Can You Find A Better: 1969 Chevy C-10

1969 Chevrolet C-10 Stepside

Yesterday we featured a nice Ford F-100 for our CYFBO and you guys found a lot of great trucks! Keeping with the Stepside style trucks, Jim S sent in this C-10 and I thought, why not see if you guys can top this find! With an opening bid of $4,000, the price isn’t quite as attractive as the Fords, but it still seems like a good buy. This one can be found here on eBay in Mount Vernon, Illinois. So, can you find a better deal for Chevy C-10 Stepside? Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you guys find!


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  1. Josh Staff

    Here’s a ’68 long bed:

    And another ’68, but this one is a short bed. It’s also super rough:

  2. Dave Wright

    The USAF used these by the thousands as Sky Cop vehicles. When they started coming through the surplus system I bought them by the dozen for 100-200.00 each. They were great little trucks, handled and rode like a car and very well built. I sold them serviced and with new batteries for 500.00 or so each. People forget how much four wheel drive limits steering. These little 4X2’s would do a u turn in a normal street width. They are cheep and easy to fix, get decent fuel economy. Great little trucks that have been “discovered” and become expensive.

  3. Lawrence of Orlando

    Here is a step side to add to the list. Like most vehicles you need to check in person, but this could be a nice start or drive as is.

  4. Cody

    The elusive step-side. They’re certainly more difficult to find. Even more difficult to find one not customized.

    Here are a couple I found that are of the same body style but modified.

    Here is a 65 3/4 ton that is listed at 1800. It’s crusty but very cool. Alas, the ad is marked sold.

    • Ceezy

      That one in Salina had my attention until I saw that it had a car chassis. Don’t know how well that works but it is a clean truck.

  5. Fred

    I’m not even a truck guy, but do car appraisals and was once called to a dealer to appraise a high end ’71 C10 Stepside Restomod with a 350 and 4 speed. Sweetest driving truck ever and nearly made a truck guy out of me.

  6. forzaman

    This Chevy has been for sale for awhile. Lots of cab rust/caved in roof etc. Look for one with less cab/rocker rust. They’re out there. Been looking for some time for a good one. This ones pretty nice and the GMC versions are a little more rare :

  7. Arthur

    1968 Longbed.

    This one is down to $4900 on the local Facebook Sale pages, even though the ad says $5500.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Dave W – I love you but not really – DW is a cool guy that makes a profit and sleeps well at night. These flippers asking 4-grand for an old farm truck they most likely gave $800 for are just ruining it for the folks that would like one to fix up. At $4000 you’re going to put at least another $2000-$3000…..geez….

    Stepsides are more often found on farms as that’s what they needed the step for – fleets were for city folks going to a ball…..maybe

  9. Harold Wood had a bunch of these old C-10, only have two left right now. I can’t seem to get the kind of money all these are bring. I have two left eight now, a 69 short wide bed sold the fenders and core support off it to a guy restoring one awhile back guy never found the title to it when I bought it also I have a 71 long wide bed that I used as a driver for years, but the transmission started slipping and I parked it, Had cold air great running 350 motor with glass packs nice tires and wheels but the tires are weather cracked now, Sold my 72 Blazer a few months ago had a 350 automatic with 4 wheel drive that all ran good and worked but had rust in all the normal places. only got $1750. for it also had a 71 blazer I sold a few years ago that was a good driver nice paint and very little rust sold it for $2500. They just don’t seem to bring as much around where I live, but maybe prices are getting better.

    • Harold Wood

      Here is the 71 C10 pictures didn’t post for some reason.

      • Harold Wood

        Been thinking about restoring it, but never seem to have both money and time at the same time. A friend of mine and I bought 500 old cars and trucks about ten years ago in a package from the estate of a guy who died, he bought them over the years from a guy who collected them up a charity place where they were donated. We each saved a few that we liked and sold a few to friends then had a crusher come in and crush the rest after we had all the radiators, catalictic converters, batteries and things that were worth money pulled. Made out like Bandits on the deal. I also saved a 76 Ranchero GT out of the bunch and have it also waiting out in the pasture until I get younger and find time to restore it.

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