Cape Cod Camper: 1969 Ford F-100

Classic trucks have been steadily gaining in popularity for a long time.  If you follow the hobby, you have seen over-the-top restorations sell for six figures and even less desirable models piquing the interest of collectors.  Entry level hobbyists can pick up a decent classic truck project for a nominal price and the aftermarket is adding new products all the time.  One of the trucks gaining popularity is the 5th generation Ford F-series, also known as “bumpsides.”  1967 to ’72 Chevrolet trucks have been very popular for decades with the Ford versions really coming into their own in the past ten years.  This 1969 Ranger is for sale here on eBay, with three days left, the current bid is $1,659 and has a buy it now price of $13,000!  The ad gets your attention by touting this as a “Southern California truck”, however, it has spent the last 32 years in New York.  Would you consider this a California truck?

The most interesting part about this truck may be its originality.  Said to be a three owner truck with less than 60,000 miles, it was mainly used for annual camping trips to Cape Cod.  As you can see from the photo above, there is a ton of original documentation included with this truck that adds some value.  The truck appears to be in nearly 100% original condition and shows some use but not abuse.

The engine is a 390cid bolted to an automatic transmission and Dana 60 rear end.  If you are looking at one of these Ford trucks, you can easily decode the VIN number.  The VIN tags located on the driver’s door have a wealth of information regarding the options the truck left the factory with.  This specific truck has a VIN of F10HRF78571 which decodes to:  F-100, 2wd, 390cid engine, assembled in San Jose, CA.  The engine is said to need a new timing belt and may need some other work before it would be considered a reliable driver.

Just like the rest of the truck, the interior shows some typical wear of a nearly fifty year old vehicle.  Cars and trucks of this vintage are fairly easy to work on and as mentioned before, have increasing support from the aftermarket.  While all parts aren’t available from multiple sources, there are a few really good resources for almost every component of these trucks.  If you are in the market for a new project, you may want to look into a bumpside Ford.


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  1. mike

    It’s in nice shape, but not $13k nice shape…Pass

    • Metoo

      I’m with you on that. Maybe if it had some of the resto work done first. Me? I have always been partial to the F-100 with three on the tree and the 240 6 cyl. Drove a late 60’s model to Fairbanks Alaska from Minot ND when I was in the AF…………in January of ’74 no less.

  2. Mike

    It is a very nice truck but 13k leaves no profit

  3. MS

    My dad’s 1968 Ford Ranger F250 3/4 ton makes this old thing look sad. I remember him pulling in the driveway the day he bought it in ’68. He’s even let me drive it. Once. LOL.

    • Metoo

      Bet he was pacing the floor and looking out the window until you returned. LOL.

  4. CanuckCarGuy

    Very rough shape for the BIN price…and is that overspray on the driver door rubber? It’ll be a while yet before a bumpside in this condition fetches this high an asking price.

  5. Barzini

    A lot of sentimental connections for me. Many years ago a co-worker used to lend me a similar truck to tow my boat. (The 390 had enough torque to pull the Queen Mary.) But by 1980 most of the bed had deteriorated from New England winters. This is the right truck for me, just the wrong time. I would love to own it.

  6. craig

    Wouldn’t need a timing belt, that’s a timing chain on that thing, along with a set of gears.

    • Henry Drake

      I really think they make those obvious mistakes just to drive up the number of comments, which…….

  7. Todd Zuercher

    I agree that it’s tough to call it a “CA truck” if it’s been in PA for 32 years!

    • Steve65

      Were these built in more than one factory? The “California truck” claim seems to refer to the San Jose build location.

  8. boxdin

    F100 s are half ton, 5 lug, this truck and the other one yesterday are 8 lug wheels and are F250 3/4 tons, not half ton, not F100.
    There was a time up to the early 70s that you could order a swb F250 w gvw up in the 7500-8000 range. Or a swb van w 8 lugs and 9000 gvw.
    Emissions rules in 1974 kinda standardized all that.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Check out the photo in the listing and you’ll see the 5×5.5 lug pattern – that and the photo of the data plate definitely confirm it’s a F100.

    • Henry Drake

      I think you’re commenting on the wrong truck. This one clearly has 5 lugs and is clearly identified as an F100.

  9. Gaspumpchas

    if its been in the rust belt need to check real good underneath,especially the front cab mounts. Real good powerful workhorse!!!

  10. KKW

    F-100 with a Dana 60? Not hardly, this would be a 9″. Price might be on the high side, but these trucks are great looking and very collectable. Nothing better back in the day.

    • Todd Zuercher

      That was my first reaction too, and then I remembered some kernel in my brain that said, “you know, I think the Dana 60 was an option on the early bump side F100s”. Sure enough, the interwebs confirmed the Dana 60(a semi floating version) was an option on the 2wd F100s from 67-69.

  11. Steve R

    With all of the issues listed he wouldn’t get $13,000 even if it was a short bed fleetside.

    Steve R

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    These, and GM’s and Dodges for that matter, were just the best trucks, real trucks, not cars with pickup boxes. As far as equipment, you could get almost anything in any truck, they had option sheets a mile long.I had a ’69 F250 similar to this,390, 3 speed on column. It was a great truck, but a voracious appetite for fuel, and VERY stiffly sprung. Might want to consider that when buying one of these.

    • Nova Scotian

      Nice old truck. $4500.00 is what this is sanely worth IMHO. Not only does it drink fuel by the liter, but safety wise,…mounting the gas tank directly behind your seat just doesn’t “sit” right with me. Lol. It needs a lot of work to restore to parade status. Otherwise, just an old pick up.

  13. Warren

    13k. LOL. Nowhere close to a fair asking price. Seller needs to get in touch with the market. Sheesh.

  14. Warren

    Careful on this one. Missing trim on pass side and where the trim was, significant rust, not surface but a hole. Doors rusting out in corners. No wonder last winner bailed. These longbeds are all over Craig’s List in the Pacific Northwest much, much cleaner than this in the $2500-3000 range, Pay to have it shipped and you end up with a rust free truck as a great base for a resto or daily driver for less than 5K.

  15. Ken Carney

    Reminds me of the ’71 model I used to own. Mine was a reddish orange
    with a 302, 3-speed colunm shift, and a basic black vinyl interior. Sure, it
    had rust in all the usual places, but thankfully for me, the floor pans and cab
    mounts were solid and rust free. Despite all this, it was a good running hard
    working truck. My ex-wife tried to teach my late wife how to drive a stick
    shift in that truck–something that didn’t work out all that well. Great old
    truck, wished I had it back!

  16. KKW

    Some of these comments really do get old after a while. They ALL drank gas, they ALL rusted, and except for International, they ALL had the gas tank mounted behind the seat. In real life everyday driving, trucks today aren’t really that much better on gas. If you can’t stand buying gas, find a different hobby.

  17. Wrong Way

    I had one of these! You will be lucky to get 9 mpg, and that’s with the wind blowing with you! LMAO

    • KKW

      I had several of them, 15-16 all day long, unless pulling a loaded trailer, then the fuel consumption increased of course. Pretty normal. These were great trucks, too bad times have changed. Now it’s all about creature comforts, a smooth ride, wires, and plastic.

      • Wrong Way

        I am sorry, but you didn’t get 14 or 15 out of a 390! I to loved my truck ,but there is no way you got that kind of mileage out of a 390! Sorry

  18. JW

    I have had both GM and Ford 67 to 72 trucks with the gas tank in the cab back in the day, I’m a smoker and so were my friends and never bothered us one bit. These were real men trucks who used them for what they were and yes they used gas but so does every vehicle on the road just some more than others. If that’s a issue buy a old 4 cylinder Datsun pickup and see how much payload you can haul compared to one of these.

  19. Rob S.

    Best trucks ever! Best looking, best durability! Dad bought a new F250 4X4 in 72, toughest truck he ever had! I owned a custom built crew cab 4X4. Loved that truck!

  20. boxdin

    I don’t know how to do this, but it would be great to have the clip from the movie Mr Majestic where the lwb ford f100 goes over amazing terrain. This is a stock for truck doing these moves……

    I got the link;

  21. Classix Steel

    I was thinking movie convey
    Where they said what’s you hauling
    ..pigs …good lord drop that truck back some…

    what the price?
    What you been smoking ! :-0

  22. A

    $13K LMAoff.

    I bought a 69′ and a 71′ F-100’s in East Texas for $500.00 a piece. Both one owners.

    The 71′ only ever had a Farm license and has only 32,000 miles, in very good rust free shape with a 289″ and a three on the tree. Replaced coil and gave it a tune-up and carb rebuild and will be driving it back to Oregon with 91′ BMW 325is in tow, another $500 purchase

    The 69′ has a lot of miles, but is in fair condition, with a little drivers side floor board rust and 390″ and 4-speed. Needs a clutch and flywheel

    • KKW

      They never put a 289 in a pickup, if it has one, it’s not original. Has to be a 302.

      • A

        KKW_ Absolutely right. It is a 302. I misstated.

        i originally thought it was a 289″, then I realized that Ford switched to the 302″ in 68′

  23. Gene

    Needs a new timing belt?? Those engines had chains not belts $13,000 is ridiculous

  24. Rustytech Member

    Looks like it was bid to just about to what it should have sold for( $5600 ) in its current condition. Seller should have turned it loose.

    • carsofchaos

      100% correct. $5600 would be just about right for this one.

  25. carsofchaos

    Oh that’s funny. $13k. I’ve got a 69 F250 Camper Special, Dana 60, 4 speed, power disc brakes (factory), 64k original miles, one owner from 1969-2017, 360ci, western truck that I’m asking less than half his asking price for. And I’m in the same region. This dude is out of his mind at $13k.

    • A

      “out of his mind at $13k.” _ It’s called ‘Fishing’.

      • carsofchaos

        He obviously didn’t learn anything from his fishing trip cos he re-listed at $10k LOL.

  26. Chris

    I got 18 out of my 390 on highway 1976 ext cab long bed f150 with edelbrock carb

  27. Warren

    Well, now relisted for $10K, Buy It Now. Good luck on that….again.

  28. El Chinero

    <> Hogwash

    <> Pigwash

  29. carsofchaos
  30. boxdin

    How about twice as nice but half the price;

    With nice oem Jr West Coast mirrors

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