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BF Exclusive: 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

Reader Jack D works at a Ford dealership in Eufaula, Oklahoma and they recently took in several classics. Since they aren’t the typical used cars, Jack decided BF was the perfect place to list all 4 of their classics! We are excited to be able to help them find good homes for these cars! To kick things off, we will start with this sleek 1965 Ford Galaxie 500. With a $5,900 asking price, it seems like a great buy! If your interested, be sure to give them a call here.

From Jack – This 1965 Galaxie 500 2dr hardtop features a 1966 Galaxie Front End. It also has a 351ci V8 with 570 horsepower, air ride suspension, good glass, new satin paint job, runs and shifts good. It does needs tires, but is otherwise ready to hit the road. It’s located in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Call Eufaula Ford at 918-689-7767 and ask for Brian.

While this definitely isn’t original or a survivor, it actually seems like a great buy if you just want a really cool classic to drive. Add in the tuned 351 V8 and you have something that would keep you smiling every mile. I’d like to see a dyno slip to prove the 570 horsepower claim, but having anything over 300 horsepower in this Galaxie would equate to a wild ride.

And here is this Ford’s weakest link, the interior. The seats look fine and would work just as they are for me, but something really needs to be done with that dash. Clearly the previous owner wanted a custom dash with more gauges, but it didn’t turn out real great. I would just find an original style replacement and either install an original gauge cluster or see about building a cluster that would allow these gauges to fit in the original dash. It looks like you’re also going to need a few trim pieces and the door panels could use some work.

While it definitely needs work, I think the asking price is reasonable for a driver, especially if the engine really is cranking out that much power. I would want to check around for rust and do a little research on what it’s going to cost to get a new dash, but other than that it looks like a great buy! I would go as far as saying that it would be a great winter project that you could have done in time for spring. So what do you think of this Ford? Would you leave it black or give it a proper paint job? And do you think the 351 is really producing 570 horsepower?

You can find more photos of it here on Drive. Special thanks to the guys at Eufaula Ford for listing with us! Be sure to keep an eye out for their 3 other classics that need homes.


  1. JD

    I call BS on the 570HP from this steel head 351 and there is a big difference between flywheel HP and Chassis Dyno numbers, about 15-20% less. If they claim the numbers, show the dyno sheet. What most don’t get is it’s the TQ rating that gives you the seat of your pants power, not the HP rating.

    • KR

      Finally someone who gets it. I also call bs on the hp rating. but gotta love the plumbing to make fender supports lol

      • JD

        Caught those plumbing pipes as well, good eye.

      • David Montanbeau

        I have pulled 500HP on a 302 Z with little mods.

      • Rocco Member

        Are those for the air ride suspension?

  2. boxdin

    Normally 65s are the best looking Galaxies, but this one is not.

  3. JD

    You have to especially love the plumbing pipes that are attached to the frame (extending out through the middle of the upper A-arms) and what looks like forming a frame to hold up the front sheet metal. When I see crappy work like that, it becomes painfully clear that this is an unqualified grease monkey build that is going to get someone hurt or killed. Additionally, unless you plan to drive this car only 1/4 mile at a time and trailer it back/forth, wheel wells would be wise, they serve a purpose. I’d value the car around $3k at best, it needs to be completely gone through to make sure it’s safe.

    • Joe Nose

      Maybe the pipes serve a purpose, like for the flamethrowers that exit the side markers?

      • Foxxy

        I think the plumbing is for the suspension they say it has air ride. The plumbing with gas/water pipe looks real crude, and where is the fender wells?

  4. JD

    David, would love to see those dyno sheets and a list of the mods for that 302 that made 500hp. Don’t know what you mean by “Z”, are you speaking of a small block Ford here or is that a reference to a Z28 302 ??

  5. superstreet

    Plumbing is for air bags. It does look crude, though.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Yuck – saying that, I’d like to see what it was like before junior got hold of it – might have been so bad it was its only option – doubt it

  7. Larry K

    That cowl induction hood….so wrong.

  8. terry

    I think the pipes are for the air ride.


    WTF Is up with that dashboard? undercoating?

  10. flmikey

    …I would like to think that there is enough left of this car to fix it right….not make it into a Mickey Mouse race car….

  11. Dave

    I have seen more than one Z28 1969 (DZ motors )that pulled better than 400+ Dyno horsepower,everyone knows they were detuned and ratted at 270 HP to get around insurance companies…………

  12. rustylink

    hmm no thanks – I’d almost call it a roller at this point because the only thing that’s of any use is the motor and you’d likely pull that right away and start looking for another project to put it in. Talk about shade tree engineering….

  13. Yellowjax 555!!! Member

    All of the posted comments maybe true… but you guys and gals realize BF gets revenue for this so unless you are a contributor to this site (which I love) try to phrase your posts not quite so harsh. Have I over stepped my boundaries. I really have no dog in this hunt other than I read BF everyday. Thank you.

    • CCFisher

      Good points… I guess the lesson here is that BF needs to vet their “exclusives” carefully. Judging by the comments, representing this particular car as a good buy at $5900 is damaging to their credibility.

  14. JagManBill

    interesting swap to the 66 front sheet metal and grill. Most folks when they do this they go the other way (put 65 front clip on a 66) as the 65 front clip is much cleaner/sharper angles.

    Still a butcher job…

  15. JagManBill

    just noticed also – still has the mason jar master. All that power and can’t stop it….

  16. Pappy2d

    If memory serves, the Boss 302 and Z28 302, were factory rated at 290hp.
    Most of the mags at the time felt this was about 50hp light.
    500hp from a lightly modded 302…. hmmmmm.

    • Rocco Member

      You are correct about the factory rated HP ratings for insurance purposes. Back then, the HP had to be under 300 for a 18-25 yr. old male to get descent rates.

      There was a Car Craft article(comparison) back then, I think Grumpy Jenkins did with the BOSS 302/ Z-28 302. He broke them in on a dyno for 8 hrs., then tested them both the same way. The Z-28 put out 325hp(on dyno), and the BOSS 302 pu out 327hp(on dyno). 2 HP difference.

  17. G 1

    66 grill, 65 back end.

  18. Randall

    Make a good canidate to destroy in a movie. Oh wow they blew up that nice 65 Ford! NOT!

  19. Rapid Russ

    Been building Fords for over 40 years now..Never have I seen a 351, even the Clever put out 570hp ? without a power adder ! Maybe there’s a 300hp shot of NOS we dont see ?

    • Rocco Member

      You are right. It’s hard to even imagine this 351 Cleveland in street form, or any street eng could put out 570hp without a power adder. I have a 612HP(on dyno) 351W style race motor in my race car, witch is street legal. I thought I’d drive to lunch one day with my car buddies. It’s a 5-speed with a 4.10 rear. It was so uncomfortable to try to drive at speed limit’s 55 and maybe a little over. I said I would never do that again. I stayed in 2nd & 3rd gears most of the time.

  20. Joe

    “Good Car Gone Bad & Dumb”. Pass. Afraid to see the other 3 with this as the Dealer’s Custom car listing leader.

  21. JonS

    Fellas-if this were in the shape most of you are complaining it’s not-we’d never see it here on BF. The dealership could sell it outright no problem. Instead, since it needs some work they are offering it to enthusiasts who can put it right. Seems like a great way to save a car and support the hobby. I think the comments can help with the price point but I’d like to think it’s up for sale at the right place.

  22. terry

    I’ve been searching 60s “muscle cars” on line for several months. Yes this car needs some tlc but it’s not easy to find anything decent for this money. The body and trim look pretty good. So does the seat. This could be a fun and relatively inexpensive driver.

  23. Randall

    To save or not to save. That is the question. If someone feels the need and desire then by all means buy it and restore it or at least make it presentable. Plumbing pipes, duct tape, and bailing wire just doesn’t get it. This old Ford deserves better.

  24. Jim

    570hp out of a 351 Ford can be done but it wouldn’t be fun to drive on the street and the engine would cost lots more than the $5,900 asking price. I’ve always like the 65-66 Galaxy, this one needs some love and lots of interior work, those inner fenderwells are pricey last time I looked them up also. You’d have to do your homework on the engine before dropping money for a 300hp 351

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