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Big Window Short Bed: 1959 Ford F-100

Now this is how I like my Ford F-100s, with a short bed, big back window and with killer patina. I know there are a lot of differing opinions on patina and the use this word, but if there ever has been a vehicle with the perfect amount of natural wear and weathering, this truck is it! The seller claims that it runs great and is an original survivor. It looks the part and you can’t kill the six cylinder if you try. If this rig had a factory V8, I imagine it would be bid up considerably higher than the $4k it’s currently at, but personally I would be happy with the 6. You can find this truck here on eBay in Sacramento, California.

As much as I love the way this thing looks, something needs to be done to slow the rust down. The battery box is about gone, which should be addressed right away. I would fix any rot and treat the rest with something like linseed oil, just be careful working with that stuff!

It has it’s issues, I know, but this looks like a great little truck. Short bed trucks will always be in demand, so you might be able to fix it up and not end up upside if you do decide to sell it. Personally, I’d clean it up, treat the rust as best as possible and make it my shop truck. What about you?


  1. jcs

    I agree with Josh on this one…not a big fan of “patina”, but on this year, model and color it does look good. I would flip the tires around to show blackwalls. One thing that has me scratching my head: no V8. As long as the original buyer went the extra mile on the trim level (Custom Cab) and transmission (4 speed), why not spend a few extra bucks and get a 292 with a 2 barrel?

    • tugdoc

      A lot of these trucks were purchased by depression era people. Thrifty was the buzz word, fuel was about .25 cents but not many wage earners made 90 or 100 dollars a week. This example doesn’t look to have been flogged or used to hard so he she bought what they needed.
      Nice truck GLWTS

    • Joey

      Love the big white walls. Working on my 64.

  2. Scott Staff

    Lassies dad drove one of these on the show

  3. DAN

    my 1st truck at 13 was a 59
    u g l y !!!
    I had bad taste as a 13 year old,lol

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    That six doesn’t bother me although I admit I’d rather see a Y-block in there. Disintegrating battery boxes are not that uncommon for these. I’m sure there is a repro unit available but if not, a new one can be fabricated without a lot of trouble. It’s great to see one of these that doesn’t have rust poking through the front fenders just ahead of the doors. Full resto would eventually be the order of the day but it would be a lot of fun to drive it for a spell and see exactly what it needs.

    • Loco Mikado

      I made several battery boxes out of old computer cases. The price was right and looked decent enough.

  5. Terry J

    Yup, I like it. My work hauler is a basic ’81 F150 short wide with a 240 six I replaced the old 300 with,Hurst shifted toploader 3 speed, 9″ rear. A simple tractor just about like the ’59. :-) Terry J

    • Terry J

      A 1981 version of that ’59. Terry J

  6. Don Tennison

    If that is a 300ci engine there are tons of speed parts available. The engine has tons of torque already. See Inliners International, 6 =8. I built a chevy that at would smoke most V8 off the line, top end not so much though

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Don. I’m sure that’s a 223. Reliable enough but it was certainly no powerhouse. Ford didn’t come out with the 240 until around ’64 and I think it was a year or so after that when the 300 came out. But yeah, the 300 six was nobody’s fool. I saw some earlier Sprint cars running Ford 300s, and they often embarrassed the V8’s.

  7. Alan

    Linseed oil? Really? Not that smell, please. Just take it apart and paint it. Clean up the 6 , put it back in and drive it.

  8. JW

    I really love the looks as is but Josh is right the engine compartment needs help quick to keep it as a Home Depot / Lowes / Menards runner. Replace the battery tray then if no rot just clean the engine compartment and apply a rust inhibiter.

  9. Howard A Member

    Here’s my Tonka truck that got flattened by the Buick, remember? Obviously, I never got over that. ( I know, that was 50 years ago, get over it) This is a great find, but keep in mind, this won’t be your new F-150. Even Terry’s ’81 is worlds apart from this. Straight front axle will make this truck wander like me at a car show, 1959 brakes, noisy, tinny, rough ride, hot/cold, just not the truck to commute 67 minutes one way with. Still, this was the best there was in ’59, when pickup trucks were just that, not cars with a box.

    • Terry J

      Yup Howard, I kinda forgot the real differences. The ’59 and my ’81 both are basic haulers. But by 1981 a normal truck had power disc brakes and power steering and a heater if nothing else. Those things plus the Twin I Beam front suspension made that a much different truck than the ’59. :-) Terry J

  10. RicK

    Wal Mart battery adds another authentic depression-era element to the mix.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Great point RicK. They better get back to Wally World and get another bungee cord. Looks like one strand left holding the battery in.

  11. Steve

    There’s a reason you dont seed many of this body style ford restored and or customized…they’re uglier than a bag of bu@@$?*es. There is a j hole where i live who has a yellow and white one (!?) with a bunch of tacked on jc whitney parts. The truck fits his personality.

    • Kevin Wernick

      Ugly? Excuse me?

  12. Steve

    I pulled up to the local parts store a while back to pick up something and he was already there. I have never mentioned my opinion to him or anyone else tegarding their choice of classic vehicle. He is an old guy who must not hear well. I do. The store was semi full. As i walked in i overheard the counter jockey say to him i had a nice looking truck. He said “those 67-72 trucks are for idiots who go with the heard”. Before i could stop myself i replied “theres no accounting for bad taste like driving a truck with a face only a mother could love!”

  13. Jay E.

    I realize that linseed oil is an old school method for rust, but there are much better modern products that you brush on and that do a FAR better job of stopping it. In fact some of them use the rust itself to catalyze. Some of them can be painted as soon as they are dry.

  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    I always liked the squared-off Fords, even more than the Effies before them. The ’60 models were my favorites. I never cared much for the rounded-off ones that ran from ’61 to ’66 although I’d never kick one off my driveway. There’s a ’60 4×4 that’s been in my hometown since new. Considering that it spent its entire life outdoors it survived quite well. I would love to have it at my place.

  15. Allan

    Glad it’s on the other side of the country.
    I might be tempted to keep a close eye on the eBay bidding.
    Interesting looking blue truck with camper shell sitting in the background of the first picture.

  16. Rex Kahrs Member

    I like the truck, but as a tradesman these last 30 years, I gotta go with the long bed. Frankly I laugh at these shortbed guys carrying long lumber hanging 10′ past the bed. They’re posers.

  17. Joe Haska

    I have a 53 F-100, and 53-56 is an very popular truck. I think the 57-59 are just finding their place, and will become just about as popular. I would love to make a statement with this truck.

  18. Kevin In Iowa

    As for the seller’s listing on eBay….I am SO impressed! This person went way above and beyond any other sellers’ presentation, ever. And, they to me, are believable. I think the new owner should leave the body alone but replace the engine with an era V8. I’m not a Ford fan but do like this body style and it’s a refreshing change from the endless [and mindless] Chevy’s of that era.

    A couple years ago I was given permission to take pictures of a man’s collection of approximately 600 cars and pickups, all with titles. This one, not sure what year, I really liked. Excellent patina! I took 4 pics. I asked him about a few vehicles that have all been improperly stored and haven’t been back as I thought his prices too high. Mostly 1950’s to 1980’s if anyone wants to know more. It’s located in Chatsworth, Iowa, 35 miles from me. Bring a drone as the county has made him install 8′ privacy fences.

    • Kevin Wernick

      That’s a 58. And looks to be in decent shape

  19. Cris Love

    I’m looking for this exact truck! Have wanted on ALL of my life!!!

  20. Kevin Wernick

    Great looking trucks when they’re fixed up

  21. Bill

    For the guy who wants a long bed I have a 58 big back window long bed, near rust free other than the lower fenders as mentioned. all black in and out, Factory radio, never painted, all original paint. Can drive across country, 272 V8 Y block $5500

    • Kevin Wernick

      Nice looking truck, good price. Has the engine been replaced, 58 would be a 292

  22. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $7,504 with 24 bids.

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