Hidden Car Collection: Muscle Cars and More!

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Collection of Eight Vintage Broncos!

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Liquidation! Huge FoMoCo Collection For Sale!

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1948 Hudson Highlights This Kansas Collection

The listing for these vehicles here on craigslist in Leavenworth, Kansas only highlights the 1948 Hudson in the upper left of this collage. However, the advertisement also mentions… more»

Huge Collection Of Classsic Cadillacs!

There is an amazing collection of vintage Cadillacs for sale in Riverside, California. They range in years from 1940 to 1966 with most being from the 1950’s…. more»

Check Out This Collection of High Quality Classic Fords For Sale

The collection includes a 1932 coupe, a 1932 highboy roadster hot rod, a 1932 Cabriolet, a 1932 Victoria, a 1932 pickup, a 1934 Victoria, a 1937 coupe,… more»

Auction Alert! 400+ Collector Vehicles And More

There is an amazing collection of vehicles and petroliana up for auction next month. The estate of “Bud” Walters Jr. is being presented here by Sullivan Auctioneers. The 2-Day Estate… more»

Big Boy Truck Collection: COEs, Panels and Scouts

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Bronco Roundup In Vermont

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Michigan Muscle: Over 60 Cars At No Reserve

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Plethora of Pontiac Projects and Parts!

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Cool Collection of Classic Cars (and Trucks)

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A Fever Of Stingrays In Miami

For those that aren’t well versed in aquatic life terminology, a large group of stingrays is called a fever. So it only makes sense that when you… more»

The Mother Lode In Southern California

Reader Wayne A recently came across as he puts it, the “Mother Lode” of classics at a shop in Southern California! There are survivors that have been… more»

Spirited Project: 1982 AMC Spirit Limited

The AMC Spirit is a slightly underrated classic with a sporty design and an economic drivetrain. Despite the bad reputation that often follows AMC, the Spirits, Concords,… more»

Huge Stash Of Citroens!

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Canadian Barn Full Of Classics

Reader Gord L just tipped us off to a very interesting barn up in Bath, Ontario, Canada. The barn contains 13 classics, ranging from a 1946 Cadillac 62… more»

Upcoming Auction: Car Collection And More In Minnesota

Barn finds are what we live for around here, and I’d be willing to be that barn find are why you’re here! Although these aren’t cars that… more»

Fleet of Fastbacks: 1965 Mustang Projects

There’s a group of Fastback Ford Mustangs near Charlotte, North Carolina that are waiting for new homes. The cars are advertised as all being from 1965 and… more»

Marathons For $100 Each? Checker Stash

As someone who’s had a thing for Checker Marathons for a long time, this find sent it by expert finder Rocco B. sent my heart beating quickly…. more»

Field Of Intrigue: 1968 Pontiac LeMans Convertible

Reader AMXBrian submitted the link to an ad for a 1968 LeMans convertible. Normally, I shy away from listings with minimal information and less than three or… more»

Tennessee Z Car Stash

As time continues to march onward the interest, love, and passion for old Z cars only seems to grow. The Z car is one of, if not… more»

Collection Of Seven Camaros Up For Grabs!

Second generation Camaros and their Trans AM cousins have been on the rise for the past few years, and with their climbing values, we’ve seen an increased… more»

Revisiting The Epic Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction

The amazing story of Pierce, Nebraska’s auction of leftover inventory from the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership amazed automobile enthusiasts around the world in 2013. Barn Finds reader Rob… more»