H/O BYO Prototype? 1977 Olds Cutlass Hurst

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UPDATE 10/2/18 – This Hurst/Olds has resurfaced again, but this time it’s been listed on eBay. Thanks go to Rudy C for sending in the tip!

FROM 11/8/17 – The internet is filled with rumors and hoaxes about rare cars and they often cause quite a heated debate! Let’s see if we can work out what this car is. But first, some history: Hurst is known for their shifters but they also upgraded many of the muscle cars for OEMs creating desirable special edition models. Oldsmobile was most known for their Hurst models, but there were also Chrysler 300s, an AMC and a Jeep. They were also a component supplier for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and AMC. There were no production Hurst Oldsmobiles built for 1977, so what is this? We’ll call it a prototype for now, and you can find it near Madison, Wisconsin and here on craigslist for $7,995.

When I was a kid one of my neighbors owned a 1977 Cutlass which looked like a dinosaur to me compared to the front wheel drive cars in the mid to late 1980s. But the styling of these cars has grown on me over the years and I like it now! The pedestrian safe bumpers we get now are a far cry from that solid steel bumper and nostril grills from this menacing front end!  But let’s get back to what’s important here: the seller calls this a #1 of 1 prototype. We know that there weren’t any Hurst Olds Cutlasses built in 1976 or 1977 but there is a story about two prototype cars built by Hurst for 1977.

The seller shows some documents that indicate that this is a prototype Hurst car and the original owner was recognized at a car show for bringing the prototype Hurst Olds H/O.  The story goes that Hurst built a white prototype and a black prototype for 1977 and the white car was totaled in an accident.  But early in 1977 Oldsmobile cut the program and left Hurst with 77 sets of parts to convert a Cutlass “S” to a Hurst car. So if you stretch this story then you could see how the seller claims that this is Cutlass that was converted a Hurst prototype lookalike car. Apparently the 1977 Hurst Olds is covered in five magazines. (Street Racer – Aug. 1977 “The Hurst/Olds, Roll Your Own”, Cars – Sept. 1977 “Once Is Not Enough, “Hurst Idea OF How To Warm Up A ’77 Cutlass 403”,
Car Craft – July 1977 “The Hurst/Olds You Can’t Buy”, Super Stock – Oct. 1977 “Prototype Preview”,
Street Cruisin – Oct. 1977 “The Car That Never Was”) Do any of you have access to these?

Underneath the hood is a 403 with a mostly stock appearance other than the stainless braided upper radiator hose.  Does anyone know what the stainless lines going to the passenger inner fender are?  This Olds has some body damage and rust to the rear quarter panels but the seller is including NOS panels, doors, bumpers and a gas tank. He says it runs and drives but should be trailered.

Don’t forget to budget for some interior work! The seats need to be recovered and the white (!) headliner is stained from leaking T-tops. Perhaps it can be cleaned up?

I’d love for one of you to prove me wrong, but I can’t believe that this car is anything more than a Cutlass S outfitted with a Hurst conversion kit made from leftover parts when Olds canceled the project for 1977. It is a sharp car though and it will certainly stir a debate among Olds enthusiasts wherever it goes!  I wish that the seller would have given us some pictures from underneath since it currently resides in Wisconsin but the documentation shows that it was in Arizona at least until 1988. Maybe it’s not too bad?

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  1. William

    I think the braided hoses running towards the passenger side inner fender are for the charcoal canister.
    Interesting car.

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    • Joe

      You are correct. That’s fake stainless braid overt the vacuum lines to the charcoal canister.

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  2. Andre

    Grab a beer (or 4) and let your mind wander:


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  3. glen

    Posting is gone.
    What became of the black car?

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    • Kevin

      I have the black one

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      • Rolando Vendrell

        This by any chance is Kevin that served at Cherry Point back in 84-88 in CMS Supply, with the black olds?

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      • glen

        Nice!, I wasn’t expecting that response.

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      • Jeff Schnabel

        Would you sell it? I bought it!

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      • kellen silverthorn

        Hello Kevin,
        I’m trying to track down print-suitable photos of the 1977 H/O prototype for an upcoming book. Do you have any such photos? The printer will want 2000 pixels or greater in the x-plane, (or 1.0 mb using that method).

        Any help would be greatly appreciated. KELLEN

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      • Jeff Schnabel

        Would you sell it?

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  4. Troy S

    Although it has nothing to do with this car I believe Hurst also built the ’68 hemi darts and ‘cudas, which were some of the strongest running super stocks to ever exist. This car here could make a fun cruiser or if done well a nice show car.

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  5. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    I believe it’s a fake, but no H/O post would be complete without “you know who”.

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    • adam

      The color scheme looks great on both

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  6. Poptheclutch

    If it’s one of one the owner didn’t treat it like it was.thats to bad cause it looks like it was a really nice car at one time.
    And looks also like it was never garaged!

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  7. CCFisher

    Appears to be available elsewhere??


    The prototypes were Cutlass S models, I believe. This is a Cutlass Supreme with Cutlass S taillights, probably for compatibility with the spoiler caps.

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    • Fordfan

      You beat me to it

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  8. TortMember

    Starting in the Mid Seventies the auto manufactures must have fired their designers! Just pure ugly!

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  9. Brian

    I have seen the black one. It was at the Oldsmobile Nationals in Lansing Michigan 1997. I was in it with my 1970 Cutlass Supreme (wish I still had it). If I find the pics I took I will post them.

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  10. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Looks like it was used as a leopard cage! Nice car though.

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  11. Brian

    Here is the black car. i Believe the white car needs the sloped front to be correct.

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    • V. Clark

      That is very cool I’ve never seen one before I really like the nose treatment I wasn’t a fan of the grille on. 77-78 cutlass the way that it wrapped up and around I can’t seem to delete the parentheses wierd. …. .)

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  12. V. Clark

    I have to fix my typos from above it should have read 76-78 I lIke the rest of the cars styling just hated the grille that nose treatment should have been on everyone imo. That is a beautiful car great post Brian

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  13. Donmac66

    The 1976 model had the sloped grill. 1977 had the squared off grill like the white one for sale

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  14. Scott

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but 76 & 77 had the sloped grill. It came with the 442. It was really designed for NASCAR homologation.

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    • Roger

      Actually both types were offered in ’76-’77 the sloped ones were used on the Cutlass S and 442 coupes while the waterfall styles were on the Cutlass Supremes,the parents of one of my classmates bought a new Cutlass Supreme coupe and turned over their ’67 Olds 88 2 door to him to drive as his first car.

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  15. mike D

    I am not sure, don’t think there was a Hurst 442 for 77, by then smog regulations and the insurance companies regulated any performance car to a wheezing hulk at best, it was a decal package unless it is proven would get rid of the decal package and drive it as a Cutlass

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    • Mike

      Yes. There were 1977 442s. They were just cutlass with 442 logos. Not much more

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  16. David A Stewart

    Yes they have white one too both black white Hurst were at the hurst get to gather never seen this one 76 77 hurst prototype are awesome they would have sold out I thank the problem was that NASCAR got them all. Those years year’s team’s they had to get the cars then make them stock cars

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  17. David A Stewart

    These years are my favorite I no there not fast but CUTLASS rides. Like a Cadillac

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  18. JB1971SXMember

    Fast forward a few months and this white car is now on eBay with a BIN of $6500. (eBay item number:352425110813) But as others pointed out, clearly an H/O would have the sloped front end like a 442 of that year. Still, if it were closer I might be a buyer, even if it is just some appearance items put on a Cutlass. It has the buckets and console, and I still miss the ’76 Cutlass I bought from my sister when I was 22 (30 years ago!). That was a great car.

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  19. Todd

    There is a discussion about this car again on the 73-77 Olds forums. Looks like it needs a lot of work but may be worth the effort to the right individual. Here’s a pic of my car, it’s a ’76 that was originally owned by a Hurst employee that did the conversion.

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  20. CanuckCarGuy

    Very nice car, I like the solid C pillar and the Hurst colour combination. I chuckled at the “prototype lookalike” reference, almost as much as the “pair of one-of-a-kinds” from last week.

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  21. Ken

    Better to buy one of these real hurst olds

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  22. Pete Kaczmarski
  23. Jeff

    I liked how many Oldsmobile grilles would go horizontal toward the hood at the top. This one has some needs, but is a handsome car.

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  24. PRA4SNW

    According to EBay, it sold on 10/8 for $3000.

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  25. Dan

    The bumpers we have now are a joke! At least these were legit able to withstand 5mph impacts. P.S. the 1975 was much better looking imho.

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