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Buried 1970 Buick GS 350


Finding a classic car buried under a mountain of junk comes with a mixture of feelings, ranging from curiosity and excitement to fear of what damage may have been done to the body. This 1970 Buick Skylark GS 350 was found buried in this barn. The seller dug it out in 2009, cleaned it up, and got it running again. The paint is worn and there is rust starting to show through in spots, but for the most part the body looks straight. Take a closer look here on eBay where bidding starts at $1,000.


Like the exterior of the car, the interior is going to need work. It would not only look better, but also be more comfortable after a makeover. Our main concerns would be getting the seats recovered and making sure everything is in working order.


The original 350 cui V8 is still sitting under the hood and the seller claims it is running and driving. After getting it home, they cleaned the tank, performed a tune up, installed a new carburetor, and it started right up. All the original parts are still with the car, including the original carburetor and wheels, and are included in the sale.


This might not be a highly sought after big block GS, but the 315 horsepower small block should offer plenty of fun on a tight budget. We would want to check the underside for any serious structural rust, as that would be a deal breaker. If it turns out to be solid underneath we would make it a rolling project and start enjoying it before the summer is over. What would you do with it?


  1. Justin in indy

    Ugh, those godawful camaro rims always turn up bolted to classic GM cars. Horrid mismatch of styles and era’s.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Agreed. Those rims have got to go! Rally wheels show up on eBay occasionally and steelies would look good too so that issue should be easily remedied. Now, if only a four-speed conversion could be so easy…

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    • Scott

      Agree also. Mid 80’s camaro rims are ugly

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  2. Jim

    Agree with Justin. The only car those look good on are the Camaro’s they came off of.

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  3. Rhett

    Get it running ( I mean RUNNING), shore up the rust so it doesnt creep and drive the wheels off it…the high compression 350’s can easily run into the 13’s without stupid gears and with a little caster dialed in these cars can handle great, even before you crack open the Hotchkis catalogue. As this looks like a base GS I’m betting it’s a drum brake car, so a cheap B body disc/spindle swap makes for a weekend well spent. Upgrade the oil pump and throw some Mexican blankets on the seats. Drive hard, park anywhere and leave outside untill the market makes it worth painting…. An honest beater turns more heads than a half assed resto.

    Enjoy, next owner!

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  4. Connor

    I would sort out the interior, go through all the mechanicals and put the original wheels back on then just enjoy it as is.

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  5. jim

    yes i too think this is a driver, if the reserve is not to high. this is a relist per seller, so i wish there was a way to see what it sold for the first time. great find

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  6. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Jim – I checked the seller’s completed listings and it looks like it sold with one bid for $5,500.

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    • jim

      and i just learned something new about ebay! thanks. looks like the seller tried a classified add for $6000 also.

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  7. Timmy

    relisted due to non-paying bidder

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  8. Rhett

    These are mean looking cars on steelies. You see a few 70-72 Buicks and Olds 442’s with dog dishes, but never GTO’s or SS396/454s Hmmm….


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  9. Gnrdude

    HEy All and All It doesn’t look that BAD just needs some TLC, i’ve seen Allot WORSE!

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  10. Will

    I love the air breather and hood. Those two pieces alone may be worth the current bid

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  11. paul

    the engine bay doesn’t look all that bad & as Gnrude points out neither does the rest of it & I’m quite sure you can buy everything to get it back in tidy shape, good luck to the buyer & seller.

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  12. webby

    I’d have it. All the interior parts are available from OPGI. I see she’s got power brakes at least.

    It would make a nice pair with my ’69.

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  13. MadHungarian

    Hey, since it already has a transmission from “the Cott-man man,” send it to Maaco for new paint and then Midas for a new exhaust, to complete the hat trick!

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  14. jose nazario

    It would of been a very good project car.
    Too bad it was sold ..after a restoration it would have been a cool ride for a few years and I would have made some money on the deal.
    All well.

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