Two For One Deal: 1972 Citroen SMs

Pop quiz: which country is a pair of semi-exotic vehicles with limited financial upside and somewhat complicated drivetrains most likely from originally? If you guessed France, you get the door prize. Now, I happen to love the Citroen SM… more»

Storage Unit Exotic: 1981 Maserati Merak SS

Sometimes it seems that you don’t see a certain car for years, and then several of them pop up all at once. Before I looked at this Maserati Merak, I could have sworn that the last one I’d seen… more»

Stored 16 Years: 1980 Maserati Quattroporte III

The third-generation Quattroportes are beautiful, in a de Tomaso / Giorgetto Giugiaro sort of way. They are decidedly 1980s in their sleek, chic boxiness and this 1980 Maserati Quattroporte III has a mere 35,582 miles on it. The seller… more»

Mid-Engined 2+2: 1974 Maserati Merak

If you ever felt truly compelled to explore the limits of what can be called back seats, I present Maserati’s entry into the world of 2+2 coupes: the Merak. This 1974 example is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and is… more»

Exotic Chrysler? 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati

No really, that’s the name. That’s what these two multi-billion-dollar car companies came up with as a name for this American and Italian exotic-but-not-too-exotic luxury car experiment. They looked too much like the LeBaron so they didn’t go over… more»

Formula One Firefighter: 1968 Maserati Quattroporte

Over the years, many of the big-time racing leagues have converted their fleet of emergency vehicles and wreckers into standard-issue recovery trucks, using whatever the late-model offering is in the home country of the race track being supported. So,… more»

Desirable 5-Speed: 1972 Citroen SM 2.7L

The Citroen SM is one of those vehicles that is tantalizing to enthusiasts for completely obvious reasons. Yes, its looks are off-putting to some, but overall, this car has all the ingredients that help to explain why good men… more»

Exotic Find: 1976 Maserati Merak Project

If you’re like me, you have a hard time resisting the urge to save special cars even when they’re found at their absolute worst. Heck, my own collection includes two very challenging projects in the form of a 1986… more»

Italian Field Find: 1986 Maserati Biturbo

The Maserati Biturbo was a series of grand touring cars built by Italian automaker Maserati between 1981-94. It was slightly smaller than the car is targeted as primary competition, the BMW 3 Series. The cars were known for their… more»

Stunning Survivor: 1969 Maserati Ghibli

Can you place a price on exclusivity? Apparently, you can. During a six-year production run between 1967 and 1973, Maserati produced a mere 1,149 examples of its beautiful Ghibli Coupe. How many exist today is unclear, but this beautifully… more»

Package Deal Project: 1985 Maserati Biturbo

When it comes to certain “problem” cars, it makes sense to buy the best one you can get. If you can’t swing that, I recommend buying the one you can afford with as many spares as possible. This 1985… more»

Inexpensive Exotic? 1985 Maserati Biturbo E

I don’t know if there is such a thing as an inexpensive vehicle, in general. They all take regular maintenance and they all have issues that come up every now and then. A car like this 1985 Maserati Biturbo… more»

Rebuilt and Restored: 1975 Maserati Merak

This Maserati Merak looks quite nice, and that’s because it is: it was substantially overhauled in 2016, with both the engine and the body receiving significant updating in the form of new paint and an engine rebuild. The Merak… more»

Not a Frightpig! 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

Do you ever wonder if a car that has a horrible reputation may actually be a decent driver if it’s taken care of? That’s what I think of whenever a Maserati Quattroporte shows up for sale. This one is… more»

Nicest One Left? 1980 Maserati Quattroporte

Italian manufacturer Maserati has built some achingly beautiful cars over the decades, but their offerings from the 1980s probably won’t rate as their most stunning in the eyes of many. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,… more»

Unusual Pairing: 1989 Chrysler TC By Maserati

The Chrysler TC by Maserati had only a brief lifespan and can be found in only 3 model years, 1989-1991.  Although it was actually introduced in 1986 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, developmental setbacks followed, and by the… more»