Canada Find: 1974 Corvette L82 4-Speed

When reader Ben D sent this Corvette he spotted here on VKAuctions over, I didn’t give it much thought. Yes it’s an L82 4-speed car with side pipes, but with bidding already over $8k, I figured it was already bid to market value. Thankfully, I gave it another look and that’s when I realized the price is in Canadian dollars! That means the current bid is actually just a little over $6k US. I know $2k doesn’t seem like much, but that would cover the buyers premium and shipping to most of the US. If you’ve been looking for a clean Stingray project, be sure to take a closer look at this one. Oh and special thanks to Ben for the tip!

Being an L82 means that this Corvette is packing the 250 horsepower 350 V8. There is no word on the condition of the engine and the odometer is showing 79k miles, but that could very well be 179k miles. Given that the car is up on blocks, it hopefully means that it was being cared for prior to being parked. The 350 is a very robust engine, so as long as it turns over and has compression, it should be easy to get running again. Heck, with a little work and some upgrades, you could probably have it reliable and producing decent power.

We also don’t get detailed photos of the interior, but from what can be seen, it looks to be in decent shape. I would want to find a factory shift knob for the 4-speed and give the car a thorough detailing inside and out. Speaking the outside, it has clearly been repainted, but it looks like it would cleanup alright.

It isn’t perfect and is definitely going to need some work, but it seems like a decent buy at the current price! Hopefully, all it will need is a tuneup, the brakes sorted and a good cleaning to be a driver. It’s a bit of a risk since we can’t see the underside to inspect for rust. It’s located in Petrolia, Ontario which isn’t far from Detroit and is right between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, so rust could be an issue. What do you think? Is it worth the risk?


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  1. Pete

    Doesn’t look too bad 1974 last year for Corvette without smog control robbing power cat converters. Last year for true dual exhaust from factory

  2. Pookie Jamie P

    This big question tho guys. Is it a true Canadian car? Does it have the km speedometer?

  3. MDW66

    Canadian cars did not get km speedometers until 1977. Miles per hour were secondary and odometers were in km.

  4. Dave

    I see those locally in Connecticut running and driving for 5K to 8K. There’s no bargain here.

  5. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looks like it has potential but I’d want to check the springs and undercarriage area out well. Having it on jack stands for a long time with the wheels off the ground would be something to check out well first.

  6. cyclemikey

    I’d say that it’s more than a “bit” of a risk, given the location and what we can see under the hood. God knows what lurks under this fiberglass body.

    Might be worth the gamble if it had anything to recommend it, but it doesn’t. A ’74 with the base motor isn’t going to get anyone’s juices flowing. And to the purchase price, add the 10% commission plus the shipping plus the importation fees. To bite on this, you’d have to feel really lucky. Well, do ya?

    • Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

      L-82 is not the base motor. L-48 is. L-82 with a 4-speed might be interesting to some. The L-82 is also 9.0:1 compression ratio and a 3.55 axle ratio is standard. Not too shabby for 1974.

      • cyclemikey

        Right you are, sorry. I should read more carefully. Still, it’s a crap shoot. I hope it works out well for someone and gets restored to the road, but I’d have to have detailed intel on the underside to even look twice.

  7. ACZ

    L82 is a nice running engine. Forged crank, forged pistons, pink rods, 4 bolt mains and 2.02 heads with screw in studs. Basically, a 1971 Lt1 with a hydraulic bumpstick. Loves unleaded, even E10. Good mid-range torque. I have one in the garage that’s seen service in three different cars of mine. The car…….look carefully underneath. The stuff they throw on the roads in this part of Canada to melt ice is God-awful. It might as well be sulfuric acid, it’s so corrosive. Lucky if there is half a frame still there.

  8. Doug Towsley

    The days of a 1970s car where you do some detailing and minor service work and then drive it are long gone. Its 43 years old guys, Get with the program! Its a core for rebuild or resto. Thats it. Unless you have extensive and reliable records its been gone thru properly its just a core. Bid accordingly.
    Northern Auto parts has rebuild kits for these 350s cheap, and might as well do some upgrades. All the seals, gaskets fuel lines, etc are long since past their freshness dates. The rear end needs attention, Brakes gone thru, etc etc etc…
    That being said, Here in Oregon, 1974 is THE magic date. Anything prior to 1975 is exempt from DEQ/EPA testing so you can do anything you like and no worries. 4 speed and SBC = Fun car. (of course a 5 speed or 6 upgrade is even better)

    • grant

      Is it exempt before 1974? My reading of the law indicates that the vehicle must meet the pollution standards in effect on the date of its manufacture, but I’m no legal eagle. Of course, I’m also in Columbia County, waaaaay outside the DEQ zone, so I really don’t have to worry about it. Present a title and insurance paperwork to DMV (with the requisite fees of course) and they’ll give you tags for about anything out here…

  9. Doug Towsley

    Grant, I have heard some debate that some 1975 vehicles are exempt as well but more commonly ANYTHING PRIOR to 1975 is exempt. That means no DEQ/EPA inspection. You are correct in a sense as that IS what is written, but since no inspection required its a moot point whether or not you have whatever was stock.
    The reality is, very few people inspecting have a clue about what to look for.
    I know people in other states whos cars had things like a Holley carb or edelbrock intake and the testers failed them despite the fact their cars ran cleaner and better than stock. In some states ANY alteration is not allowed.
    This is a hot topic for SEMA and the aftermarket manufacturers. Its bureaucratic stupidity at its finest. When I was younger and full of piss & vinegar I used to like to argue this point and take in my old 77 Camaro with all kinds of hot rod parts and argue this. My car ran CLEANER than anything stock by test standards but the gummint did not like it. I had to register it at my brothers place outside the area.
    I know of a well known hot rodder back in the day in California would build hi-po propane powered street rods. For a while they would do mobile testing and even roadsides spot checks. He would go out of his way to get stopped for testing. Being propane,, it would barely register on the testing equipment and he had loads of laughs as they tweaked their equipment taking it out of calibration. Its always amazed me why the US never went to propane as a fuel source for many vehicles. It runs so clean engines dont wear out, oil doesnt contaminant and emissions are super low. The US petroleum industry produces excess amounts and more than there is demand for. I am sure you are aware of the controversy regarding the terminals on the columbia and the coast so the US can export this stuff? The technology exists to safely use it in vehicles. Dont get me started on Corn subsidies and the whole oxygenated fuel stupidity.

  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Black is not an original ’74 color. It looks like it had a quality repaint that is now scratched up, chipped, and faded.

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