Captivating Chrysler: 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSI

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While I’ve always felt that the 1980s produced some of the best-styled performance cars, I’ve also consistently felt that Mitsubishi’s Starion was one of the most attractive in the category. Various different automakers sold the Starion, with this 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSI that’s here on eBay being a very clean example of the sports car.

This example is available in Surprise, Arizona, and after looking through the photos, it doesn’t appear that this Conquest is hiding any surprises. The seller is the original owner and they claim this is the first time the vehicle has ever been offered for sale.

Just 63,285 miles are on the odometer of this Conquest.

The interior seems to be in great shape, with no visible cracks in the dash nor rips in any of the black leather seats. Unfortunately, this Conquest features an automatic transmission, which the seller claims is a rarity – for good reason.

Under the hood, you’ll find Mitsubishi’s 4G54 powerplant, which is a turbocharged 2.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that made around 170 horsepower from the factory. As one of the later models in the Conquest’s production run, this example features an intercooler.

At the time of this article being written, bidding is at $6,100 with the reserve not met. Do you think this super clean Conquest is worth it, or is the automatic transmission a deal-breaker?

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  1. Skorzeny

    No wonder it’s nice. Please convert to manual.

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  2. Bruce Y Turk

    Always loved these back in the day and this one is in amazing condition. But—–The automatic makes it difficult to look at…

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  3. Oingo

    Widebody, clean love it automatic nsm. I almost bought one got an 88 Yoda Celica GTS Turbo 4WD, All-Trac in US.

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  4. J_PaulMember

    One of the best factory wheel designs ever, and those box flares still look amazing. A friend of mine in high school had one of these, also in black but with a burgundy interior and a manual. It was a great car when working. But, given that it was a used Mitsubishi Starion driven by a high school student, it wasn’t working all that often!

    I would pass on this becuase of the automatic. But I can’t help but look longingly at the photos with a wave of 80s/early 90s nostalgia.

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  5. LARRY

    I remember when we used to v8 swap these.

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  6. 8banger DaveMember

    Had the same 89 with a manual. Very fast and fun. All their spoilers/front air dams are cracked. We took it to an air care station for a test and the kid-tech advanced it up to the rollers and put the front wheels on it. That’s when I hurried out of the booth and said “Um, excuse me…”

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  7. Steve BushMember

    A bit odd the Conquest seller doesn’t provide us with any profile pics. To me in profile it looks somewhat similar and has similar proportions front and rear to it’s slightly larger FWD stablemates Dodge Daytona and Chrysler Laser. If you didn’t already know better it would be difficult to tell which one is FWD or RWD. Also a bit odd that the similar items for sale on EBay include vehicles that have almost nothing in common with the Conquest, including a large fire truck with six wheels.

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  8. Tracy Johnson

    I’ll never own any car with a passive restraint system!

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  9. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    A local SCCA racer was able to “work” the rules when he took the drivetrain, suspension and brakes from a wrecked Starion Overfender and built his Mitsu/Dodge D50..
    Really peeved the local Porsche club hot shot to get beat by a well-used pickup!

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  10. DRV

    It’s worth putting a stick into. The proportions and at a glance remind me of the Supra of the day including those great wheels.

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  11. Jim TA

    Love it love it love it! Automatic too. Don’t care. One of the best looking cars in it’s day and class and a lot better than what’s out there now ! Always wanted one of these…

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  12. scott

    Gosh! I can’t believe all the negativity of the automatic here! I guess you guys are all under 35 LOL. As we’re yes it would be nice to row through the gears sometimes it is nice to just have an automatic to have fun with. Just my two cents LOL yes I own a few stick shifts still !

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    • DVSCapri

      scott – I’m over 50 & tired of “Dogomatic’s”…. Not that long ago I personally owned 6 cars, a Suburban & a Work van.. 1/2 of the “fleet” was stick – Including the Sub! (Factory 3/4 ton 4×4 SM465 4 speed stick). These days, my daily is a 97 Sub 1/2 ton 4×4 dogomatic – it’ll scoot, but it’d be a LOT better as a stick!! Problem is, she’d kill me! All of my previous cars are gone except for one – that one will never leave – ’85 Mercury Capri RS 5 speed – my sons & I will be rebuilding it into my personal vision (which will include a 6 speed). I don’t feel auto is ANY fun at all, anybody can hold a steering wheel & mash the pedal down.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Don’t you mean “over” 35? Nobody under 35 has seen, let alone driven, a manual transmission. LOL.

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  13. Harold Wood

    LOL, I had a match pair of these Back in the Late 80’s don’t remember the year models but they were both Orange and both 4 speed cars Gave one to my Daughter and kept the other for myself, bought them at a dealer auction Best I remember I paid under a $1000 for both of them. Also had a 84 corvette and a 300 ZX and I believe they would have out run either of them That little turbo charged 4 banger was sure powerful. Best I remember there was a Year difference in their year models and although they Looked identical one was Badged as a Dodge conquest and the other was a Chrysler or Plymouth which I thought was strange. I remember wishing mine were automatics. Also remember the tires being different sizes and odd sizes front and Back and had trouble finding tires the right size or something.

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  14. Maestro1

    The automatic transmission where I live on the Left Coast is a gift. I won’t row my way through Los Angeles traffic any more.
    Certainly I own some 4 speed manuals, they are a lot of fun, but not for commuting or traffic conditions here. The Starion is very interesting. I’ll make the call………

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  15. DVSCapri

    I always wanted one of these, had a friend that bought a Starion – it was a nice car, but not the same… Automatic kills it for my interest, seconded by being Black – The Bright Blue & Bright Yellow cars were gorgeous, third – no Black interior either & definitely not Grey ( I swear to God I’ll never own another car/truck with Grey interior)!!

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  16. PRA4SNW

    Sold for $10,376.
    “Very rare automatic transmission” LOL!

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