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Buried 1970 Buick GSX

1970 Buick GSX

I have read about and seen the 1970 Buick GSX, but until today I had no idea how rare and valuable these muscle cars really are. This example has been parked in this garage for who knows how long. It’s in pieces, without the original engine, and buried under junk, yet the seller is asking $35,000 for it. This seemed like a ridiculous amount of money for a car in this condition, but then I looked up what book values are. If this car had it’s original engine and was in decent shape, it could easily fetch six figures. Even after looking at what these can trade hands for, I’m not sure the sellers asking price is on target. Have a look at it for yourself here on eBay in Denton, Texas. Special thanks to Jim S for the tip!

Buried 1970 Buick GSX

Buick only built the GSX for three years and in that period of time they built less than a thousand. The car was meant to be a GTO Judge and Olds 442 W30 competitor. It was offered with either a 350 horsepower 455 or the Stage 1 455 with 360 horses. While those are impressive numbers, it is the torque numbers that gave this machine its bite. The 455 was rated at over 500 pounds of torque, which was more than enough power to make it a HemiCuda competitor. However, given the condition and lack of original engine, I have a hard time seeing this one going for $35k. The addition of a replacement Stage 1 block helps a little though. The seller claims they have had over 20 interested buyers contact them, but no money has ever materialized and I can’t help but wonder if there is a reason for that…


  1. Fred

    I especially like, “interior like new…seats need to be redone.” Why anyone would pay six figures boggles my mind, even for a nice one.

  2. John

    I’m a little curious about the tag spot welds being drilled out?

  3. grantp

    I guess I still don’t know what it looks like…….

    • Josh Staff

      Here is a link to a fully restored one so you can see what these look like. You would think if they are going to ask $35k, they could have at least taken one photo that showed the entire car!

      • dan

        If the one in the link is what it says…I’d pony up the extra $80k, before your best deal. You’ll spend that and countless hours getting this car to that level and still not have a #’s matching drive train. Buying parts for these isn’t like buying Chevelle parts. I sold my GSX, in similar condition (maybe worse, but a well documented car), for $15k several years ago. Depends how rusty it is and if it’s all there, but I couldn’t see any more than $20-25k and maybe much less based on condition and completeness, documentation, etc.

  4. cory

    Well, the sellers attitude tells me everything I need to know about the car. Not worth anywhere near what he thinks it is.

    • Kent Weaver

      I got 35K for the car…..


  5. Wayne

    I hope he sells the car then he can buy my “ocean front” property I have in Arizona!

  6. Another Fred

    Where do you get these 6 figures stuff? Over at hemmings I found a bunch of 1970s Skylark GNX for around $20,000

    • Josh Staff

      Hi Fred, this is a GSX, not a GNX. If you check Hemmings for a 1970 Buick GSX you’ll find values range from $68,000 all the way up to $125,000.

      • Hotrodelectric

        Unfortunately, to get that 125K, you’re going to spend 50K at an absolute minimum on a 35K purchase for a restoration.

        And, seriously, would it have been much trouble to clear some of the debris away from the car and take a few clear photos of the car? Modern point-and-shoot cameras are sooooo easy to use, you have to work at it to get a bad shot. Dude, you want a $35,000 payday, at least clean the junk off the roof. Make me think you really want that money.

      • Another Fred

        Oops my bad. Obviously I’m not up on my Buick history.

  7. Mark in Medford

    It appears that the right front door has been replaced, different pinstripe and slightly different shade of Lemon yellow. The car is a mess, what is your time worth ?

  8. flamikey

    …he (or she) could of at least taken better pix, and cleaned some of the stuff off of it…and if it’s real, and rust free, it’s worth the 35K…but that’s a lot of if’s….

  9. Kenzo

    In the interior shot shows a couple of gauges under the dash. They look like S/W add on’s and the VIN plate looks a bit suspicious.

  10. Bruno

    This is probably one of the worst eBay listings for a vehicle I have ever seen. Worthless blurry pictures. I didn’t even bother reading the description!

    • dan

      But the description is BY FAR the best part. You’re missing out. After reading it, you may see this as actually being THE worst listing ever, not merely one of the worst:).

      • Bruno

        OK Dan, curiosity got the best of me! HAHA You right, that was QUITE entertaining. (and the worst listing!!) Apparently there is some “Bin” in his garage that magically protected it from rusting. And I am SOLD because he has got this awesome grill that is so awesome that I am going to forget how much of a bad deal the car is!

      • dan

        I wouldn’t have steered you wrong:). That write-up was a hoot. His bin may be magic, but it wasn’t in that magic bin for the 1st 15 years and who knows where it lived prior. Plenty of time to do damage. Could you imagine going to look @ it? We flew to Arkansas once and bought a car…it was sketcky. Honestly I’d love to have this car if it really is rust free. Sold my 455/auto GSX along with 20+ years of collecting NOS parts for it to keep my business afloat in ’09 and would love a Stage 1 4sp. I’d hate to have to deal with this guy though and $20k would be about max. + at least another $75k to have it done.

  11. Vince Habel

    I know Buick made a Stage 2 but don’t know if any were put in the GSX.

    • dan

      It was never a factory option…only avail. through the parts dept.

  12. HW

    Looks like a scam to me. How do you sell a car for that Very Large sum of money and can not present it right ??? Detail Detail and more Detail is were its at. Too many lazy Car sellers on E-Bay.

  13. Charles

    Without the numbers matching engine, I would not pay his price.

  14. Ed P

    How can he say “interior like new” followed by “seats need to be redone”? This seller has visions of dollar signs and sugar plum fairies. Does all the junk on it go with it?

  15. JohnH

    A friend, manager of a dealership body shop, had one of these in the early 70s. What a screaming car! I haven’t seen one other than his.

  16. Joeinthousandoaks

    Good Lord. What a mess. How did this illiterate hillbilly even get a computer to list his car on EBay? I hope there are at least $25,000 in gold bars in the glove box!

  17. Dave

    Hmmm, crappy pics, junk all over, engine gone, passenger door replaced, damage to the quarter infront of the rear tire, accident damage perhaps? Here is a perfect example of a fella spending to much time on the internet thinking how much he could get for the piece of junk in his garage without lifting a finger !!! If your going to ask well into five figures for a car at least spend a little time to make the car look somewhat presentable so we don’t have to bash you here !!!! LOL

    • Kent Weaver

      Hay Dave……

      Car sold for 35k……

  18. Jim

    Non original engine, not enough pictures, no ability to verify if all parts are there, seller attitude makes buying a chore, etc, etc. Lastly, it’s a Buick. This auction will end with no bids.

  19. Kenny

    Definitely in rough shape and a crappy listing. It does have QQ paint which is GSX only Saturn Yellow paint, it also has the cushion grip steering wheel exclusive to GSX. Also the GSX dash emblem, which could be a repop, but if not there would be incorrect. The pinstripe goes through the door handle, which is factory correct, but often on a repainted done incorrectly. It was built in Flint, which is the only plant where the GSX was produced. It was built the first week of April, which is correct as the GSX was a mid-year introduction. Also, the body sequence is between the known range, so while that does not make it a GSX, it does not rule it out. The trunk torsion bar looks to be the larger diameter necessary for the weight of the spoiler. The Vin, some short money, and a phone call to Sloan or Wayne Roberts would verify as real of not, but it looks real to me. As far as $$$, you are almost always better off buying a finished car with a few years on the resto and the missing engine is a bummer, although factory paperwork is available to tell you if it’s a stage 1 or a standard 455.

  20. Vince Habel

    Do you know if any had the Stage 2 engine?

    • Kenny

      The factory did not produce any stage 2 cars. The parts were available over the counter for installation by a dealership or an owner.

      • dan

        Vince…You didn’t believe me?:)

  21. Vince Habel

    No reason not too.

  22. Kent Weaver

    apparently you guys need to find something else to do you don’t know nothing about the price of cars it’s sold for 35k last Aug……and the previous owner was colorblind that’s why the door looks two different colors the door was not replaced…..And Joe,
    I may be a hillbilly but I’m a rich hillbilly………..

  23. Jim

    Selling your car for 35k and bragging that your rich = a vision of a toothless hillbilly running around with his pigs and chickens yelling ….. “look ma, wez gots mor moneys than them der Trump”.

    Sorry, I just can’t stop laughing right now

  24. Kent Weaver

    I see you really care for your fellow man……I wonder who’s good enough to judge you

    • Jim

      Kent, It wasn’t a judgement, it’s just an opinion. Don’t ridiculously brag about being rich after selling one car for $35k, be a little more courteous in your for sale ads and you’ll find that others will respond kindly.

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