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Last year reader Tina R spotted a local ad for a collection of C4 Corvette projects that the owner’s family just needed gone, so she rushed over to have a look. Well, Tina was struck by a case of Corvette fever and ended up buying and bringing home all 4 cars plus a mountain of parts. A year later and the Corvettes are still sitting in her yard, so she has decided she better let them go to someone who can do something with them. They are admittedly in rough shape, but there’s lots of value here just in parts, so if you need parts for your C4 or have been looking for one to build be sure to bid! You can find them in Jacksonville, Florida.

Fourth-generation Corvettes aren’t the most sought after, but they are definitely starting to gain traction as collector’s items. They look great, are fun to drive and offer lots of modern comforts that make them far more practical than earlier Corvettes. Of course, you couldn’t get a monster big block like you could in earlier cars, but the TPI fuel injected 350 V8 is good for 230 horsepower and a respectable 330-foot pounds of torque. Give the overall condition of the cars, the engines are likely where the majority of the value is at, although I’m sure there are lots of other valuable parts here.

Obviously, none of the cars currently run, but three out of the four retain their original engines and Tina was able to get them all to turn over. Getting them running could be a challenge, but knowing that they turn over is a good start. These will all need to be towed home, but they all roll easily. You’ll need a truck or trailer just haul all the spare parts, which include four sets of Corvette rims, two rear clips, one front clip and a mixture of other new replacement parts. She also has the keys for all of the cars, so that will make moving them easier and improves the chances of getting them running.

The previous owner apparently had a number of other vehicles and it appears a few of the parts from those found their way into the Corvettes. Since Tina just wants it all gone, you get everything Corvette related plus anything that is in the cars. So, you get what appears to be the trim off of a Chevrolet 3100 as an added bonus! Two of the cars are equipped with automatic transmissions and the one below has a manual transmission.

Clearly, the previous owner had plans of fixing up one or two of these cars, given the amount of spares they accumulated for them. And it wouldn’t be an unrealistic task to build at least one car from all of the parts here, but it definitely won’t be a simple proposition to complete. One of the cars is nothing more than a shell and the other three all have various cosmetic issues and are missing random parts. The real challenge though will be titling them, as Tina only received a bill of sale from the previous owner’s family when she bought them. Since the owner passed away, you might be able to get the family to request replacement titles though, which would make fixing one or two of these a more realistic task.

Tina admits that she bought these on a whim and just hopes to get some of her money back, but at the end of the day she just hopes someone can do something with them. Whether that’s getting them back on the road or parting them out, anything is better than letting them go to waste in her yard. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting into C4 Corvettes or just need a ton of parts to fix up a few other ones, this might be the stash for you! Be sure to bid and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and Tina will do her best to get you an answer.


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  1. Little_Cars

    I know of at least two other stashes of Corvettes just like this one in Florence Alabama and another in Summertown, Tennessee. Hopefully this auction will tell everyone what the market can bear for such things.

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  2. Jim in FL

    I guess the most obvious question is whether the owner is willing to split this or if it must be sold as a lot. I have an 87 and would like some of the parts, but if I towed home four corvettes I would need room in the trailer for my belongings.

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    • 38ChevyCoupeGuy

      @ Jim in Fl.. Go for it,make sure she knows she can drive at least 2 WHEN finished.😁

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  3. Keith

    Most sellers overlook the man hours and labor it takes to load and move a hoard like this , much less the low value of this year corvette.

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    • Dave

      Agreed. I just bought a ’95 last month. Good condition, good interior, motor runs perfect but needs a transmission, $2K.I plan on listing it for $6K to realistically get $5K.

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      • Jim in FL

        C4s are dirt cheap in general. You can find a ratty automatic convertible for 5k all day long. After a lot of looking around, I bought the best one I could find. 87 convertible, 39k Miles, pulled out of a 15 year storage and was refreshed to include fuel system, fluids, clutch, and brakes. Guy showed me a 9k repair bill. I paid low five figures for a solid number 2 car that I hopped in and have been driving to work every day. He just wanted it gone. Did the work for his kid, who wanted a sport sedan. Go figure.

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  4. Ronald G Bajorek jr


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    • Gerald R Detjens

      Jacksonville, FL

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  5. JC

    Thats the biggest pile of junk I’ve seen in a long time with no titles at that, but hey, you get the keys… smh.

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  6. moosie moosie


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  7. V8roller


    Well, one day they will be sought after. This is a classic illustration of how cars become collectible, going through a period of plentiful supply and minimal value during which they sort of evaporate.
    I am quite thankful that I don’t have too much space, otherwise I would probably be piled up with future collectibles like this, that I never get around to fixing.

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  8. Tina Rogers

    Thanks v8roller

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  9. ccrvtt

    Tina – Be of good cheer. Someone, somewhere is scheming how to gather all this stuff and tell his/her spouse, “They followed me home. Can I keep them?”

    In my limited experience C4s are fairly complex to work on, a challenge to get in and out of, and hard to find matching tires for the later models with staggered fitment.

    On the other hand they are an underappreciated design, have a huge clamshell hood, and are wicked fun to drive.

    v8roller is right, of course, and he’s probably one of those of us who immediately started scheming.

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  10. Jim in FL

    Tina, someone will come in and make a couple runners with these. Stay positive, I’m in the group that thinks c4s are great vehicles. There is value in the stash for the right person. Unfortunately for me logistics prevents me from hauling the whole group of cars.

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  11. Roarrr

    I see a great investment for someone that knows which end of a screwdriver to hold on to, Make one for your personnel driver, another for track days and by then the third will be valuable to flog. I’ve done that over and over–cars appreciate in time–you need a place to store them and have to be smart enough to be able to refurbish/restore them YOURSELF, I just picked up an engine for one of these multiple car projects! Like the C4, parts for these still too new cars are still cheap at the scrappers!

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