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BF Exclusive: 1987 Glenfrome


There’s no denying we like oddball vehicles with unique stories and interesting history! Well, you really can’t get much more odd or interesting as our latest BF Exclusive, this 1987 Glenfrome. It’s one of just 8 built by Glenfrome on a Land Rover chassis. It was actually built for the Royal Saudi Family, but somehow ended up in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The styling is definitely different, but it’s got a cool look to it. It only has 14k miles on the dial and is all original. If you’d like to be the next owner of this crazy rig, you can email James T here.


What an awesome truck! The interior looks comfortable, although it’s very ’80s. I guess when your charging over sand dunes, tearing through gears, you want to be doing it in comfort and style! I’m a bit worried about the wires hanging from the dash. This is going to sound crazy, but I actually hope Glenfrome used the Land Rover wiring. I know right, that’s insane to wish for, but remember this was custom built and the only hope of being able to find a wiring diagram is if the wiring came straight from the Land Rover. Heck, there isn’t really any information about these trucks, but that’s what happens when there are only a handful ever built. The Land Rover 110 was a well built truck though and there is still parts and information support for them. I imagine with the 110’s chassis and drivetrain wrapped in this lightweight body, it’s a capable and durable rig both on and off roads!


From James – Built on a Land Rover Defender 110 chassis. This is 1 of 8 built for the Royal Saudi Family. Glenfrome was licensed by Land Rover to use and built specialty vehicles using their chassis, engine and running gear. This vehicle was also used in Operation Iraqi Freedom. 14,000 original miles.

James is asking $40k for his truck, which seems like a lot of money, but when will you ever find another Glenfrome in this shape and with its history? I doubt there are many left worldwide and even fewer (if any) on US roads. I want to thank James for listing this very special vehicle exclusively here on Barn Finds! Hopefully we can find a great home for it, so if your interested, be sure to email him!


  1. Vegaman Dan

    Funky weird shape that really cries out for a camo or flat black paint job. Maybe some sort of carrying rack over the convertible rear.

    I like it!

  2. brakeservo

    I wonder what it looked like before it got blown up in the war??

  3. Mark

    It looks like Lamborghini’s off-road rig, the LM002. And at only 10% the cost of one of those, too!

    • Dan h

      First thing I thought when I saw the rear was LM002….

    • Kieran.M

      Same here pretty cool for good chunk less then LM002

  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sorry, give me another $2500 Willys.

  5. landerso

    I know this car and it’s owner from our local Cars and Coffee. It’s very interesting in person, and certainly unique. It could use a little TLC in spots, but you’ll never, EVER see another one at an intersection.

  6. Rick

    Funky styling, weird color paint, British electronics… and wires hanging under the dash. What possibly could go wrong?

  7. Wm Lawrence

    Hope to see it on Black Bear Trail someday.

  8. Glen

    Do the lights retract and missiles shoot out? That would be cool.

  9. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    This is cool, I like unusual cars, you probably won’t see another one at a show. I think a gloss black would be the best color, I wonder what it looks like with the convertible back window lowered. It looks like the top is damaged at the left side, I wonder if it’s still water tight?

  10. tugdoc

    I will probably regret not buying this in five years, if I remember!

    • Dan

      Are you pre-gretting it already?

  11. CKKurtz Member

    Agreed – That thing is cool in sort of a funky-weird-ugly sort of way.

  12. Howard A Member

    Yeah, here’s another one from the “auto parts phone in files”. “You have a what now? Let me get the manager”.
    It really is cool. Looks like some larger than life “Hot Wheels” imaginary car. If driving around in something like this ( and to pay $40g’s to boot, sheesh, we’re not all Saudi billionaires, you know), then by all means, here’s your chance. I’m with leiniedude, being from the midwest ( Wis. specifically) we’re a traditional bunch, and I can’t imagine what kind of reception you’d get, wheelin’ ’round the courthouse in this. We love our flat-fendered Willys’,( and most American 4×4’s, not many foreign trucks up here) but this, would probably make the front page of the local paper ( yep, we still have a local paper) Quite a find,,,,but I’ll pass.

  13. Dennis T

    Just Google for Glenfrome and marvel at the things they designed. This one is called the Profile.

  14. gearjam1

    Interior resembles that of my 90’s Geo Tracker…

  15. John

    Got hit with an ugly stick.

  16. Dennis M

    Late 80’s, not all that hard to go in with a pair of side cutters, strip the wiring and redo it from scratch.

  17. Gerald Luck

    I wonder if this comes with a owner’s manual? ……. Just asking…

    • Brakeservo

      Do you speak Arabic??

  18. Krash

    Does the particle board-doored trailer come with it…(more than likely alabaster if the SRF commissioned it).

  19. tstout68

    Wonder if this is the same one?

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