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Welcome to Datsunville! Cache of Datsuns

If you’re a fan of pre-1980 Nissan products – back in the day when they were called Datsuns in the U.S. – this is your lucky day. The seller has amassed 15 to 20 of them in all shapes and sizes, including sedans, station wagons, and pickups. Apparently, the seller is looking to liquidate “the collection” and is pricing them from $1,000 to $35,000 each, depending on model, condition, and rarity. Located in Smartsville, California (also known as Datsunville by the seller), this assortment is available for your inspection here on craigslist.

There is no doubt a story as to how and why all these imports from a single manufacturer came together. The seller (or a relative) had or has to be a huge fan of these 1960s and 1970s Japanese vehicles and has managed to amass quite a few of them over the years. If you assume they’re all worth what the seller is looking to get, the inventory will total more than $200,000. Some rare vehicles may be in the mix, especially the ones that are right-hand-drive. Also, delivery could be available. So, if you’re a Datsun connoisseur, happy hunting. Oh, BTW, the seller goes by the handle, James the 510 Keeper!

Here are the ones by model year:

1968 4-door (RHD), 90% complete, $10000

1969 Bluebird SSS Coupe, Yellow, complete, $35000

1969 2-door (RHD), bare metal, 90% complete, $12000

1969 510 2-door, Grey, 90% complete, $4500

1970 510 2-door, Grey, 75% complete, $4000

1971 Skyline Hako 4-door, White, 85% complete, $35,000

1971 Bluebird SSS 4-door, Green, 75% complete, $15000

1971 Bluebird SSS 4-door, Navy Blue, 95% complete, $20000

1971 510 2-door, Tan, runner and current project, interior being installed, $8,000

1977 Datsun 620 truck, Blue, $1000

1978 Datsun 620 truck, Green, $2800

Here are the rest:

Wagon, Safari Gold, complete, $3,500

Wagon, Green, complete and running, $7,500

510 2-door, SR20S15, White, $35,000

510 4-door, Yellow, 90% complete, $4,000

510 4-door, Orange, 90% complete, $2,500

2-door, bare metal with surface rust, 75% complete, $2,500


  1. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Not even if hell froze over

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  2. Avatar photo Steve

    Any pics of the 620’s?

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  3. Avatar photo Rbig18

    It’s a cool collection. I am not up to speed on the price of current Datsuns but 35k for what looks like half restored cars seems crazy.

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  4. Avatar photo That AMC Guy

    Looks more like a Datsun junkyard than a Datsun collection.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve R

    Seems like a fishing expedition. The 2 doors have been desirable since the late-70’s which has always helped drive the prices higher than most similar class of import. Still, it’s hard to see unfinished projects bringing that sort of money, especially the 4 doors.

    Steve R

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  6. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    I got $2500 for my rebuilt ’71 510 (complete w/BRE paint scheme),
    which was a fair price at the time.
    Little did I know what would happen with the prices on them.

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  7. Avatar photo Wayne

    Steve, go to the Craigslist listing and see the 620s.
    I love 510s I always wanted to get a 2 door and graft a wagon back on it to kind of make a 510 ES (a la Volvo) Yes, I know the 2 and 4 door cars have the fuel tank in the trunk because the independent rear suspension takes up too much room. But I don’t care. I just wanted the look! (And the drive of a 2 door)

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  8. Avatar photo Walter

    510s are immensely popular with 2 groups. The tuners who turn them into all sorts of projects by swapping drivetrains from different generations and or makers. The other group is vintage racers.
    They’ll find a home.

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    • Avatar photo chrlsful

      yes! I witnessed some pretty hot ones.

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  9. Avatar photo Eric_13cars Member

    Laughable prices. I know that old mantra that you can always go down but pullllleeeeeeze.

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  10. Avatar photo ramblergarage

    I am amazed that anyone would think those things are worth that kind of money.

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  11. Avatar photo Frog Man

    Best beater I ever owned a 74 510 barter for some dive work floating a boat in tampa bay. Thing was already rusted out, hotwired ignition and good sticky tires. I loved that car. Gave it to my brother when I went overseas in 1981. He managed to catch it on fire. Burned down my parents garage w my pops turbo rotary PU in it too boot.

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  12. Avatar photo ChingaTrailer

    I wish it would cost at least $100 to list a car on Craigslist – and I do use Craigslist to sell cars but it would at least stop people from cluttering up the listings with “pie in the sky” no chance of ever selling, cars! If this guy really wants to sell something and it will cost at least $100 to list it, he will more likely ask a realistic price that a real, thinking person will actually pay. This stuff is just nonsense, same with 95% of Facebook crap ads.

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  13. Avatar photo Troy

    Not sure what Datsun trucks are going for now days, I personally think he’s way over priced on all of it however the 510 popularity is stronger in California than it is here so they may get it, I like the mini trucks myself but from the pictures they are both not worth the $2500 bucks good luck to the seller.

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  14. Avatar photo JD

    Wow that is quite a collection, cool seeing them all in one place but agreed, prices are sky high. Any potential buyers should do extensive research, really serious rust is a major issue with these. How are they calculating the completed % too? Instead of trying to win the lottery & fund their retirement it would be cool if the seller would sell these at reasonable prices to younger enthusiasts who can help keep the dream alive. Shame we can’t do any of this at sane prices anymore.

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  15. Avatar photo HealeylvrJim Member

    I had a new 510 back in the fall of 1969 and totaled it with plastic still on the door panels. Went down off an interstate in the rain, braking and slide into an intersection and got slammed on the right front fender but the damage was too much. I loved that car.

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  16. Avatar photo gearhead1

    With those prices, now we know why he’s James the 510 keeper !

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  17. Avatar photo jwaltb

    It’s April 1st already?

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  18. Avatar photo D Lowe

    I had a 1974 Datsun 610, and a 1973 240Z. The only part I still have is a Bob Sharp Racing 4.44 Limited Slip Differential for IRS. Was never raced. It’s very stout and a Rare find. Asking $400 + shipping. It is currently in storage near Orlando.

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  19. Avatar photo lee roberson Member

    Not counting the RHD, approx. $186,000.00. A few if restored would bring some serious $$$. But IMO most of these are priced as restored not a 75% complete project.

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  20. Avatar photo Luigi

    Dude must have a really big bong.

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    • Avatar photo gearhead1

      “ James the 510 keeper of the really big bong “.

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      • Avatar photo Alfari

        “James the 510 keeper of the 420 reefer”

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  21. Avatar photo Chunk

    Smartsville is just south of Sucker Flat – and no, I’m not joking.

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  22. Avatar photo Sheldon Potts

    In 1982 I bought a 2dr 510 for $400 from a friend of my moms. Red with black interior. The only thing bad about it was it was a 2 speed auto on the column. It was absolutely mint. I bought it and on the way home it got rear-ended. Pushed the trunk right into the back seat. Total loss. Such a shame. I didn’t even make it home. Even then it was hard to find one with no rust. In canada anyway.

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  23. Avatar photo GIJOOOE

    I’d take one of the 2 door 510s and then immediately swap in an SR20DET and matching 5 speed, better brakes and then just enjoy driving it. But everyone else is correct- not a single one of these cars are worth $35k, maybe $15k max for a rust free example. But I do love the 510s, Japans’ answer to the Bimmer 2002 and better looking as far as I’m concerned.

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