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Caddy Truck: 1976 Cadillac DeVille Mirage

1976 Cadillac Mirage

We’ve seen a few Cadillac trucks over the years, they all have been custom creations used primarily as flower cars by funeral homes. This ’76 DeVille based Mirage is one of the nicer examples we have seen and was built by Traditional Coach Works. Just a little over 200 of these were built, but no one is sure of the exact number. They were extremely well done conversions and are probably as close to a factory built Cadillac truck as you can get. This one is listed here on eBay in Tacoma, Washington with a high bid of $15k and the reserve not met.

1976 Cadillac Mirage Interior

I think the seller might be dreaming by setting a reserve that’s higher than $15k. They have posted results for other Mirages that have sold in the past at Barrett Jackson auctions as examples of what others have sold for, there prices range from $38k up to $44k. The only problem with that is those cars were all in extremely nice shape and were either very low mileage survivors, had already been extensively restored or both. Now don’t get me wrong, I think this seller’s truck is a nice example of one of these rare conversions, I’m just not convinced that it’s worth much more than $15k in its current condition.

1976 Cadillac Mirage Bed

I could be wrong on my guesstimate for this one, but I think that Barrett Jackson values tend to be inflated and not representative of the classic car market as a whole. If the seller detailed it to show quality, they might be able to get a few more bids out of it, but given the rust issues, cracked dash, ruined weather stripping, and other small issues I don’t see it going much higher. I’m hopping the seller’s reserve is only slightly more than the current bid. If that is the case, it could be a worthwhile and fun buy! The seller does seem to be upfront about the car’s issues and welcomes inspections, so if you are looking for an oddball luxury truck I’d recommend giving this one a closer look! So would you like to roll around in this Caddy?


  1. Avatar photo Dylan Burden

    This truck is cool, but you could also get an old hearse or flower car and get the same idea.

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  2. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I’d haul hay bales in Palm Springs with my Big Gus cowboy hat

    The ask is aggressive to be sure.

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  3. Avatar photo Jim

    I’m in love!

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  4. Avatar photo Rich

    Another seller thinking their car is Barrett Jackson material.

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  5. Avatar photo John

    LOL. I normally post that a seller can ask as much as they want, it’s the right of the buyer and some other thing. 15G for that era? We can dream and God bless if they get it but I wouldn’t go over 5g.

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  6. Avatar photo The Walrus

    I suggest anyone interested in the hobby attend a Barrett-Jackson auction… and take the time/spend the money to get a preview pass so you can see the cars up close before the auction opens. You will be truly shocked at how BAD most are (I’m talking 90% of what they are selling). And I don’t mean bad as in actually good, I mean bad as in this is pretty much a #4 POS bad, but it’s selling for somewhere between a 1 and 2 price.

    The bright lights, Armor all type substances on all surfaces and hoopla of the moment really impact how great they look on the viewers side of the lens… After attending a couple of them, when I hear someone say ‘Barrett-Jackson quality’ I actually think the thing is probably in below average condition. The car listed here would be as nice as almost everything they are selling. Really the only nice cars fall in about a 2 hour window the evening before the auction closes. Those are truly strong 2 or #1 cars, but again, they sell for way more than you could get an equivalent car for any where else.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Very interesting comment, Walrus. I have never been to a B-J event because that approach to the hobby doesn’t interest me. And I guess I’m also too cheap to want to go that route anyway.

      But I have wondered about what you describe. It sounds like the B-J staff probably arrange the best cars for the time slot that gets to TV. And then there’s the “I’m on TV!” factor that can motivate bidders. All of which adds up to winning bids at the top of the market, or above.

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    • Avatar photo DorsoDoug

      I’ve attended numerous Mecum car auctions, all at Indianapolis, and found the opposite to be true. I have been truly amazed at how so many high quality automobiles could be assembled in one place at one time. There are certainly those that are driver quality, or even lesser, but I would guess that more than 75% of the cars are remarkable #1 or #2 cars. I also find that Mecum prices are more representative of real world values. Having said that, it’s a shame what media exposure has done with our hobby, as evidenced by some of the asking prices seen on this site.

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    • Avatar photo Wob

      Nail annnnddd head.

      Barrett is a circus. Their highlight cars are often very nice, but of the other 1,800 cars they auction, 50% is polished junk, 25% is polished semi junk and the other 25% are nice. They could care less what they sell, they are just about volume. People also don’t understand what a #1/#2 car looks like on the Hagerty scale. A #1 is flawless, concours ready, factory perfect down to the correct print of the hoses and right hose clamps. #2 is damn near the same as a #1 and needs usually just some minor things to be a #1 and concours ready. A #3 is still an extremely nice car and most flaws take a trained eye and has some aftermakret parts etc. A #4 is generally what we would call driver quality, or a driver +. Hagerty actually has a #5 and a #6 too with a #6 being a parts car and a #5 being something between.

      Point being only a handful of cars at Barrett are #1 or #2. Most are between a #3 and a #4 in my opinion, some are #5 even. And its just a literal circus in there. After being in Scottsdale all week, I spent only a semi quiet Wednesday night at BJ to check out the main tent and a few back tent cars. Didn’t bid, neither did my clients. Gooding, RM and Bonhams have #1 and #2 cars. And even they slip cars through that aren’t what they say they are. I find myself many times trying to research my way through a car purchased from them only to find incorrect info. That said their quality far surpasses BJ. Mecum is better than BJ too. Russo is BJ quality usually.

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    • Avatar photo Dallas

      Reminds me of the 60 Bonneville convertible that was at B-J Scottsdale that was very nice looking car down to the 8 lugs… until… I saw the post-it note on the steering wheel indicating that the brakes were bad!

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  7. Avatar photo Mark Radell

    The amount they are asking is certainly on the high side but like most collectible cars how much it is worth is really a personal decision by the buyer. Especially for a vehicle like this where so few were made if you really want one for some reason you have to pay what it takes to get one. They don’t come up for sale very often.

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  8. Avatar photo JW

    I would rather have this.

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    • Avatar photo grant

      That’s an abomination.

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  9. Avatar photo RON

    Nail on the Head Walrus!!! making money is great, but the bj’s have pretty well illed a fun hobby fore the “AVERAGE” hobbyist.As for me the experiment on flipping will be interesting, but it isn’t my idea of the car hobby. everyone wants to make money and never lose on a hobby. But as I say, it has pretty well caused a false industry that has stretched a great hobby to the limit especially for the average when a plain old Plymouth or Chevy 4 dr as featured yesterday starts bringing asking prices of 10 grand.

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  10. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Overpriced in my opinion but its very nice

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  11. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Never liked much of anything from the mid seventies but I have to admit this looks very well done, The rust under the vinyl roof may be more extensive than apparent

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  12. Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

    I’ve been studying the photos/text and contemplating just what an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money would have to be spent in the long run. How much would you have to spend to buy a boat, or yacht, or ship, big enough to make this… “thing” a practical anchor?

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  13. Avatar photo Metalted

    Last year for the 500 Cadillac . Engine.
    Put 1 in a 51 ford f100.
    Even with mid 70s choke on engines , that truck hauled **s

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  14. Avatar photo AMC STEVE


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  15. Avatar photo Ed Williams

    Just remember that Barrett Jackson is in the business to MAKE MONEY. The higher auction price and added on fees they can get for any given vehicle, then all the better for them.
    Last year they were here in Reno where there are not so many wealthy people and most residents are of the working class just making a living. So Barrett Jackson was crying in their beer that they DIDN’T MAKE ENOUGH MONEY AND WOULD’NT BE BACK TO RENO AGAIN. Well, Boo-Hoo! Screw Them! Good Bye and good Riddance!

    They are now on my official s..t list and I won’t even watch their auction program on the Velocity Channel. That’s how I feel about it.
    If there are any other Barn Finds readers here in Reno that would care to comment on this, let’s hear from you. Out of town readers comments are welcome, too!

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  16. Avatar photo Mike Leone

    What I believe you are looking at with the Cadi is a funeral flower car. They were very popular a couple of decades ago. The rust is probably from the water in the flowers pots over the years. Frankly I am looking for something like that vehical. The comforte of a Cadillac with the utility of a El Camino. I agree the price is just too high for my pocket book. At 6,500 to 9,000 would be much more in line with the car in my opinion. At $15,000 bid suggestion would be to TAKE it. The are just not that poplular in today’s market.

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  17. Avatar photo BMW/Tundra guy

    I have just returned from the “Scottsdale Collector Car Auction” kick off. Sixth year of going. In my conversations with consigners, they all say “it’s all in the numbers”! The number of cars you bring. Most of the time you cannot bring one normal vehicle and expect to walk away with a pocket full of dollars. The number of of dollars you put into the vehicle to get it ready, transport it, and pay all the fees to enter it then pay the fees to sell it!
    As for the quality. I would have to say that BJ vehicles run the gambit from “what the heck is that doing here” to “wonder how much it cost to get it here” (as in build quality)?
    It used to be, if you knew your business, you stood a chance of getting a good/decent/acceptable deal. That has since changed with the hype and the fees, the really “good deals” are few and FAR between!!!
    I basically go to see almost every vehicle, in almost every conceivable condition, imaginable. I don’t go to buy. I go to be a spectator! There is a LOT of spectating to be had!
    As for the Cadi, neat neat car!! Overpriced and too luxurious to be used like a real truck. Of course most trucks today are just DD’s and probably never see a true “load” in the bed!! (by true load I mean, front end up, bed down, waaaay down)
    ALL of the above is my 1/4¢ worth and strictly opinion.

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