Am I Blue: 1975 Porsche 914 Targa 2.0

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The Porsche 914 never got much respect. They were more of a midengine VW sold by VW dealers. In Europe, the 914 didn’t even get the Porsche emblem on the hood. The previous entry lever Porsche, the 912, had gotten too expensive and was outgunned by the Datsun 240Z. The 914 was introduced in 1970 with a 1.7 liter flat four with about 80 horsepower. The 914-6 with the 911 T engine, was offered for a couple of years but it was almost as expensive as the 911 T. The 100 horse 2.0 was offered as a replacement for the expensive 110 horse six in 1972. The engine was from the VW 411. Performance of a stock 2.0 is far from thrilling but performance mods have always been popular. It seems to be what happened to this 914 about 30 years ago. The engine was rebuilt and the fuel injection was replaced by Dellorto carbs. Apparently, the engine “burped” fire on the test drive and it was parked. Alan S spotted it listed on Craigslist in Orion, Michigan for $2,000. It’s said to be rust free except for the usual surface rust.

Can you just smell the mold? It looks like much of the interior is salvageable though.

Here’s what we can see of the engine. It seems they took the carbs after it was parked, so prospects don’t look good for this engine. There was also likely an excess of gasoline in the cylinders when it burped.

That must have been one big “burp”! Here’s some of the electrical damage caused by the fire. This 914 is a fairly simple car, so perhaps replacing the harness won’t be any more difficult than it is for any other VW.

Here you can see some of the rust it’s not supposed to have. Hopefully, the surface rust on the shock towers is only that. This 914 is from the rust belt and was stored in a damp environment (according to the seats) so the real question is how much rust. Is there any hope for this Porsche? The values have been climbing along with the rest of the Porsche family. It will take a look in person to really see how much work it needs. Some might consider creating a 914-6 clone, but that’s a lot more work than it first appears. If the engine is truly and permanently stuck, there are used engines from VW 412s. There are plenty of goodies to upgrade the 2.0 engines as well and the 914 handles a lot better with the lighter engine. And once again, it’s a matter of margin between the price of a project and what a driver quality car would cost. A decent 914 2.0 can be had for about $10,000. The $2,000 asking price might seem tempting but there a lot of unknowns.

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  1. mark

    This one has the potential to be a great daily driver for someone who is willing and able to perform the work themselves………as long as the rust questions are answered.

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  2. Wolfgang Gullich

    This wouldn’t have had carbs. By ’75 it should have Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection. I had an ’82 VW Vanagon with this same engine. Hopefully the potential buyer leaves the injection. It’s easy to work on but most toss it for a pair of Webers out of laziness

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    • David Frank David FrankAuthor

      Of course they wouldn’t have carbs, but conversions were common. This one was done poorly and thus didn’t end well for the 914.

      It would be interesting to know what the buyer found, how must rust, stuck engine, etc.

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      • Wolfgang Gullich

        You can clearly see the injection air intake runners, the injection trigger box in the toasty engine component pic, as well as fuel lines to the injectors in the engine pic. As of when the pics were taken, it was still injected.

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Already gone. Great price, even with the needed work. 2.0’s are the ones to have

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  4. DWB

    My next door neighbor, as a kid growing up on the NW side of Chicago, converted his 914 into a V8 (added a 283 SBC). He once claimed that he did 160 mph in it on one of the freeways (out-running some of Chicago’s finest).

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    • john chump


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      • dan

        why not 160?
        these stock cars I owned did:
        78 x-19 with like 62hp did 100
        84 camry did 125
        85 22r pu did 125
        87 rx7turbo did 142
        69 400ci fireird 125

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      • DWB

        JC: I’ve no idea if he actually did 160 mph in the V8 914, but he certainly claimed he did. And, if you said that to his face, you’d be eating teeth.

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  5. Porpet

    914’s never had a Porsche badge on the front from the factory, always dealer or owner added. Fuel injection on these was good, Carbs only added performance when combined with more aggressive cams and other mods

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  6. David Miraglia

    Needs work but always liked the 914

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  7. Jack Quantrill

    That 914-6, went like the hell!

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  8. Classic Steel

    Damn a real price for the VW engine horses 👍

    I like it !

    Sold as ad is deleted 😢

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  9. Pete

    Throwing money at this is like throwing money at a Fiat X19. LMAO. Although this car would hug the road like it was on rails, I will give them that.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Pete, this car will be a very solid 5 figures when it’s sorted. Definitely NOT an X-19

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