First Year Fun: 1966 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco was produced for thirty years from 1966 to 1996 and has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years.  Set to make a comeback for the 2020 model year, the Bronco… more»

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Dry Rust? 1957 Ford Ranchero

The mid 1950’s saw the introduction of a lot of iconic cars including the Thunderbird, Corvette, El Camino and Ranchero.  The post-war car culture and baby boom were well under way with the Interstate Highway system… more»

Green With Envy: 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT

The second generation Ford Broncos were produced for only two years in 1978 and 1979.  Unlike the first generation, these Broncos were based off of the full-size Ford pickup and were available with power plants up… more»

Dusty and Musty: 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

It’s always refreshing when a car claims to be a barn find and looks the part as well.  This 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia definitely needs some work to get it back on the road, but it… more»

Heavy Duty Dually: 1969 Dodge W300 4×4 Sweptline

This is a beast of a truck with an interesting history.  The truck was originally a 1969 Dodge W300 Sweptline 4×4 dually, although the cab is from a D200 (more on that later).  Found here on eBay… more»

Stalled SEMA Suburban: 1966 Chevrolet 4×4

This is your opportunity to finish a very high-end build that was started for the SEMA show.  SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Market Association and their annual show in Las Vegas draws thousands of the top… more»

Promising Project: 1930 Harley-Davidson

This 1930 Harley Davidson V is said to be a true barn find.  It was apparently rescued from a barn around twenty years ago and put back on the road.  It can be found here on… more»

Post-War Project: 1946 Chevrolet Pickup

This is a pretty handsome old work truck.  You can tell that it has been used, but not abused and will make a great new project for someone.  This 1946 Chevrolet is for sale here on… more»

19k Mile Survivor: 1988 Lamborghini Countach

How many of you had a poster of a Lamborghini Countach on your wall growing up?  If you didn’t, you probably knew someone that did.  They were the image of success for young Wall Street executives,… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1957 Chevrolet Truck

Some of the best project vehicles come from the desert southwest.  The arid climate with little humidity and minimal precipitation make for relatively rust-free vehicles.  This 1957 Chevrolet Pickup appears to be an example of a… more»

Reliable Relic: 1946 International Harvester Pickup

This 1946 International Harvester K2 pickup is a real diamond in the rough.  The ad states the truck was a true barn find and was stored since 1968.  The current owner purchased it about two years… more»

Rare Garage Find: 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose Alloy

You may have read about a garage find 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra here on Barn Finds.  There was another vehicle found with that Cobra and it happens to be an even more valuable car.  It is… more»

Florida 4-Door: 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Survivor

Even if you’re not a Chevy fanatic, you have to love tri-fives.  Tri-fives are Chevrolets made between 1955 and 1957 and are some of the best looking cars ever.  This is a 1955 Bel Air 4-door… more»