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Camper Special: 1973 Chevrolet C30 Dually Pickup

Chevrolet introduced its new third generation of trucks in 1973 which frankly made truck history. The new design was stunning and offered more features and comfort than ever before. The new square body design was four years in the making and was the first to use computers and wind tunnels for the Chevrolet design. This example is a one-ton dually C30 Pickup. It is listed here on eBay with only one day remaining in the auction. After 48 bids, the truck is currently sitting at $5,300. It is located in Parkersburg, Iowa.

The truck is powered by a 350 cubic inch V8 engine (5.7 liters) and backed by a GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission. The 350 cubic inch engine was rated at 155 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. The seller states that the truck runs well but it appears to be unrestored. Accordingly, it is probably a good idea to replace both the braking and fuel systems for safety. The truck is being sold by the second owner who purchased it from the estate of the original owner. It was used as an Iowa farm truck and after the harvest, a camper shell was installed and the owners drove it to Texas for the winter.

The exterior’s green and white paint appears to be original. The tan interior is not in bad shape but is sun faded and the dash is cracked. This truck was fitted as a Camper Special trim package. The odometer shows 107,746 miles according to the seller. This year was the first year for the dually set up which includes four rear wheels. This truck is not rare but it is popular and affordable.

The truck has been off the road for several years and does have some rust on it. The truck will need tires and the ignition switch appears to be faulty because the seller states that it takes several turns for it to engage. The current owner has had the truck stored but is losing his storage and is selling several vehicles. This rear-wheel drive one-ton pickup has earned its keep over the years and might have several more good years left in it after it gets some attention.


  1. Avatar photo MathieuB

    Look at theses huge side mirrors!
    I guess they fit for cyclist on the road… just kidding!

    There was one in my town but it was grey and black with the 6.2 diesel engine. It was used to tow huge lugs trailer.
    It was THE truck in town as I was a kid.

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  2. Avatar photo BA

    My grandpa bought the same truck color & dually but with the 454 to tow a horse trailer as he had standard bred horses. It rusted out pretty quick in Northwest Ohio & was sold in 1980 to my cousin who pulled the motor & put it into a 1969 camaro! I can tell you that 454 would do a snow tire burnout ! Those were the days my friend

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  3. Avatar photo DON

    Nice to see one in such original condition, back then trucks were purchased to work hard , and a dually like this would have been used even harder . These were great looking trucks, but this generation truck had serious rust issues, at least here on the East coast .Before these were even 10 years old there wouldn’t be one body panel that have rot massive holes in it . We didnt mind so much though, you could get them cheap, and pull the four bolt main 350s out of them for our stock cars !

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  4. Avatar photo TheOldRanger

    I’ve always liked pickups, but the first one I was aware of was a 1949 Diamond T and I wanted one (I was 7). I learned later that Diamond T actually produced cars about 30 years earlier. I rode in a 1955 Diamond T truck and felt like I was somebody special…. can’t beat those old trucks.

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  5. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    The pickup with “Training Wheels.” That was the statement when these came out. Actually Dually pickups were in production by International and Studebaker shortly after the war. I saw some Ford 1-tons in the mid 50s as well so they’re nothing new. GM, however, really got them on the road in ’73. Lots of these sold out west to half the ranching crowd. Go to a bull sale or a horse show and half the trucks would be a 1-ton dually pickup. These were a quarter of our annual truck sales, and when the crew cab came out those numbers increased.

    Interesting that this one is powered by a 350. Out west you could almost bet that you’d find a full-fledged Rat Motor in that engine bay. Of course when you’re pulling a stock trailer, or a significant RV, you need everything you can get. This one should get a healthy restoration treatment. There will be areas that will be missed in a cosmetic restoration. For me it would come down to the frame and be built back up from there. A good solid truck to do that to…

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Ha! “Training wheels”, I swear, we can count on you for the unexpected. Never heard that before. To us, it was the pickup “with the big butt”. I’ve seen many duallys with those rear fenders crunched. A tad wider than your usual pickup that used to fit in the garage.This is one tired horse, even a seasoned mechanic like yourself, will cringe at that spaghetti bowl of wires under the hood. I agree, the 350 is a bit weak for these, and in this case, more power is better. I made my living with underpowered trucks,,so you don’t gain anything with a smaller motor. I disagree on the future of this. Restore? Good heavens, this should be parked ’round back, and haul a load of farm rocks, or pull a hay wagon, when needed, I figure.

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      • Avatar photo geomechs Member

        Actually, I have to give the credit to my wife; she called them training wheels from the getgo. I like the term myself…

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