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Bit Of Mystery: 1966 Pontiac GTO

1966 Pontiac GTO

I’m torn with this Pontiac. The seller only offers one photos for potential buyers to base their bidding off of. They give a fairly detailed description of the car, but stating the car is solid doesn’t mean much when you don’t provide any photos to prove it. At the same time, it’s a ’66 GTO waiting to be built have ever the next owner desires! Have a look at the description here on eBay and let me know if something seems off to you too!

It seems to me like this seller is hoping to drive bids up before they post more photos. It’s an unusual tactic, but considering that the car is missing its engine and transmission plus has rust in all the usual places, I’m guessing the seller is hoping to get as many bids before they post more details. They even admit that the car has has rust in the floors, trunk lid rail and even around the bottom of the front and rear glass. I want to like this GTO so badly, it just has a great look to it, but it would have to be cheap to get me to risk it being a serious rust bucket. How about you?


  1. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    but if it comes with that ultra rare barn dust its gotta be good, right?

  2. Frankie

    Reading the start of this review it Reminds me of a 69 charger near me on Craigslist, I emailed the seller, asked some questions about it, he responded with ” the bids are up to $15,000″. Guessing he didn’t sell it, cause that was last year and it’s March now. The seller has updated the ad with some more pictures, nice project.

  3. Roseland Pete

    LOt more pics on there now.

  4. Frankie

    The seller says, I love this…”he will either keep or cut it up”
    No title too

  5. MH

    That car is trouble. Lots of rust and lots of missing pieces. Needs everything. You can buy a running and driving one for way cheaper then it would take to get this thing on the road. I’ll pass.

  6. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Ad says ” BEWARE “…

    ……….. Description says ” SOLID………. but needs plenty of patches ”

    Feedback says the seller is a ballbuster when it comes to selling a CAR…. he should stick with junk parts.

    More than 90% of the cars we buy, we don’t see until they arrive…. won’t EVER be one coming here from this seller…


    Take a grinder to that car and you will wind up with Swiss cheese, or dip it and it will be even worse. That car is NOT solid and you had better BEWARE!

  8. Barzini

    While 1966 remains my favorite year for GTOs, the 1967 GTO that you recently featured seems like a much better way to go. It has a more solid body, albeit for a higher price.

  9. Frankie
  10. OhU8one2

    In my Goat lovin spirit, I must conclude that this is nothing more than a heavily rusted parts car. Remove all the trim and such,cut it up a sell the remainder as scrap. The owner would be doing all the future unknown owners a huge favor. As much as a 66 GTO is my favorite year,if it was my car,that is exactly what I would do. There is NO glory in being the person who took a car like this out of existence. It’s just what is best. Seller doesn’t sound to be up front on the detail’s and that is a shame. But for those of us that are into this car thing,and not out to make big buck’s off a small investment. This is the reality of our hobby.

  11. Texas Tea


    This amount of rust will never do to anyone that knows better.

  12. Mike

    Can’t tell from the pictures whether it’s equipped with gauges or idiot lights but either way, if it goes as a parts car I’ll take the instrument cluster and dash insert for my 66 Beaumont SD.

  13. Jim

    I love ’66, the tail lights look sinister, that’s just me and I like the inset rear window like all 66-67 A bodies. I’m surprised at how much rust isn’t showing, I’ve had 2 ’67 Malibu’s and some if the popular rust areas look clean, especially around the rear window, water collected under the trim and the tin worm grew!. There is rust showing but compared to a lot I’ve seen that weren’t cared for for so long it’s not bad. For under 5k it’s not a bad project for someone like myself who does everything themselves. The sheet metal is easy to source, any A body seats bolt in, interior is easy also. Motor and trans are easy too, maybe a 500ci Caddy. You’d have to pull the body and blast everything to be sure and he didn’t include pictures of the areas of frame rails that rust through. If I only had more real estate LOL

  14. Jim

    I love ’66, the tail lights look sinister, that’s just me and I like the inset rear window like all 66-67 A bodies. I’m surprised at how much rust isn’t showing, I’ve had 2 ’67 Malibu’s and some if the popular rust areas look clean. There is rust showing but compared to a lot I’ve seen that weren’t cared for for so long it’s not bad. For under 5k it’s not a had project for someone like myself who does everything themselves. The sheet metal is easy to source, any A body seats bolt in, interior is easy also. You’d have to pull the body and blast everything to be sure and he didn’t include pictures of the areas of frame rails that rust through. If I only had more real estate LOL

  15. Gary I

    This guy’s description of the cars lack of rust issues and how solid it is are insulting. If I expected a solid car with some repairable rust issues and this showed up? I’m not sure that would go over too good! What is left to patch to in the floorboards? I think they are a total replacement along with the trunk. He said you won’t spend all your money on quarter panel work, well at least he told the truth there. Plenty of issues to spend your money on fixing this one, you definitely will not be done after the quarter work.

    • Jim

      He sounds like some used car salespeople I’ve known, they could describe a broken leg so it doesn’t sound bad. I’m surprised the entire trunk floor, drop offs and lower quarters are gone, I’m sure the frame rails below the trunk are a mess and parts of the wheelhouses but not the metal between the rear glass and trunk. It’s fixable but a long term project.

  16. Gnrdude

    The outer Exterior Skin Is in Pretty Darn Good shape. I’ve Seen allot worse, But the Floors and Radiator Cross-member are Shot. all I can say is You had better have a Good Mig-Welder and Know how To Use it To take this project on. Get ready to Spend some $$$$ on it. Though it’s Not Impossible On a Difficulty Rating of 1-10 1 being pristine well preserved Barn Find 10 Being rusted out Yard Art that’s missing everything I’d Say this car is a 5-6.

  17. JW

    The 65 to 67 are my favorite GTOs and this one needs to be saved from the crusher. Please someone who has the cash flow / welding experience save this car.

  18. JW454

    Here’s some pictures of a 66 Chevelle being restored. Rust? The feature car has no rust.

    • JW454

      Picture of the inside.

      • JW454

        Here’s how it looked last week.

  19. JW454

    The first pictures were taken around the first week of December 2015. A ’66 GTO will have just as much value as a ’66 Chevelle when completed so I think it’s very likely a good place to start. The feature car has far less rust than this one so the metal cost will be less at the beginning.

    • Jim

      Nice job, thanks for the pictures. Its good another will be on the road. Just an observation, I’m surprised the Chevelles/Malibus have stayed ahead of the Lemans/GTO/Tempest in price, basically the same car, with the right options the performance was comparable, Pontiac was a little more classy than Chevrolet, and Chevrolet line outsold Pontiac, all things being equal there should be more Chevelles still on the road, if there’s less Lemans/GTO available shouldn’t they demand a higher dollar? I’m not talking about LS7 Chevelles or Ram Air IV Judge’s, just average cars we all had back then. I know demand drives the pricing but it’s just something that crosses my mind. As much of a soft spot I have got ’67 Malibu, the ’66 GTO is gorgeous. Any thoughts?

      • JW454

        Jim, Thanks but, I did not mean to imply I was doing this work. The car is being done by a member of my car club. My point was to simply say that with the needed replacement parts, most anything can be fixed these days. I think people are too quick to write off a car because it appears to need some bodywork.

  20. John P

    I gotta say this… WTF? The ad description completely contradicts the “solid” and “complete” details initially indicated where it says “PROBLEM AREAS” near the end.. Guy gives the story of “too many projects”… Of course… The description is thoroughly misleading..

  21. Clay

    That ad has more holes than that GTO has rust holes. That is a min of a $50-80k job and that is just what the photos show. To many missing parts and needs a complets fkoor pan assembly. A lit of work and cash and maybe you have a good car.

  22. Rotag999

    I will take a 65/67 or 70 over a 66. Had a friend in high school who bought a 66 was about 3 yo @ the time i drove it a lot i was not that fond of it worst car ever in the snow…

  23. RoughDiamond

    Fastest car I ever owned back in the day was a ’66 GOAT with a factory WS 389/360 HP with the 3 deuces, M-21 Muncie and 3:55 Safe-T-Track rear axle. It had the factory 4-speed console and Rally Gauge Cluster as well. I sold it before I killed someone else or myself. Would love to have it back now though. Dream, dream dream…I am all for saving classic iron however when it goes beyond sheet metal and involves structural issues I draw the line in terms of anything I would personally own. My hats off though to these dedicated enthusiasts who replace sections of frame and frame rails, roofs and any other matters involving the structural integrity of the vehicles.

  24. RoughDiamond

    I think the designers would have had a more eye appealing ’67 GTO if they had left the ’66 taillight design to go along with the cleaner more refined looking ’67 GTO wire mesh grille.

  25. bob

    had a 66 with 3 dueces{had to close off two because they leaked like a sieve}
    great car, traded it in, the dealer called me three days later, they were driving it, caught fire and burned to the ground.

  26. Charles

    Looked at the eBay ad, another rust bucket! Would require a off-frame restoration costing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Big bucks for this GTO would be $1,000! Take the money you would put into this car and go on eBay and buy one already done or at least one in better shape.

  27. JP

    Unfortunately, this car needs everything. If sheet metal was more readily available for a GTO and a person could do much of the work themselves, it would not be a bad project. We are restoring a 65 GTO we bought off Ebay. While it did have new floor pans, the installation was terrible. I have about 20 hrs. re-welding the floor pans to the braces. I am sure once it comes back from being sand blasted, I will have numerous hours replacing more sheet metal. I will say this even at the risk of sounding redundant. IF you are buying a car on Ebay, give Barn Finds a call or email them to see if any members live close to the location where the car is . Most members will gladly assess the car for you. There are too many people more interested in a fat bank account than being honest.

  28. taxijohn

    Over here in the uk we must have a more virulent strain of rust!! The Chevelle looks a pretty normal repair job, The GTO looks half decent on the outside, ok so the floor pan needs work, but as long as the chassis is reasonable its doable. There again there are several european models where new chassis are available so that’
    s ok!!

    • Jim

      I’d put our Tin worm up against yours any time, we feed ours road salt all winter, turns him into Super Tin worm.

  29. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I have a 66 GTO similar to this one, errr, maybe worse shape, funny, it even came from Georgia. I think it’s a restorable project, has typical rust for these GM cars, if it was from Chicago it would be a lot worse. Just remember, when you buy one that looks good that nice paint can be hiding a lot of bondo.

  30. Richard Prokopchuk

    My dad had a 67 LeMans that was awesome. IMHO, that body style was the best until they got the endura nose. Here’s what this car should look like

    • JW454


      Nice find. There was a time in the past, I would have gave up my seat in hell and sat on the coal pile to own it.

    • Harold Wood

      I Had one just like it except that I bought it used, but when it was less than a year old in 1966 Same color Had white seats buckets Hurst four speed close ratio shifter, Loved that car my all time favorite out of all the over 1,000 muscle cars I have owned.had a sprayed on vinyl top installed and some white stripes down the side, Have some pictures but not on this computer.

  31. Jim

    I’ve worked on a few that so much bondo I used a pick hammer and or chisel to knock it off Before blasting the body. Some people have become sculptors with it, maybe they did plaster work in houses first? I don’t trust anyone anymore, I bought a little magnetic pen from and you touch it to the surface and it shows the thickness of material above the metal, it’s pretty accurate and has found a few real nightmares on “professionally” restored cars.

  32. Jim

    Richard, thanks for the link, it’s a beautiful car. Nice color combo and those are the correct wheels for the car! Not 20″ modern POS with tires that have a sidewall 1/2″ high!

  33. Richard Prokopchuk

    Indeed it is. What does the identiplate tell us how this was configured from the factory?

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