BF EXCLUSIVE: 1979 Fiat 2000 Spider

While the basic shape of the Fiat 124 Spider remained largely the same for the duration of its production run, the car was later upgraded with a 2.0L engine and optional Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection. Known primarily for its Pininfarina styling and low cost of entry, the Fiat for sale here as a Barn Finds Exclusive is a project, but one that still runs and could be an excellent source of parts for anyone restoring one of these classic Italian roadsters. This example will need rust repair, a new top, and a few other bits to be a driver, and is offered for sale for $2,000 in Waco, Texas.

This is one of those cars that may seem like is endlessly available, but parts cars are beginning to dry up. Whether this example returns to roadgoing use is up to the next owner, who will also have to source a replacement interior and clutch if you intend to restore it. The Fiat 2000 is the younger sibling of the original 124, which to this day remains one of the more affordable ways to gain entry to the exclusive club of Pininfarina-designed vehicles without needing to shell out six, or even five, figures. The luggage rack on this example is a throwback to another era, when you may have actually put your suitcase on the back for a weekend getaway.

The seller notes there is rust in the floorboards and rocker panels, and as you can see, the torn-up soft top has done the interior no favors. What’s ironic about this is a few months ago, I came across a seemingly very nice Spider in a local scrap metal recycling facility that had been removed from a driveway with its long-term partner, an Alfa Romeo Spider of the same vintage. That car had a nice set of Paanasports, amazing interior, and some rust in the panel behind where the soft top stowed. Seeing this car now with its running 2.0L motor, I almost wish I had grabbed it for peanuts and socked it away, seeing as the drivetrain and lack of rust the upper body would have suited me nicely.

That’s really all it takes for a car like this to be saved – someone who is working on an example that doesn’t share the same flaws. This one is a project, and it’s a shame about the rust. But realizing that a new clutch and some other minor services might get you headed down the road again (albeit it with a torn top and possibly soggy interior) makes this Fiat 2000 Spider seem closer to rescuing than its pictures might otherwise suggest, especially if you can live with the rust for a while – based on the gallery of pictures below, it’s far from terminal.

  • Location: Waco, Texas
  • Price: $2,000
  • Mileage: 50,000
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 4H27F183040

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  1. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    A great little car, so fun to drive. But…that rust. Damn.

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  2. chillywind


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  3. Ike Onick

    Helped a friend in Buffalo sell one two summers ago that I believe was in better shape structurally and interior-wise. About the same mileage. Had many inquiries but only one person shelled out $1500. Best of luck to the seller.

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  4. Ben T.Spanner

    Needs “a few other bits”. Needs many other dollars. There, I fixed it.

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  5. JBD

    Sadly rust is the greatest killer of these fine Pinninfarina designed cars.

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  6. Cobra Steve

    On a quiet Texas night you can actually hear a FIAT rust. Does not matter what part of the state or whether there is any humidity present.

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  7. Keruth

    Yes, terminal, grab that running gear and especially the F.I. bits and wiring, and that gas tank, and ,,,!
    I’ve two now, and a spare fuelie motor, but the chassis is everything on these.

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  8. Araknid78

    Doesn’t look too far gone.

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  9. Philip Hall

    Owned 2 Fiat Spyders, the 2nd one a trade for my 66 Mustang. The owner had vanity plates based on the “fix it again Tony” reputation. His was EHTONY. liked it so kept . So true.

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  10. grant

    You can buy a nice 124 for $7500. This is a parts car for maybe half of that. Maybe.

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  11. BobH Member

    1979 Spider, with fuel injection? Seems like there ought to be some sort of explanation. I’m pretty sure FI started mid-80. Probably ought to double check me on that… So, if true, engine change or FI install in a 79? Or, maybe car mis-identified, really a late 80? Or, maybe I’VE forgotten Fiat Spider history?

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    • T-bone bob

      According to the VIN (visible in one photo) it is a 1980. Cars beginning with CS0 were fuel injected. 1979 would have begun with CS2.

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    • Araknid78

      No, you are correct

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  12. Ricksac

    Built in 10/1979. Title says 1979 if I’m not mistaken. Willing to negotiate on price. Thought I would have sold it by now. Didn’t realize the market was that bad.

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    • Araknid78

      As was common at the time, many manufactures released their new models in the Fall. So most model years would have a manufacture dates beginning in September.

      I don’t care what the title says, this is a 1980 model year.

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