Can You Find A Better One: 1970 Ford F-100

1970 Ford F-100

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For this installment of CYFBO, Jim S found this good looking F-100 here on eBay! The pictures are a bit small and the seller doesn’t offer much information, but at just $2,200 this seems like a bargain. It’s powered by an inline 6 that is said to run and drive well. Finding a better deal than this might be tough, but perhaps you can find a better truck for similar money? Good luck guys and remember to leave a link to your find in the comments below!

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  1. JoshAuthor
    This one isn’t a stepside, but it has a 390 V8! No one has bid on it yet and the starting is $1,200 with no reserve.

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    • jim s

      just a clutch pedal short of being a better deal. great find.

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  2. sofa king fast
    • MSG Bob

      Nice truck, but $13k nice?

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    • racer99

      If that’s “all original” I’m Donald Duck. Nice truck though.

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  3. sofa king fast

    the engine on this one is done in Prince tribute colors….

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  4. sofa king fast
  5. sofa king fast

    old farm truck:

    428 power:

    4X4 and cheap. Pictures? Well lets say they are Impressionistic:

    with an interior that Grover from Sesame Street would love:

    Build your own Richard Rawlins special. Crown Vic front end and modular Ford V8 included:

    Dusty and cheap?:

    Hideous wheels:
    After looking. I think the answer is – I give up. No I cannot find one as nice as the one you found. Especially with the step side bed.
    I could spend all day doing this. I nearly have! I love old trucks almost as much as old cars. Must get back to the salt mines now though…

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    • JoshAuthor

      Sofa King, valiant effort! You found some great stuff, but these step side trucks are tough to find, especially for an affordable price!
      Thanks for all the great finds!

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    • jim s

      you must have as much or more free time then i have. great finds.

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  6. Woodie Man

    Darn…I ll be New Orleans later this week…while its a ways from Shreveport to put it mildly….its closer than the West Coast! Looks sweet. Does this have aTwin I Beam front end? Anyone know?

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      It is a TIB front end. Not to nit-pick but, Ford’s are Flaresides…not Stepsides. 2wd’s were TIB and 4wd’s were TTB (Twin Traction Beam) unless an aftermarket 4wd conversion.

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  7. boxdin

    We have lots of them in New Mexico;

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    • JoshAuthor

      Not bad, but I’m more interested in the Mustang Fastback in the background! Great find!

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    • jim s

      and the one you found is a 4×4. great find.

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  8. DrinkinGasoline

    Worth every cent of the BIN price.

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  9. JW

    If only it was closer to Missouri I would own it.

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  10. Cody

    At least it comes with a 32v 4.6 V8, just not in the truck.
    Really, not that ugly, it just fit my theme.

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  11. Mark S

    The red 1965 step side is by far the coolest find out of all the posts. And worth the money. IMHO.

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  12. HoA Howard AMember

    I had an exact copy of this truck. It was an ex-municipal truck, and had a “Tommy Lift-gate” on it. I took the lift off, and the back of the truck came up 4 inches. ( The lift gate alone probably took up half of the 1/2 ton carrying capacity.) It, like all the other pre ’73 Ford pickups I had, were just the best trucks. Pretty basic truck, which I like, and the 6th generation , for me, started the end of my love for Ford pickups, and the 7th generation, killed it altogether. Darn near impossible to find these now, as most were driven until they broke in half, and even then, the motors lived on in other trucks.

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  13. Keith

    Howard these are very easy to find if you know where to look. I buy and re-work 2-3 pre-1973 F100s per year. Easy to work on, parts are inexpensive, and they sell themselves especially ones with the 390

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