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Car? Truck? Rat Rod? 1929 Mystery Vehicle


Some of us here are old enough to remember the opening of the old Superman television show: “Look! Up in the sky!” “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “It’s Superman!” The car in this ad I found on craigslist in Tucson, Arizona is definitely not Superman, but is it a car? Is it a truck? No, it’s a “rat rod” according to the ad, a 1929 of indeterminate make, lacking a title, and sold with a bill of sale only. The description is classically brief: Ratrod for sale has motor bill of sale only no title.


I am guessing some of our knowledgeable readers will be able to recognize and identify some parts of this vehicle. I’d sure like to know what is going on here. With the asking price at $1,900, what do you think? Can this be turned into a driveable car/truck/rod? Will it run? Is it worth even $1,900 or is this just a fantasy for its seller?


In some states, the lack of a title may not be a problem, but because Arizona is a title state, it might be an issue for any buyer to get this licensed and on the road. What will it take to get this thing titled? Lots of questions, and hopefully all this uncertainty will bring forth some interesting discussion here.


  1. Avatar photo crazydave

    Grille shell, cowl, running boards, splash pans & front fenders are Model A. Since nothing else on it seems to date from that era, I’d have to call it an “A”

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  2. Avatar photo Jim Mc

    My same thought. Looks like part of it used to be a ’29 Ford at one time.

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  3. Avatar photo Terry J

    Kinda hard to see any key engineering points. What is barely visible under the front fenders isn’t your typical split wishbones, nor is what protrudes in front of the tires Model A frame horns. Rear end is a heavy 3/4 tonnish something. In fact that entire diamond plate bed thingy may cover the graft of another rear frame section of some type. $1900? Time will tell I guess. Terry J

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  4. Avatar photo grenade

    Really ugly.

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  5. Avatar photo Joe Nose

    Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse with this flatbed. And i wouldn’t want to have to change the rear-most plugs; whaddya have to do; cut off the cowl or drop the engine?

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  6. Avatar photo jeff6599

    Exactly what a RAT is supposed to be: an assembly of parts of various origins, not necessarily from a vehicle. How many times have we seen an older, worn out vehicle offered for sale as a Rat Rod? Well, a Rat doesn’t start as a complete car. Go back to the basic definition established by Car Craft and Hot Rod years back. It is made of parts and pieces including non automotive stuff too. The one shown here is a very good example of a classic Rat Rod.

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  7. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Like the others have said, the radiator shell and other outer front sheet metal are ’29 Ford but it probably sits on some sort of truck frame like a Ranger or S10.

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  8. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I was not aware Herman Munster drove trucks

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  9. Avatar photo Mike Russell

    More specifically, the body pieces are actually ’28 or ’29 Model A truck (AA).
    Note the short running boards and with tread and the splash aprons that angle forward at the back to match the length of the truck boards. Not my cup of tea, but everybody doesn’t like my stuff either.


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