things that don’t exist. This car was not stolen or wrecked, it was in a low depth fresh water flood that did not go above the sills. All insurance companies automatically write off flood cars because they don’t have the time or personel to inspect the thousands that come up every year. Every state has a rigorous procedure for titling salvage vehicles which includes VIN, safety and smog inspection,

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  17. Al

    If you are 6’7″ tall this is not the car for you.
    I attempted to try out a 2013 Maserati. I simply could not get in, even as a passenger. The same is true for a 2013 RR Ghost, as well as a Mercedes GL, G-Wagon, Ferrari and a Lambo.
    Had to settle for something else.

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    • Al

      Oh I forgot, I could ride as a passenger in a Smart.

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    • gippy

      Too bad, because the Maserati has really big doors. I had a friend who was 6’6″ and he drove an XK120 Jag. I often thought it would be a market place success if they removed the back seats and shortened the car by 10″. Also replace the headlights with round ones under a glass cover- a’ la XKE. Looks like the new ones are going to be all electric.

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  18. Joshua MortensenStaff

    Start-up and drive-by videos of this Maserati have been added to the listing!

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  19. Dirkster59

    Is this a ZF Auto or a single clutch Trans?

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    • gippy

      ZF auto- all Granturismos after 2009 were ZF gearboxes.

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  20. gippy

    Identical car with red interior just bid to 42000-

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