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Mercury Thunderbird

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This past Saturday, my wife and I went out for a nice lunch date and just accidentally happened across a car show taking place at a park right next to the restaurant I had suggested for lunch. It was quite the coincidence! While most of the cars were the kind of classics you would find at any other car show, there was one stand out find that when I saw I instantly thought of you guys. We’ve seen a few odd creations like this before and I just couldn’t resist!

Custom Thunderbird

It appears that someone decided their 10th generation Thunderbird would look better with a Mercury front end. The work looks to have been well done. There are several companies who build body kits to make your T-bird look like a ’50 Mercury and I’m guessing this car is wearing one of those kits.

Mustang Survivor

For those of you that need to cleanse your palate after that, here is one of my other favorites at the show! While there were several Shelbys and even a GT 500-KR, I really liked the look of this little Mustang.

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  1. Dusty Stalz

    That’s a 50 Ford nose.

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    • Barry T

      My thought exactly.

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  2. Ned

    It’s not a Mercury, but a 1950 ford…

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  3. Rene

    Odball. You can say that again!

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  4. rdc

    1949-1959 Ford nose. I just want to say me too. :)

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    • waynard

      me too.

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  5. sir mike

    We have one in my area.Not as hateful looking in person.But those wheels….As for the 65-66 notchback….decals need to go and what is up with those rear wheels?? Way to big.

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  6. David C

    This is a kit. I saw another one this weekend in Tenn. on the highway, the tag said

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  7. gord

    it is a kit from
    (no affiliation)

    still just an M car in the end

    and oddly proportioned

    they also have one to change a camaro to a 57 something… proportions are way off though… looks like those ones that someone takes a 4door and makes a shorty 2 door. if you ever see one deadon on the side near a 57 you will know what i mean

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    • William H

      I’ve seen a couple of those ’57 conversions and agree. The proportions are really off. It’s certainly an attention getter though. They remind me of that ’57 funny cars I’ve seen run at Texas Motor Speedway. I’ve seen a red one and a black one, could have been the same car but different seasons for all I know, but they look stretched out and mashed down.

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      Camaro to ’57 Chevy Bel Air.

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  8. Chuck

    There is one of these running around in Lake Havasu, AZ also.

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  9. bcavileer

    Lost my lunch. ‘Nough said…

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  10. Bruce

    That red 66 coupe is a cool car. The guy that owns it uses it as a cone killer on the weekends.

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  11. JR

    Worst looking thing I have ever seen, A real car guy would not be caught dead in that thing or maybe he would, would make a great coffin and would end up buried where it should be

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  12. Jim Norman

    ’49-’50 Ford. ’51 had twin bullets. Merc had the “toothy” grille, I think. I’d love to have the ’50 Tudor I learned to drive on (V8, 3 on the tree plus overdrive), or the ’51 convertible that joined the family fleet a few years later. But not this creature!

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  13. That Guy

    I’ve seen one or two of these. The quality seems pretty good, if you like this sort of thing. It doesn’t appeal to me, but neither do Brussels sprouts, and plenty of people love those…

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  14. Doug Towsley

    If you guys find interest -OR- Offence at the Mustang, then I love to point out Mr Sean Korbs entry into offending Ford Purists. Sean is an interesting guy and was on several tech forums and I know him from there.


    Innovative engineering type always building cool stuff mostly to see, “Why not?” Which i admire and think is cool.

    Step by step on how he built the “Suprang” One 1965 Mustang, and One 1980s Toyota Supra, Voila!!! He autocrosses it, and I personally think its totally Cool! (You can learn a thing or 2 about fab as well by reading his build thread)

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  15. grant

    Something similar to this was featured on another automotive site a few months back. Someone apparently voted “nice price.”

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    Actually, I think it is a improvement over what those ugly T-birds looked like

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  17. Gary K

    The only good thing I see coming from this is, it’s an all Ford product, nothing mis matched or marriage of Chevy to Ford etc. Not something I would ever invest in. Everyone has their own idea of what they want in a classic car, I say if it makes you happy then go for it!

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  18. Dave

    So who makes the kit to make your Thunderbird look like a 50 Mercury? That’s a 49-50 Ford. there is one near me that’s actually done on a Mercury Cougar and looks worse.

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  19. AMX Brian

    Here’s one you can finish yourself haha

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  20. jaymes


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