Hey Baby! Wanna Ride? 1950s Giordani Passeggino

Okay, I’ll be right up front, here: I don’t know anything significant about baby buggies, baby carriages, strollers, prams or perambulators. True, I did ride around in a pretty fancy little German buggy in my day,… more»

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What Would You Pay For A Von Dutch?

“How much would you pay for a Von Dutch?”. That’s the question Rick asked when he sent us a link to this glove box door he found on craigslist. Personally, I’d have a hard time paying… more»

Seriously Valuable Mopar “Fast Facts” Book

This “Fast Facts” book looks interesting, but it’s the auction’s bidding action that really caught my attention. It currently has 46 bids and is sitting at an astonishing $560! That’s a lot of money for a… more»

50 Year Collection For Auction

The Building storing the contents of this auction was purchased by a former Seattle Washington Harley Davidson dealer 50 years ago. There are all sorts of interesting things available in this no reserve auction, and we… more»

30,000 Cars Found In Donated Home!

That’s right, 30,000 cars! Obviously, they¬†weren’t all full-sized, but still. If you haven’t already read this story then you should. A man named Dennis Erickson spent his whole life stashing away automobiles of every size. Most… more»

Coolest Porsche Ad Ever!

Thirty-eight years ago, Professor Ferdinand Porsche and his son, Ferry, built the first cars to bear the family name. As a direct result, Porsche enthusiasts of today are subject to a recurring dream. Which goes something… more»

Garage Decor: Vintage Mobilgas Sign

Classic cars are our bread and butter, but sometimes it is refreshing to feature something a little more affordable. Everyone should have an old Mobilgas sign for their garage. This one is claimed to be porcelain,… more»

In A Barn Far, Far Away…

Only Star Wars fans will get this one, but I actually thought it would be funny to feature a speeder barn find when the new movie came out. Well, we never found one of those, but… more»

Automobillia: Valvoline Thermometer

UPDATE 8/14/15 – I’ll let this go for $375 shipped. Email me if interested. FROM 8/11/15 – If you follow the site, then this thermometer probably looks familiar to you. It was part of a large… more»

Automobilia: Canadian License Plate Collection

After featuring a story about automotive memorabilia the other day, we received many emails from interested parties and even a few from people with collections of their own. We are still waiting to hear back from… more»

Rare Absaroka License Plate

After telling my father about that automobilia collection we looked at other day, he smiled and said, “I want to show you something”. He then proceeded to pull an item out of the shelf. It looked… more»

Automobilia Mania

The other day Josh and I went to look at a huge collection of automobilia. These guys have a lean-to full of vintage signs, fuel pumps, and license plates. The owners are brothers and they have… more»