Camaro SS Hoard Up For Grabs!

Camaro Collection

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While all 7 seven these Camaros are in rough shape, between the whole lot it shouldn’t be too hard to build a few nice cars. There are 4 ’67 SS cars, 2 ’67 RS cars, a ’68 V8 and a ’67 Convertible RS/SS! I’d love to have this collection parked in my backyard, although I’d be perfectly happy just having the Convertible and one of the other ’67s. The previous owner runs a salvage yard, which explains why they were left outside and why they are all in rough shape. Thankfully, he had the titles for most of them and the seller was somehow able to get the other two. You can find this rough bunch of Camaros plus a ton of parts here on eBay in Kansas City, Missouri with a current bid of $6,100. Special thanks to Jamie P for this tip!

The story is that the previous owner was a huge fan of the Camaro, buying his first one when he was just 17. That was in 1967, shortly after the cars debuted, and he has had an interest in them ever since. Over the years through his business, he has acquired these cars and a large number of parts for them with the goal of one day restoring them with his son. As is so often, it just never happened and he’s realized that he just isn’t ever going to get to them.

Rough Camaro Collection

Out of the 7, the convertible is likely to be the most desirable. There weren’t many convertibles built with the SS and RS packages in ’67. Restoring it will be a monumental task, but you certainly won’t have a shortage of spare parts on hand if you buy the whole collection.

Rough Camaros

The seller states that they want to find a buyer for the entire lot, which might be a bit challenging. Shipping seven rusty projects cross country will get expensive, plus you will need to ship all the spare parts and other lose items separately. If they don’t find a buyer, they will sell the cars individually, which might work out better for buyers that don’t live near Kansas City. So what do you think with happen with this lot? Will someone end up buying the whole thing or will they have to list the cars individually? If they list them individually, which ones would you want to have? Personally, I’d go for the Convertible or the ’67 with the 4 speed, but that’s just me!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Chebby

    Looks like a lot of rusty heartache to me, but I’ve always preferred undervalued cars in nice condition to popular cars in poor shape. I also tend to dislike sellers that lard their ads with emotion and nostalgic stories to justify big asking prices, when that information adds zero value to the items for sale. Yeah I’ve lusted after those “unbuyable” cars too, but somehow when they actually go up for sale they lose a fair bit of that mystique.

    What do you guys think is the official line between a hoard and a collection? To me, a collection consists of cars that are able to be driven.

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  2. Rock OnMember

    No doubt another hoarder will buy them all and they will disappear again for another 30 years.

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  3. The Chucker

    “No, they’re not for sale. I’m gonna fix ’em up someday.”

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  4. JW

    I owned a 68 Camaro RS/SS convertible with a 396 in 1970, not a fan of convertibles so I sold it to a guy who owned a bar/lounge in our town who gave it to his son for his 16th birthday present, he rolled it 3 weeks later. Had 3 friends with him but luckily he was the only one got hurt. I’ve always liked a roof over my head. I live 35 miles north of KC and never heard of this collection until now.

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  5. Jackson

    Hard truth? Another hoarder gets terminally ill and finally has to do something about the “collection” aka: now nothing more than a scrap heap of rotted garbage. Sad on all levels.

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  6. Greg

    Life is too short to fix cars “someday”. Someday belongs to the next guy.

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  7. 68 custom

    I have never seen a 67-69 SS without the 12 bolt rear. hell 67/68 base Camaros equipped with the 327/275 horsepower and the Saginaw 4 speed had 12 bolts. I would have to be real sure his cars are as presented. plus a lot of those parts look like boat anchor material.

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    • Rocco

      Maybe the automatic (power-glide) SS’s had 10 bolt rears. Some of the other manufacturer’s used the weaker, rear ends for the small block automatic performance cars.
      Just saying, isn’t it a possibility?

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  8. Prowler

    Yah I’m sure the seller bought a brand new camaro in 1967 when he was 17
    And then being the go getter he was ended up being a junk collector and a recluse guarding this priceless collection and keeping it out of the prying eyes of the public always worrying someone might try to steal one of these irreplaceable classics
    This would not even make a bad reality show

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  9. gregg

    Might be easier if he was willing to sell his house too. Just move in and and start working.

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  10. American_Badaz

    I am surprised nobody mentioned the sketchy way these cars were “blocked” up.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      That’s a common blocking method used in junkyards.

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  11. Ron Engel

    You would think they would have covered them or build a shed if their intent was to build these cars! Even if they never got around to building the cars, they still could preserve them better!

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  12. AMCFAN

    I think he missed the Camaro bubble 5 years ago when each one might have brought $5-$8K each. But yet they sat and aged and now the health and finances have changed going South as well.

    I just looked at the pics and description listed here. My concern is the SS cars sans the desirable 12 bolt rears.That is a big red flag. Hopefully other parts weren’t robbed, stolen or sold.

    Maybe he bought in the last 10 or 15 years on the cheap and the condition is much like you see. Hopefully all the titles are good and he doesn’t hand you a stack of paper where the former owner signed in the wrong place etc.

    1967 defines SS and RS. Not so on the 68’s and 9’s. The RS isn’t considered a performance option as much as it is visual. Deluxe door panels are nice untill you have to replace them. Give me standard any day. Either way an NPD catalog and a check book should handle everything. These dead carcasses will be revived. We will surely see them again in one form or another.

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  13. Pope Paul II

    So this is a “Collection”, huh?

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  14. Butch

    I find this to be really sad. Here we have 7 icon cars and they was being treated like ordinary cars. I could see that if we was still in the early 70’s. One man’s junk is always another man’s treasure and hopefully someone buys them and restores them.

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