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Bird In The Barn: 1964 Falcon Sprint


I’m sure most of the car freaks among us know the fabulously popular Ford Mustang was pretty much a Falcon beneath the skin when it was introduced in 1964. Early Mustangs remain hugely popular collector cars, while Falcon values have always lagged, generally being valued around half to two thirds of their Pony car brethren.


Ford offered a ton of options for the Mustang, and that was a big part of its popularity, but the 1964 Falcon still provided a nice range of offerings as well. The Sprint option made the Falcon into a compact muscle car with quite a bit of pizzazz on hand with its small block 260 cid V8.


This barn find 1964 Falcon Sprint for sale here on craigslist in North Plainfield, New Jersey is one of 13,380 Sprint hardtops made that year. This car is by no means original; it comes with a 302 cid HO engine from a later model Mustang of unknown year, and the interior looks like it has been redone at some point with seats from another car added. And it comes with a fair share of rust as well. But the seller is pretty open about the work it needs, and while there are very few pictures with the ad, you can tell pretty readily what you are getting into with this car. It needs work!

1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

This Falcon shows only 69,438 “original” miles and comes with a Hurst line lock floor shift with console. The front fenders and driver’s door are said to be perfect and in catalyzed primer. The chrome and bumpers are off the car but come with it. The seller says the floor is solid, there is rust below and behind the rear wheel wells, there are two surface rust spots on the rear corners of the trunk and one between the trunk and rear window. The trunk floor also has rust. More bad news, the tires don’t all hold air, and the brakes are frozen, so it will have to be trailered.

OK, this is a project, and you cannot underestimate the body work ahead of you. But compared to a lot of cars we have seen on Barn Finds, it’s really not all that bad. And with the asking price at only $1,995, parts readily available, and Falcons having a high fun to drive quotient, if the seller’s description is even close to accurate this looks like a pretty good deal for someone.


  1. Mike

    What a nasty looking Barn Find, It will take somebody a lot of time to resto this old bird, but it is do able by the right person. I wish I was closer I would go take a look and make an offer, since the little lady said I can buy another project to do, and have decided on a compact car.

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  2. richard aufderheide

    it’s going to have to be a ‘labour of love’ to get this bird looking good on the road. unless u want an ‘as is driver’ and do the mechanicals yourself… to get this car even resembling what it should be… body work..interior, re-chroming, trim, etc.. you will be well underwater. I have seen restored/ refurbished Falcon sprints at Hershey/ Carlisle over the past few years for around $7k. Heck, there was a nice ‘Spring yellow’ convertible with black interior, console and a 4 speed mated to the original 260 at Hershey last year for 11k “obo’…. that was on wed.. by the time we circled around the car corral again..it was sold. asked the seller..he took 10 for it. lots of these little birds out there..original… this one…well… I’d (and i am just speaking for me) resign it to parting out and ultimately (i know this is heresy on this page..) the crusher.

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  3. Stephen

    This Falcon is NOT a “crusher” by any means. the Mustangs older brother
    has the same potential for fun as the Mustang, just look at the ones that were road raced…..

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  4. piper62j

    This Ford is worse than some Mustangs on BF.. Ford didn’t do any undercoating or corrosion protection back then.. It appears to me that the owner had begun the body work in front and gave up as he reached the rear of the car.. This one would make a great long term project if you’re a willing participant..

    Good find.. Not so good car..

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  5. JW

    I had a friend back in the early 70’s who had a black Falcon Sprint and he was well known for his mechanical abilities. He never disclosed what was under the hood but it had a 4 speed and it could keep up with my 65 GTO with the 389 4 speed car. His Falcon could almost lift the front wheels off the pavement at every stoplight. This feature car will definitely need a lot of attention but if done right would be a super nice street fighter.

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    • richard aufderheide

      JW, oh.. no doubt… but as one of Fords first ‘non frame” unibody cars… i wouldn’t be putting big torque and HP in the front of this heap until putting in subframe connectors, etc. id think you might find yourself tearing down the street and finding yourself looking at the backseat and rear of the car a block behind you in the rearview mirror! :)

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      • grant

        Hmmm. How’s the front end of a rear wheel drive car going to possibly do that? Older cars are different from the front drivers nowadays.

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      • richard aufderheide

        Grant…good point!…but you get my ‘jist’

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  6. Rick

    I like the 631/2 Sprints a lot better. Next door neighbor had one brand new with a 4 speed, really the first purpose built muscle car inho even if it only had a 260 2 bbl, I was alittle kid, but I got to ride in it a couple of times and I really liked the factory tach. He traded it in in fall of ’65 for a brand new ’66 Chevy II SS L79 4 speed, that was a cool car too

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  7. Rob'sGT

    Buyer beware. This is not a Sprint per the VIN. Doesn’t have correct body code, nor engine code. Wrong steering wheel and horn ring. Taillights are 65, and incorrectly installed. I dislike people trying to pass of a vehicle as something it’s not. But hey, at least the asking price isn’t absurdly high.

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  8. Roy Crader

    you fellas are in too big a hurry to have this little car down the hatch and in the smasher. I would have drove this car all day and night cruising when i was younger, but that was back in the day when a scratch was just a scratch, and , no one had a dime to make a phone call to tell someone you had found this car for sale.
    I say jump on this with everything you have and have fun making this sweetie like it was and make all you nay sayers ashamed …Have a good one everyone

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  9. stillrunners

    Rob GT is correct…..having owned both 64 Sprint and Futura converts….we need a door plate….but the door could have been changed and those seats have to go go…..

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  10. Larry W Blum Jr

    It is an original bucket seat car but came originally with a 6cyl. It would be quite a project.

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