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BF Auction: Kaiser-Frazer Museum Collection

UPDATE – The first day of bidding has concluded!

UPDATE – Links to each auction have been added to this article for quick access.

It isn’t every day that we get to auction a collection of classics that were all part of a museum, but today, we get to do just that! Long-time reader Stu P has been tasked with liquidating this collection and reached out to us to see if we could help find good homes for everything. Given the unique situation and the number of vehicles to be listed, we thought this called for doing things a bit differently, so we’ve dedicated the day’s line-up to just this collection. To kick things off, we wanted to give a bit of history behind this lot of cars and automobilia. So be sure to read more below and keep an eye out as we launch each find on the hour!

From the Sellers – The owner of this magnificent Kaiser-Frazer collection had been connected to the K-F brand since his childhood. In 1947 his father, along with 3 other brothers, opened their own Kaiser-Frazer dealership on Main Street in Stillwater, OK. Driven by nostalgia, he began collecting these rare beauties in the early 2000s. Eventually, he purchased an old warehouse on the north side of town and remodeled the space adding lights, windows, temperature control, seating, and other features. He and his family moved the cars into the new space and filled it wall-to-wall with K-F banners, posters, signs, pictures, historical information, and a host of other memorabilia. By the time the space was completed in 2014, it had become known to friends and locals as the “Kaiser-Frazer museum”. Nearly all the cars he purchased were brought up to speed mechanically with original parts. A few had some minor paint and bodywork to keep them looking sharp. The owner has passed away and the family is now looking for each car to have a new home where they can be enjoyed by others.

I want to thank Stu for sharing this bit of history on the collection! As you can tell from the photos, this is quite the collection and we are excited to be a small part of finding new homes for each. If you have questions, please leave them in their respective auction’s comment section and Stu will do his best to get you an answer. And you can quickly jump to each auction via the links below.

Happy Bidding!


  1. Avatar photo Steve Mehl

    A K-F collection in Stillwater, OK, wow! I lived in Stillwater from 1966-1970 while attending college there. Too bad I didn’t know about this family when I was there. My uncle owned either a Kaiser or a Frazier in the early 1950’s when I was a kid. The guys who have restored Kaisers are fortunate because they could get brand new engines being made by Continental.

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  2. Avatar photo TheOldRanger

    Wow, a lot of memories involved with this collection…and Stillwater is a nice place to visit too… try Eskimo Joes for a great burger and shake

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      And Stillwater also has the worse pizza I ever had. Hideaway pizza.
      We didn’t have much money as college kids to go out to eat, so Stillwater in the 1960’s had very few restaurants. One of the college students owned a 1932 Ford coupe as daily driver, original condition, and I still have a picture of me standing next to that car. One of the guys on the wrestling team back then was from California and he had a great looking 1955, yellow, 2 dr Chevy. He went on to become the most famous wrestling coach at U. of Minnesota. Those are my car memories from Stillwater.

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  3. Avatar photo Dale

    Any Aero Willys in the collection fir auction?

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  4. Avatar photo Gary Sunshine Member

    Hi, what a collection of cars. I am kind of at a lose as to how and where these are selling. Would you give me that info so I can possibly bid on them. Thanks.

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    • Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

      All the auctions are live now and the links to them are in this article or you can just check the homepage of the site!

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  5. Avatar photo Stu P Member

    The entire Kaiser Frazer collection, including automobilia, is in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Everything is being sold exclusively here on BarnFinds auction, in real-time now. Bidding has already begun.

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  6. Avatar photo Doug

    I find it sad that a man spent his time bringing all this together and now it is being sold off. Maybe I am wrong but I know someone will be happy buying one of these cars. And that one car will be treated special or holed away so no one will see it.except at shows. I have quite a few vehicles. Nothing worth anything to anyone but me.I keep hopping that when my time comes my daughters will keep them and pass them down to their family. A lot of them I have owned for 40 years or more

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  7. Avatar photo 914Shifter

    Josh and Gang: I am so happy to see you carrying this KF collection and to see your Auction volume really picking up. I know so many of us collectors/sellers that have been really soured by that other site that has something to do with a “trailer” that is such a pain in the ___ to work with!! I think your simple and uncomplicated process has a great place in the market (seller of Turbo Fiat a while ago on your site)… Cheers!

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  8. Avatar photo Tracy

    I was hoping for a Traveler model.

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  9. Avatar photo duaney

    Hi, I bid on a couple early on. All look to be in great shape. I had a feeling that this was an estate sale. Too bad the family couldn’t have kept the museum and collection together, but it seems like the interest doesn’t always follow to the children.

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  10. Avatar photo Robert Starinsky


    I agree, it’s sad when an individual spends a lifetime building up a collection, then having it sold off upon their death. Pretty much the same thing happened to the Hudson collection that was housed off the Indiana tollway east of Elkhart. Museums, to be sustainable, require funding endowments, not merely the cars and the blood, sweat and tears that it took to rebuild them. We keep loosing these wonderful gems of automotive history that deserve better.

    Fortunately, I am a Studebaker fan (and driver) and we have a strong drivers club and museum to keep the story alive for future generations.


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    • Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

      In 1978 Bill Harrah passed away. His huge [1,500+ vehicles] car museum was owned by his hotel chain, and he made no effort to plan for the continuation of the museum complex. On his death the corporation announced they were not in the automobile museum business, and the collection would be sold off.

      35 years ago I had dreams of creating a non-profit car museum between Washington DC and Baltimore, and I had collected a wide variety of vehicles. That said, as I investigated what it would cost to open up a small car museum [around 50 vehicles or less], I quickly realized that 95% of all small car museums in America didn’t last more than about 5 years, unless the owner has extremely deep pockets with big fat wallets.

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    • Avatar photo "Edsel" Al leonard Member

      Hi Doug. and Robert…just found and purchased a 1950 Studie Champion….New Mexico car, 43k miles….going to get it roadworthy and enjoy it…the 72 year old paint and interior are a testament to its life and will stay origional…so far it hasen’t talked to me yet about its life to date…..will have to look up the Studie club…

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      • Avatar photo Bill McCoskey Member

        “Edsel” [and now Studebaker] Al leonard,

        Do you have the Champion Standard, the Deluxe, or the Regal Deluxe?

        Congrats on your purchase! I’ve owned several 1950 and 51 Studebakers, and repaired many more. If you’ve got any questions, let me know.

        I also suggest joining the Studebaker’s Driver’s Club, it’s a really active club.

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      My thought is that most often, A person leaves a collection with no specific continuation instructions – and some money to do so.
      The items become part of the inheritance, which is usually shared by several people. The fairest (and maybe only) option is to sell off the collection and split the proceeds. Even if one person wanted to preserve the collection, they would have to buy out the rest of the inheritors – good luck with that.

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  11. Avatar photo Richard P Gibbons

    HEY JOSHUA, what about the Henry J ? Is it for sale ? I saw the car on the opening picture but no details . Paul Gibbons

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    • Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

      Hi Richard, the Henry J is one of the few cars from the collection that isn’t being sold. Sorry!

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  12. Avatar photo Ron

    I’m interested in the banners. Where can I see them and bid?

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    • Avatar photo Ron

      I just saw the link, sorry. Thanks so much

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  13. Avatar photo Steve Norman

    Stu, I am in Stillwater and would like to do a visual inspection. I assume that’s possible. How might I contact you to set that us assuming you’re the one I need to contact ? Thanks. Steve

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  14. Avatar photo Stu Member

    Hi Steve,

    Just give me a call and we’ll set something up.


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  15. Avatar photo Graeme

    Would you ship to Australia if I placed a bid and I win it Regards Graeme

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  16. Avatar photo Stu P Member

    Yes, Graeme, we can ship internationally. Once we have cleared funds we’ll coordinate with your shipper and assist in loading.


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  17. Avatar photo Stu P Member

    There have been other questions about shipping and storage. Yes, any of the vehicles in this collection can have free, secure, indoor storage for up to four weeks after the auction close. We will assist with loading.


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