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Big Red Wagon: 1969 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

Power Wagon front

I sometimes wonder what people mean when they say a car or truck is “all original”. Perhaps I am being too picky, but to be called original, it should still be the way it was when it was manufactured, of course with whatever wear and tear it has experienced over its lifetime, and of course, a certain amount of basic maintenance to belts, hoses, tires, batteries, etc.

Power Wagon rear

Reader Paul G tipped us to this really fine looking 1969 Dodge W100 Power Wagon that is for sale here on craigslist in Whittier, California, where it has evidently been really well maintained. The asking price is a very reasonable $6,900, making me think this truck will be selling pretty quickly.

Power Wagon side

The seller says it is “stock original” but goes on to say that it has new upholstery and new carpeting, and from the looks of it, at some point in its life, it also had new paint. Nice as it is, and I really do like it, this truck is definitely not in original condition.

Power Wagon interior

This truck really is nice. Nothing fancy here – it features the relatively economical 318 V-8, a 4 speed floor mounted shifter, good old fashioned four wheel drive (get out and lock your own hubs!), drum brakes and manual steering. The grille is not even chrome. It’s a real solid old truck in far better than average condition at a very reasonable price.

Power Wagon interior 2 seat belts

While overall, the truck looks good, and is claimed to run well, it’s also true that the ad does not state the number of miles on the vehicle, there are no pictures of the undercarriage or of the pickup bed, so as with any used truck you might be looking to buy, a full inspection will be needed. And while there are a few small body issues apparent, hopefully because of its southern California heritage, there are no significant lurking rust issues.

Power wagon engine 1

Thanks to Paul G for submitting this very cool, attractive and affordable truck to Barn Finds. So what do you think of this old Dodge?


  1. Gary I

    I don’t see these often, cool truck to hot rod. Crate 360 or a 440 would be easy to do.

  2. Jim Mc

    Love it. THAT’s a truck. California dreamin’, Powerball dreamin’. If the miles aren’t too high and the underside is solid, someone is gonna drive thru and get a happy deal.

  3. boxdin

    I would rather drive and improve one of these than pay large bux for any new one.
    The next body style 1972 on is my fav and it lasted for 21 years until the 1993 model year. I have a 92 Ramcharger LE 2wd and am very partial to these trucks.

    • Dave Wright

      I have always liked the large curved side windows on these…..very classy…….but a comparable pickup rides better because of the longer wheel base.

  4. ydnar

    The seller says it’s “purity” much all stock original. I do not think carpet and upholstery make it all that unoriginal. You may want to read the ad again. This looks like a great truck worth way more than the asking price. Calling Flipper, flipper here boy.

    • David Wilk Member

      Don’t get me wrong – I love this truck and I think it would be great to own it. Just to me, original really means original. But I suppose you’re right – “pretty much original” is what I guess the seller meant by “purity much” and each of us has to define what “pretty much” means to us.

      • Michael Rogers

        Comeon Dave! it’s a TRUCK not a Bentley save the nit pocking for the Concourse candidates if you look closely, you’ll probably find the rubber seals are tired, the engine compartment isn’t detailed etc–it’s a TRUCK-A NICE MULE not a thoroughbred stallion.

  5. Jason Houston

    Remember, the Internet is crawling with flippers who don’t understand even basic automotive terminology like all original, one owner, patina, low mileage, etc. Most of these clowns are “sidewalk authorities” who know a little about everything and a whole lot about nothin’.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      At this asking price do you think the seller is a flipper?

      If you are feeding off the ydnar’s comment the point of that post was that a flipper will be the one to grab this deal.

  6. RON

    as the old saying, they are only original once!! i think it is a pretty common question and interpetation as to original. then it is also pretty much as our language in this country has evolved today. the term english and composition in high school in my day is totally different than what is taught or accepted today. i always thought until about 20 years past this country was always growing better and advancing forward as a society. now due to political correctness and the downfall of the morals this country were founded on and was what most believed made people want to be an american the role has reversed and the rest of the world wants what we have but in their crude way and for “free” there is a ot of confusion about what is “original” in comparison to “as original” seems pretty simple, but truth doesn’t always surface. it all comes from a thing of the past. “education” which requires work and dedication. especially for a chrysler product which when it came to trucks which were a work/utility vehicle those late 60’s-70’s dodges were quiet handsome trucks.

  7. Rick

    Always liked this vintage Dodge p/u especially the short box 4X4. If this were mine, I’d swap out that old 318 with a 340, it’s not as much added front end weight as a 440 (or as much of a gas guzzler) and way more motor than a 360. In the early 80s there were several ex-USFS similarily equipped 69-70 short box W-100s around my neighborhood, the light green body color was a dead giveaway, and at least one of the old USFS rigs had a chrome grille

    • Ed P

      The 340 and the 318 use the same block. The 340 has a larger bore. There should not be any significant weight difference and the tranny should bolt right on.

  8. Mark S

    Nice truck I like this body style, if it were a 3/4 ton I’d put a cumins diesel in it. To put a cumins in this truck however would mean installing a heavy duty suspension. The 318 CID v8 weighs about 645 lbs the cumins weighs 1150 lbs So in the end if it were mine I’d probably just leave it alone And drive it.

  9. Donnie

    keep the 318 it can be made to be very strong with the right rebuild kits and aftermarket parts

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Absolutely, especially for a nearly 50 year old pickup truck!

  10. Charles H.

    I was thinking they made the next body style from ’72-’93, instead of ’92 Boxdin?…..I do prefer this body style over the ’72 and up though. Also I think some people consider it to be original if they restore something back to original specs, for some reason!

    • boxdin

      Yes that body went until 1993.

  11. jim s

    nice looking 4×4. find out how many miles are on it then make a offer. fix the battery holddown, make it safe and put the truck back to work. great find.

  12. Charles H.

    I agree jim s, the seller just needs to add a little more info, like the miles, and a few pics of the undercarriage, etc. and I think this would really be a quick sell, like it a lot!

  13. Walter Joy

    I own one of the later generations (89 W250) and the only gripe I have is parts are hard to find (whether you want to go aftermarket or stock)

  14. PaulG

    After seeing this, I had to share it with the group. This truck brings back a lot of memories. When I was a kid we had a neighbor, the older single guy that had all the cool stuff. In ’67 he purchased an Olds Toronado, in ’69 the twin to this truck, except the aluminum trim and grille.
    He was also the guy that had a snowmobile, the newest riding lawnmower, etc.
    I’m sure a lot of you remember when Dodge came out with the “Dude” trim package for this era truck.
    I am sooo tempted to go check this truck out…

  15. Howard A Member

    I guess I kind of agree with the original issue, as these probably had rubber floor covering and a plain vinyl seat, but these were kind of the last of the “good ol’ trucks”. Lock the hubs? I bet most people today wouldn’t have a clue what you are talking about. Truth be known, these were rough riding, noisy, gas hog beasts, that never went down the road straight, but for plow or work duty, these were the best there ever was. I look at trucks ( or what they offer as trucks today) and think, how did we ever lose our way. You want a truck, get a truck (like this) and not a car with a box on it. Great find.

    Like 1
    • Ed P

      Your are absolutely correct. The Dodges in the 60’s gave little in the way of creature comfort. They were built for work only. By the late 60’s, Chevy and Ford trucks were more comfortable drivers. Dodge was slow to follow the trend.

      • Michael Rogers

        Mine has a 4BBL and Headers, That helps! My later Dakota has the small block fuel injected MAGNUM– same ol block improved!

  16. Mark S

    I have the 1994 version of this truck, It’s a regular cab truck with an 8′ box, 3/4 ton, straight axles front and rear,and a cumins diesel. The point I guess I’m trying to make is that it s a real truck. When I’m out traveling around rarely do I see a truck like it in the newer models. The new stuff really are cars with a mini box. Some with a box as short as 4’6″ When you see the new cartrucks with a load they look ridiculous, the centre of gravity is all wrong because the majority of load is on the wrong side of the back axle and hanging out past the tail gate. The bad thing about hauling loads like this is it makes the front wheels light to the ground which kills the handling characteristics. Howard A. is right you want a truck buy a real truck you want a car buy a car.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Where is the hitch?

  17. Paul B

    When trucks were trucks. As Donnie says, rebuild the 318 for even more strength. It’s a great engine with all the power you’ll ever need. Nice find.

  18. Will

    I don’t think the seller is claiming the truck to be original at all. I think he just forgot a period., “I have a 1969 dodge w100 power wagon purity much all stock. Original 318 v8 4 speed on the floor standard trans.” has a different meaning than “I have a 1969 dodge w100 power wagon purity much all stock original 318 v8 4 speed on the floor standard trans.” I think he is only claiming the engine to be original.

  19. Steve

    Sweptlines are rising rapidly in value, especially crews and the rare ones (CSS/HPP, Dudes) .

  20. Marty Member

    Is the engine the right color for 1969? I had a number of ’67 and ’68 Dodge and Plymouth cars with 318s, and those engines were always red.

    • Howard A Member

      HI Marty, I thought that too. According to one site, 1969 was the last year for red 318’s in cars. I wonder if trucks were the same?

      • Ed P

        Chrysler built engines in grades 1,2,&3. 3 being the heaviest duty versions. I’m not sure but, the colors may have indicated the grade.

  21. Charles H.

    Marty, I’m not sure about the trucks, but they switched to blue engines in ’69 on the cars.

  22. Steve

    That’s a real man’s truck here. If someone asks you how many push-ups you can do, and you answer “all of them”, and even your beard grows a beard, this is the truck for you.

  23. Jim

    You must haven’t had coffee today! It’s a 47 year old truck not a time capsule, I don’t think a seat cover condems it from being original. Some of my parts have been replaced, 13 surgeries, even have some extras.

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