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UPDATE – We had someone submit an accidental bid on this Chevelle that caused some confusion and since it is a no-reserve auction, we’ve decided the best thing would be to restart the auction. Please take another look and cast your high bid below!

The owner purchased this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle as a genuine barn find around six months ago. It has some neat custom touches but is an unfinished project that stalled years ago. They aren’t able to do it justice, believing it should go to a new home with a buyer who can realize its potential. It needs love, but the winning bidder could use it as a blank canvas to create the cool custom of their dreams. If you have a clear vision for its future, the Chevelle is listed exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

The history of this Chevelle is a bit unclear, but the owner says it underwent a professional repaint many years ago. I’m uncertain about the paint shade, but it could be a Chevrolet color called Bright Blue Metallic. It retains a deep shine, although the winning bidder might apply a fresh coat once they have addressed its panel shortcomings. There is nothing dramatically bad, but tackling them sooner rather than later would be a wise strategy. Both front doors require new skins due to panel damage, but with these retailing for around $140 each, it represents an affordable and permanent solution. Rust is appearing around the back window, but since it hasn’t advanced far, simple patches would consign the problem to a distant memory. It is the same story with any remaining exterior rust, with none that justifies panel replacement. The previous owner pursued a cleaner look by shaving the rear door handles and trunk lock. The work quality looks good, with the doors still opening from the inside and the trunk operated by a pull cord from the driver’s seat. The car is structurally sound, and the trim looks nice, apart from the damaged rear bumper. There are no glass issues, and the Center Line wheels add a touch of aggression to the Chevelle’s appearance.

The Chevelle’s interior is a mixed bag, offering the new owner good and bad points. The previous owner applied a comprehensive layer of sound deadening, which is one less task for the buyer to tackle. The front seat features a new cover, but the back seat backrest is missing. They also added new door trims and a headliner, but the work quality is pretty poor, by the owner’s admission. A careful inspection may reveal the work is salvageable, and it would be worth making an attempt before spending money on replacement parts. The dash is color-coded to the exterior paint shade, and whether it remains will be the winning bidder’s choice. If the buyer successfully saves the amateur trim work, whipping this interior into shape may require more time than money.

The fender badges suggest this Chevelle rolled off the line powered by a 307ci V8. That motor has gone the way of the dodo, with its spot now occupied by a 305ci powerplant. Shifting duties fall to an automatic transmission. This might not be the most potent combination on the planet, but it should provide a civilized driving experience. The motor doesn’t run and is missing a few parts. The fan and shroud are in the trunk, but the buyer’s shopping list will include a valve cover, driver’s side header, and other peripherals. If the motor turns, coaxing it back to life may be possible. If the winning bidder wants the performance to match this classic’s looks, they could elect to source something more powerful to slot under the hood. Most speed shops stock kits for such conversions, allowing owners to transform their car into anything from mild to wild.

This 1968 Chevelle is a blank canvas for the winning bidder. The puzzle pieces are there to transform this car into a genuinely eye-catching custom that would garner plenty of admiring comments. The new owner will only be limited by their imagination, and history shows that classic car enthusiasts aren’t lacking that attribute. What would be your vision for this Chevelle? If you have it firmly set in your mind, transforming it into a reality could be as simple as dropping a bid on this beauty.

  • Location: Clarksville, Tennessee
  • Mileage: 4,273, TMU
  • Engine: 305ci V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • VIN: 134698K234724
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $999
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Ended: Apr 30, 2023 1:00pm MDT
Winner: Clevelandrager
  • Clevelandrager bid $999.00  2023-04-27 22:07:05
  • §aiPiaN bid $777.00  2023-04-27 15:02:59
  • Clevelandrager
    bid $666.00  2023-04-25 17:19:57

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  1. Rix86

    2 to many doors needs entirely to much work

    Like 32
    • SD Ulrey

      I actually like 4 doors mainly because they’re the under dog I root for. It’s a long way from there to Arizona but if they were local to my area I’d pay $500.00 but that’s top dollar for me. Even if it’s a labor of love there’s still going to be money dropped on it.

      Like 10
    • A J Champ

      I agree 4 door granny car

      Like 5
      • Paul Sedlock

        I don’t mind a four door now either. I’d go old skool ss cragars. But this thing is a total basket, case. It’s a shell. I say a solid $1k is tops

        Like 3
    • Pete

      I don’t recall ever seeing a four door chevelle.

      Like 1
      • Rumpledoorskin

        You should see the wagon.

        Like 6
  2. Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

    Hench, the no reserve auction.

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    • CCFisher

      Smart move. A seller with realistic expectations is a rare thing, indeed!

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  3. Zen

    I hope it gets parted out before someone gets fed up and enters it into a demolition derby. At least if it’s parted out, people can get OEM parts.

    Like 11
  4. SD Ulrey

    I actually like 4 doors mainly because they’re the under dog I root for. It’s a long way from there to Arizona but if they were local to my area I’d pay $500.00 but that’s top dollar for me. Even if it’s a labor of love there’s still going to be money dropped on it.

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  5. Rumpledoorskin

    Shaving off the rear door handles does not make it a coupe. Not does it help it’s value.

    Like 17
    • Mikey P

      What!?!?!?!?! It was a four door???? He tricked ME!!

      Like 8
  6. Erich

    Unlike others here, I would consider a 4 door, especially for an iconic car like this and I also prefer a bench seat for my main squeeze but replacing a slug 307 with a bigger slug, a 305 is where I draw the line.

    Like 16
  7. Pete

    1500 for a maybe running 305 and a good front end. I looked at the trunk lid and someone frenched the lock? Really? That deck lid would be worth more just regular. The horn bar, some other parts in the dash and the head rests on the bench seat are worth some money. If I had a 2 door 68 that needed all that I would spend the money. Oh well.

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  8. Thomas Keelan

    Looking for 2004 Cadillac CTS 3.6

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    • James Gibbs 740 742 0780

      i have 1

      Like 1
    • Gordon

      Whatcha going to put the 3.6 into? Not a Caddy? C’mon Now, it would go better in a Vega!
      Ha ha, just kidding.
      I wish you the best of luck on finding what y’all are looking for.

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  9. Yblocker

    Some cars really look nice in a 4dr configuration. And some don’t.

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    • Gordon

      I don’t think that this is one of them that do. 😜

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  10. Smokey Wentz

    I agree that this car is a no go. It’s pretty sad condition and funky 4 door bodybstyle eliminates it from being worthy of the MASSIVE work it needs. Been around cars like this my whole life at 64, a have to say I want even aware they were available in 4 door configuration.! It’s all wrong that GM made a 4 door an option for this formerly pretty pony. Owner didn’t like thev4 doors either, hence the shaving of the handles. Doesn’t work though. And shaving the trunk lock so you can pull a cord from inside??? What was this guy on back then?? It looks like it’s been through a demo derby already! The rear had been SMASHED in badly. Even though I always liked the ’68 rear lights WAY more than the ugly ones on a ’69, this is still a total no go.

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  11. Yblocker

    This is why children should never be left unattended with a can of spray paint

    Like 4
    • Dana

      We called these parts cars, in the seventies and still today,. ,. This is the kind of car you gave to the neighbors kid when he turned 15, of course that’s probably what happened to it.

      Like 8
      • Bry593

        Bingo. Perfect car for a 14 yo to wrench on.

        Like 2
  12. Yblocker

    As of now, that fellow is willing to fork over $2000.

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  13. Dana

    We call them the same thing we did back in the seventies, parts cars

    Like 4
    • Maggy

      Chain or weld the doors shut, get a fuel cell , turn the exhaust manifolds upside down going thru the hood or no hood with straight pipes ,paint a wounded warriors logo on it while flying an american flag and a don’t tread on me flag .Do a go fund me page and donate all proceeds to wounded warriors an awesome foundation that helps our combat vets with and or physical and mental disabilities.She would go to the crusher proud.

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  14. CadmanlsMember

    Actually knew a guy quite a few years ago had a four door Chevelle. Had strong small block 15″ rally wheels skinny fat combo tires. Front was dropped couple inches and it looked good. Wasn’t the quickest car around but nice sleeper.

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  15. Little_Cars Little_Cars

    What a heap! And in my backyard no less. Looks like someone went crazy with the blue paint inside and I hesitate to say the sound deadening is anything but amateur hour. Good luck to the future owner.

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  16. Kenneth Carney

    Oh for cryin out loud guys! It’s a 4-door so what! If I had space and cash, I’d take the time to make this car right again. First off, put the back
    handles back on. You’re gonna need
    ’em to pop that back seat out when you go to recover it. Next, ditch the
    305 and swap it for a well done 350
    instead. Only thing a 305 is good for
    is a boat anchor especially since they
    have a really bad habit of bustin’ crankshafts in half before 20K miles.
    What a dog! This is one of these cars
    you can buy cheap and work on it at
    your own pace. Lots of potential here

    Like 4
    • Gordon

      Absolutely! To me, I would convert it into a 2 door. It’s so easy to do. Time, patience, a grinder, a cut off wheel, a decent mig welder, some sanding, a little (a lot) of paint, and ya gotcha a sweet lookin’ car!

      Like 2
      • Bry593

        305 was used to late 90’s. Saw plenty with 200k miles.

        Not fast, but reliable and good mileage.

        I’d leave it if it starts. This a great car for a kid to learn on.

        Like 2
  17. CharlieMember

    Special ordered a ’68 wagon with heavy duty everything, suspension, cooling, clutch, 4 speed, once i put radial tires on it, it was for the time, and a decade or more thereafter the best car i had owned, and i owned a Jag, an MG, and ‘ 69 Camaro, 67 Bonneville, 69 Ford wagon, all died of rust. With an economy rear axel, 327 with 4 barrel carb, it would pull 2 horse trailer with ease, and gas mileage was good for the day. The ’68 – 72 midsized GM cars were tight, and with the suspension upgrade and radials were a tremendous road car.

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  18. Yblocker

    As I commented earlier, some cars look in 4dr configuration, and some cars don’t. These don’t. I had a buddy in high-school who had a 68 2dr, 327, 4spd, bench seat, no frills, he jacked up the rear just a bit, and had some good ole chrome reverse wheels on it. For any new gens here, that’s how we did back in the day. I’m no chevrolet fan, but always liked that car. Besides being a 4dr, this one’s a mess, I’m not sure it would even make a good parts car. Sorry, just my opinion.

    Like 3
    • nlpnt

      I will never understand some of the things GM did and does (discontinuing the Bolt when it’s probably their hottest seller just now), and one of the minor ones is giving this generation A-body post sedan a much blobbier rear door/window framing than the 4-door hardtops. Considerable extra expense just to…what, get people to spend a bit more for the hardtop?

      Like 1
  19. Michael Berkemeier

    You’d have to pay me to take this car…a lot. Any bid it receives is a joke, anyway. You guys are wasting your time and whoever the “high bidder” is won’t pay for it. Anyone care to wager?

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  20. Michael Berkemeier

    All kidding aside guys, this thing is ghettabulous.

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  21. Luke buchmann

    A person with the right amount of ambition could change this unit into a two door. I have seen that done with 62 nova’s. Measure twice and cut once!

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  22. Pugsy

    Is that a gallon of Bondo on the floor?

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  23. PRA4SNW

    The 4 door Chevelle was everywhere back in the day. Probably one of the most popular cars in its day.

    Now, they are all gone.

    No rear door handle on the only side you get to see. Someone was trying to disguise this car’s identity.

    Like 1
  24. Rocky Finlayson

    I’m certain this is Jaimie Blodgett’s old car from here in Central City, NE. He was in high school when he built it (10-15-ish years ago).

    Found him a 454 for it (that he & his dad tore apart to rebuild)….& got him a free 400 Turbo for it…but…

    He got a wild hair in him & joined the Air Force. So now…

    He’s an official wing nut…very happily in the military (& married)…so ‘someone’ needs to tell him his old car is available (since he probably needs it back)!

    Like 3
  25. Joe McMannis

    68 is a great Chevelle year but the car has two too many doors to make the car collectable.I don’t think it is a project that would be worth investing much time or money.

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