Brand New 1979 Ford F-250

This truck looks mint, and that’s because it is! This 1979 Ford F-250 was purchased brand new in Missouri in 1979, driven to Illinois, parked in a garage, and there it sat until recently with 188 original miles on the clock. It has never been registered or had license plates on it. I will always wonder how vehicles like this come to find themselves in this sort of situation, and I would be curious to hear the story. The seller reportedly came upon it while searching for while looking for parts for a different truck, and rescued it from wherever it was hiding to bring it to light. Many thanks to reader Eric H. for sending this one our way! Find it here on eBay in Illinois with a $25,000 asking price. 

Though Ford isn’t my go-to brand, I have always had a soft spot for 1978 and 1979 Ford F-series pickups, and this one is the first one I have ever seen that I could really see myself in. Besides, it’s blue, and I will never not love blue vehicles! The seller states “The interior is flawless and still smells like 1979,” and although I’m not exactly sure what 1979 smells like, somehow I’m sure that is a true statement. With only 188 miles, it is no wonder that this F-250 looks to be showroom fresh!

This F-250 is equipped with a 351 Ford V8 attached to a C6 transmission. Though it isn’t the much larger 460, the 351 is still a pretty respectable source of power in a truck like this. It looks like some of the parts are showing their age, but the presence of all factory wiring, hoses, and the air intake tube is unusual to see and really makes this feel like a “new” truck. This F-250 has a locking hood, as well as all of the original assembly markings under the hood, on the dash, frame, and rear end. This truck is also sitting on its original Goodyear tires from 1979! From the ad, “Factory Hub Caps the still have the dated stickers on the inside that read Aug. 11 1979,” which is just more proof of how untouched this truck is.

This close-up picture of the side of the truck show just how nice the body and paint is on this Ford. It has its original decals, paint, and factory undercoating. Somebody bought this truck because they liked the way it looked, and fortunately it is configured in such a manner that somebody else will likely do the same. This truck is as original as a vehicle can get, as it hasn’t been driven enough for anything to have been changed! This might possibly be the lowest mileage 1979 Ford F-250 in existence, and may very well remain that way. Putting miles on this truck would be tough to do, and it may fair best in a collection of some sort. Would you drive it, or display it as it is?

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  1. michael streuly

    Unsold at 22k.

    • Jerry

      The ebay listing does not say unsold. It says ended. The buyer may have sold the truck at a negotiated price off-line from ebay, and then cancelled the listing. Can’t tell from the listing exactly what happened.

    • Lane Sonnenberg

      I just sold my 79 High Boy short bed. One of the best trucks to tame deep snow on country roads I ever had. 351 with headers and a performer intake, 650 Holley , power cam. A beast in 36 inch’s of snow. 20 years it got me out and going.

  2. Jwinters

    That is actually a ford camper shell on It too. Nice truck.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    These things show up every once in a while. If something like this came my way, I would drive it (sparingly) and use it for what it was made for. Best way to keep a vehicle in good shape is to use it. Those factory bed caps were nice. I had two trucks with those. Had I not gotten chintzy with the first one, it would’ve only been one. I made sure to get the deluxe version with the sliding windows, interior light and vent. It’s interesting that you couldn’t get the sliding front window from the factory; you had to install it yourself. But that was my camper for road trips. Weatherstrip the tailgate, slide an old mattress in, make up the bed and you had a nice place to sleep. Oh, yes, I talked my mother into making a set of curtains. I miss that truck.

  4. steve

    The overlooked parts that need replacing on vehicles like this? Valve springs…Even if not pitted by rust, some of them have been compressed for how long? Think about it.

  5. Keith

    “The interior smells like 1979″….so….it smells like bad hair, mustaches, and bell bottoms?

    • tugdoc

      Hmm I was thinking mini skirts and hot pants!

  6. Rustytech Member

    That is a nice looking truck! I had a 77 F250 and it was a great truck. I will never understand why anyone would buy something like this and then hide it in a garage for 28 years. Unless it has been started and run regularly, every seal in the engine will need replaced, to say nothing of the trans, and diff. Without spending a ton of money, it’s going to be a museum piece. I’d love to have it, but not for anywhere $25k

  7. Jim

    I sold these trucks new and one like this was in the $8500.00 price range. Hard to believe a current F250 equipped close to this one is likely in the $35000.00 range. Of course it has more standard equipment but still that’s a lot of coin.


    Base price in ’79 $5500. Ass a few options and it’s $6500. At 1979 prices that’s around $23500 today’s money. IMO very expensive.

  9. Harvey Peever

    15 k too much

  10. Akmtnguide

    Might be worth it if it was four wheel drive. Agreed with everyone else that the how much needs replaced from sitting for 38 years.

  11. jay

    that is one cool find!!

  12. W9BAG

    Incredible find ! I recently acquired an ’85 Grand Marquis LS with 8,023 original miles. Super “puff” of a car. Original window sticker, 1 owner, complete provenance. Still smells like new.. But I’ve learned, that if your want to actually drive a really low mile vehicle, it really should be looked at by a reputable mechanic. ALL rubber bits MUST be replaced if you really want to drive it. ALL fluids, belts, hoses, engine mounts, tranny mounts, brake cylinders, fuel pump, gaskets, rear main seal, EVERYTHING must be looked at. After the 10K for the car, another $3,500 was spent just to make the car dependable for a 4K road trip. Don’t let incredible LOW mileage fool you into thinking that it will roll on a 2K trip, and have nothing break down. Yet, this is absolutely an incredible find. LOVE this truck !


    I bought a 5 year old car that sat five years and agree. The hoses failed and one if the tires blew out on a busy 4 lane. After I did a better check and replacement of hoses tires etc. the thing ran over 100k.

  14. Roger

    Interesting. It is relisted at $22K with different pictures. In the original listing (link) the rear bumper has a trailer ball on it. Didn’t know they came from the factory that way. About the engine, I bought a ’34 Ford coupe in ’98. It had been in storage for 30 years. The engine cranked and ran fine. Never gave me any issues and I had it for 5 years. Just curious about the relist. If you do a search on the seller’s other items you will find it at a different price with several new pictures and some deleted.


    What’s wrong with blue Andrew?

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