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Big Dreams, Bad Idea: 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang

We all have big dreams, if we didn’t we wouldn’t all be on the hunt for barn finds. Seeing the potential in a car that has been parked and left untouched for decades requires being a dreamer, but it also means being realistic and realizing when a dream has gotten to big. Jim S came across this 1968 Ford Mustang here on eBay that is going to require a dreamer to sell. It is going to take an even bigger dreamer to put it together the way the seller had hoped to. They dreamt of installing a 460 cui big block V8 in it, which wouldn’t be all that crazy if this car had originally come with a V8. Being a six cylinder car means this one will need most of the drivetrain, suspension, and brake system upgraded to handle the added weight and power, making this an expensive and unlikely dream. We have to give it to the seller though for dreaming big and for throwing the engine and transmission in this no reserve auction.

Mustang Interior

The seller’s photos aren’t the best, but from what we can see, it looks to be extremely rusty. Before any upgrades can added, all that rust will need to be fixed. And being an inline 6 car means it is going to need a lot of upgrades if anyone is going to put a V8 in it, especially the 460. We have seen a number of six cylinder Mustangs with V8s installed, but it just never seems like a good idea to us. This car was just not setup to handle a big block and upgrading all the necessary components can get costly, but then again this car is going to need just about everything rebuilt or replaced anyway. On the upside, you wouldn’t feel guilty about modifying this one because anything is better than how currently sits.

1968 Mustang Sapling

This Mustang is going to be a massive project, but for $700 it might not be too bad a buy if you live nearby and can avoid transportation costs. We aren’t sure how much the 460 V8 is worth, but it might be the most valuable piece of the whole package. That is unless the tree growing out of the engine bay is included! All jokes aside, do you think this Mustang is worth saving or should it be left as yard art? And if you were to save it, would you drop that 460 in it or would you source a six cylinder?


  1. DanaPointJohn

    Sometimes it is just best to let a car rot away. This one is pretty crusty and with so many Mustangs around in far better condition, why mess with it?

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  2. Jim-Bob

    What this is is a shell to hang on a new tube chassis. As to what I would do with it, well, the 460 would move on to a new owner and in it’s place would go a Coyote V8 out of a new Mustang, along with a big single turbo. The shock towers would get torched as I have no intention of using that crappy Falcon suspension with all that power. The bigger question then is what I would source the donor front and rear suspension setups from for the new chassis. For that I would likely look at the European sedans at the local U Pull It and measure whatever looks like it would be easy to reuse. I’m thinking Jaguar (from the Anglia they did on Wheeler Dealers as it looked fairly compact) for the front, but the rear is more difficult because it would have to be able to handle all that power.

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  3. geomechs Geomechs Member

    If all the six cylinder hardware were still with it I’d be tempted to restore it to its original glory. Otherwise a 289 or 302 would work very well. I had one with a 390 and it was a bearcat to work on.

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  4. Barry Thomas

    Yikes! Boy I guess it takes all kinds. I’d be inclined to find one with a bit less greenery, but for sure I’d leave it as a 6 cylinder. For all the work involved, would one of the reproduction bodies be a better bet? Not original for sure, but probably a better and safer car in the long run.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  5. stanley stalvey

    Yuk.! What a piece of crap…

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  6. SoCal Car Guy

    Not that it makes much difference, but I think that poor hulk was once a 1967, not a ’68. I see no signs (not that much can be seen in the seller’s low quality photos) of side marker lights (’68 and newer, DOT required), the big center cushion on the horn ring, and i don’t believe that ’68 models had door vent windows. From what can be determined from the photos, i don’t even see much that’s worth salvaging for parts. Just my $.02 worth…

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    • Gary Fogg

      You best me to it ! Its a 67.

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  7. Tony

    I think we need to get a few kids together, a straight-6 out of Nissan (with a big turbo) and in a few days we’ll have a championship canyon racer! lol

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  8. Tim

    Tube chassis, LS1 swap, Nah. Too much work.

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  9. Shilo

    Yard art.

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    • St. Ramone de V8

      Yep. It’s toast

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  10. Bill

    At least it has a green power plant.

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  11. Tom S.

    I predict this one will end w/no bids.

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  12. Mark E

    Well, it’s been said before on here, you can restore anything, but the more important question is should you?

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  13. Scott Allison

    Rust in Peace

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  14. fred

    Too far gone. Instead of rusty gold- it’s rusty mold.

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  15. STB

    Bon chance mes amis, bon chance…
    That car gives rustoleum the shivers….

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