The Cars from Hershey AACA Fall Swap Meet 2017

In the first installment of the AACA Fall Swap Meet, I covered some of my favorite items from the “flea market.” As Hershey winds down, more cars seem to trickle in, and on my last day there quite a few cars sold. Unfortunately I did not have the time (or energy) to look at every single car after being there for a few days, but I feel I captured some fair highlights of cool, unique, and interesting cars that were available this year.

There was “something for everyone” at Hershey, and many cars early on found their way to a new home like this Oldsmobile. I really liked this 4 door ’55 Olds 88 survivor, which had covered just 63,000 miles in its lifetime. Although appearing mint, there were a few very minor condition issues, but changed hands for somewhere around $11,000.

Although the ’55 was sold, this ’57 Olds 88 with 3 deuces was a hot little number that caught a lot of attention.

With a fair amount of parts, maintenance, and an engine overhaul, this ’57 Olds was offered for $34,500 or best offer.

Appearing like a restored car, I was at first fooled by this ’59 Pontiac Starchief.  Having covered just 14,000 miles in its lifetime, this salmon color coupe was a lovely survivor, looking to only suffer from a minor touch up on the passenger side front fender.

The Interior was mint, and the engine bay had a fair “original” look. For just $24,800, you could be cruising in style in this Starchief.

For those that need a stylish, interesting, and just plain awesome family friendly classic, this ’59 Buick Lesabre wagon may be just what you are looking for. Packing a factory 401 V8, Power steering and brakes, air conditioning, and power windows, it is more than clear that this Buick is the cream of the crop of vintage wagons.

If Art Deco styling is your flavor, then this fine looking ’37 Studebaker Dictator may be just what you need.

Featuring a way cool and unique shaped rear window, this Deco beauty is ready to drive, but the paint had some minor concerns. Perfection is a double edged sword, but the paint issues took very little away from this beauty. Packing a rumble seat, and great style, this Stude’ was offered for $27,500.

If money was no object and you needed a one off extremely stylish car, then this ’55 Cadillac Die Valkyrie may be the choice that you seek.

Incredibly unique, strange, and absolutely amazing to marvel over, this Caddy is a one off car with a well-recognized history. Unrestored, this beauty was available for $395,000! Lottery winnings would be a help in acquiring this unique and historic classic!

Like the above Cadillac, there were quite a few original condition cars available as well as a few Barn Finds. A bit weathered, but worthy of restoration, this Jaguar XK140 was solid and offered for $60,000. It was sold by the end of day two, and I imagine it will be undergoing restoration sooner than later.

If the high end cars are just a bit too classy for your tastes, then perhaps this Ford Chicken truck may satisfy your appetite for a surviving classic?

Part of a small fleet, this chicken themed truck is currently painted up as “Cap’n Bob’s Chicken.” Despite Bob’s advertising techniques, this truck was originally an advertising piece for “Chicken Dinner Candy Bars.” Although a bit odd and likely to get you in trouble with your family and neighbors, this unique piece of history was offered for $25,000. Also there was a small bucket on the grill that said “Photos 5 cents each” so if you did buy it, you could slowly recoup your money!

Flashy can be a good thing, but perhaps not so much in the form of a Chicken Truck. Green and black, this Corvette has seen some “hot rodding” in its past, and was really an attention grabber with its unique color combination.  Featuring a 4 speed with a factory dual quad carb set up, this ‘Vette had a unique flavor and appeal that many including myself couldn’t help but stare at.  “Leaving Friday at 3:00” this seller was asking $38,900 for this mean green Corvette.

Muscle cars were most certainly present, but my interests tend to wander to the rare and expensive cars. Green gt350’s are a weak spot for me, and this car was restored, but the factory engine was swapped to a 427 many years ago. Simply stunning, and with a big heart, this sleek green fastback was offered for $75,000.

There were a few cars at the event that I really fell in love with like this ’57 Plymouth Belvedere. Stored indoors since 1986, this surviving beauty was revived with a new gas tank, and some good old fashioned elbow grease. Although not perfect, this Mopar is a great driver condition car that could be enjoyed as is for years to come. Christine’s brother was offered for $12,500.

My next favorite is easy to understand, as beauty, style, and rarity all come into play with this one. Repainted with some minor surface rust on the running boards, this Hudson Big Boy pickup was again a nice enough driver with all the style and utility anyone could ask for. In fine enough condition as is, this Hudson could stand a little work, but is a great starting point. $20,000 would take this sleek UTE home with you.

Finally we come to what was easily my favorite car of the show. Featuring immense Art Deco influence, and a wonderful interior, this ’38 Studebaker Commander was art on wheels.

Repainted once in its lifetime, this car is a Barn find.  The repaint left a bit to be desired, but the paint is shiny and looked good enough from 15 feet away. Rust was of a minimal concern, and this beauty was ready to drive to a new home for a mere $8,000!  At the end of my last day at the AACA fall swap meet, this Studebaker held my interest, but there were so many astounding cars to pick from, and so many that I would have gladly drug home. Whether you are looking for an affordable “starter” classic, or you are looking to spend “big money” you can definitely find the car of your dreams at Hershey. Have you been lucky enough to find your dream car at Hershey, and if so what did you buy?



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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Never been there, but thanks for posting the story!

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      Leiniedude, If you live in America, are a true petrolhead and have never visited Hershey, then you are in for a VERY interesting weekend if ever you do get there. I went once back in 1989 intending to visit for the 3 day event but after only ONE day I was so bushed that I gave up on days 2 and 3. It is so large, and there is just so much to see, that I realised that there was no way that I would appreciate what was on offer. Fortunately I had spent most of my day at the Car Corral and seen some absolutely magic vehicles that I went back to South Africa as happy as Larry. Do yourself a favour and get there asap.

      • Brian Birkner Staff

        After my first day, my feet were killing me too. Bring comfy shoes, plenty of water, and sunblock!

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi Ken, thanks for the heads up. Maybe get there someday. We have a huge swap meet/car show in Jefferson Wisconsin. I am sure nothing like Hershey, but you cannot see it all in two days. It is a bear to get around there, the Spring show is usually wet and muddy. Best of luck in South Africa, Take care, Mike.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Glad you have enjoyed seeing Hershey through my eyes. It is an awesome event that is definitely worth making it to, if only you go once in your life.

  2. Rx7turboII

    An older pic of the bobs chicken truck in LaCrosse circa 1980…

  3. Hoos Member

    Reading these posts gives me two feelings.
    1) I want to kick myself for not having gone. It’s is only two hours from my front door.
    2) I feel the need to know more about them. I find myself wishing to have a complete write up on cars like the ’59 Buick wagon and ’38 Studebaker, complete with MANY pictures.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Hoos, you missed out on an amazing event!!! I am glad I could give you some glimpses of Hershey, although I have only shared a fraction of what was there.

      I considered trying to do more in-depth summaries of some cars, but getting site worthy photos of some wasn’t easy, and to be honest I had sensory overload as every time I turned around there was another amazing vehicle for sale. I will take your comment into consideration at the next event I do. Thank you.

  4. Dairymen

    I’m always wondering how many of the car corral beauties will end up on eBay in the next few weeks.

  5. Milt

    I would drive the wheels off the chicken truck. Go camping with it and use valet service at every opportunity.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      You know, I rather like that idea. Would be a creative way to keep this unique truck useful. Would also be a great parade vehicle as well, although chickens aren’t exactly festive. Yea jut make it a camper. You will always know which one is your at the camp ground.

  6. healeydays

    Keep the pictures coming

  7. Puhnto

    Thanks for sharing! Feel free to share more. I keep forgetting about this event every year since we moved to the east coast nearly 30years ago. I’ve even got a brother-in-law who lives near by I could stay with! Just no excuse.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Puhnto, you need to visit your brother-in-Law this time next year! Being comfy shoes, and sunblock! Hershey is an antique automobile wonderland as far as I am concerned. Hope you make it next year, it is definitely worth the trip!

  8. Geoffrey

    This car is a 1923 racer made by Packard with a airplane engine. At one point it was driven by Charles Lindbergh at 112 mph and he said “That’s as fast as I ever want to go on land” Fastest speed was 128mph. The guy there said I could drive it around the block for 6 million.

    • Hoos Member

      6 Mil for a ride? just 2 questions….
      Did you take him up on that offer?
      How much to buy it? :)

      • Geoffrey

        He wanted 6 Mill. as collateral

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      That thing was breathe taking! Although there were so very many amazing cars there’s I couldn’t even pretend to pick out which one was my favorite. Thanks for sharing Geoffrey!

  9. Geoffrey

    another view

  10. Joe

    Thanks Brian for posting these great pictures!

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Glad you enjoyed, and thank you so much!

  11. Ken Owens

    Thanks for posting the pictures. Is there any way to get more information on those vehicles? (seller/price)

    Loved the 59 Buick LeSabre Wagon. Wish I would have been there (live in CA) maybe that Buick would have come home with me if I could swing the price. Never really been a Buick fan, but that car looks sharp.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Hey Ken, I have the contact info of most, if not all of the cars that I shared. If you are genuinely interested I can provide you with the details. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  12. Rustytech Member

    One of the best car corals / swap meets in the country. Before moving 3 hrs away I used to go every year. The great thing about Hershey was you got to talk directly to the seller, and you didn’t have to pay for all the hype, nor compete with all the bidders that you would have at a larger auction venue. I bought several cars there over the years. I also found the swap meet a great place to find parts for working projects. I always tried to get vacation the following week because Yes I was exhausted!

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      That is not a bad idea. After walking just one section of the swap meet, I was exhausted. But it was thrilling to walk the isles, and hunt for things that I needed. I drove 6 hours to Hershey, and it was a long drive home, but I hope you find your way to Hershey once again Rustytech.

  13. Mike_B_SVT

    Love the Chicken Truck!

    Chicken Dinner Candy Bar info here:

  14. Ehh Josh

    Saturday is a bit of a letdown as most people tear down and leave Friday (swap meet). The car show is phenomenal on Saturday…swap meet is almost non existent (unless you like your exercise).

  15. Gene S

    There was this 1967 MGB there as well with a hard top. $3500.

    • Ginger

      Now that’s darling! And in my price range too! I missed seeing it!

    • Ian

      If this MGB looked as good everywhere as it does in this picture, it would have gone home on my towbar.

  16. Solosolo Ken Tilly Member

    Hi Mike leiniedude. I’m no longer living in South Africa. I now live in U.K. which is a bit different to living in sunny S.A. But at least it’s a lot safer.

  17. Art Parrish

    I try to go to the show every year .The last three years I have taken my grandsons we always have a good time and see a lot of nice cars.we also go to the Carlisle shows they are a lot of fun .we live close to both and they both have great shows

  18. Pete

    I have heard from several friends that Hersey is a must see. I have gone to the Charlotte Auto fair many times and yeah your feet take a beating. I have seen people bring those lil red wagons or the lil utility carts for gardening to haul away the stuff they buy. Golf Carts are also a must have kinda thing. LOL

  19. John B

    Nice to see the Jaguar comes with a puddle.

  20. Earle Miller

    1,250 Judged cars as announced on the show field. I was just about burned out and didn’t get more than 100 yards from my car, except for one harrowing excursion to find water.
    So many awesome drop-dead delicious cars! Have to go again with my daily driver and just sightsee.
    First time in Jarvis’ memory he’s been on a show field with other Javelins – 5 in our group and a couple more across the aisle. The camaraderie was like long lost, valued friends and we’d never met before. The cherry on the pie, an AMC Forum member, part contributor that ended a long, long search for Javelin’s restoration was one of the 5 grouped together. He took home a 1st Junior, my Javelin received his 1st Junior in May in Huntington WV and his Senior this October in Hershey.

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