BF Podcast: We Talk Synth Fuel And Our New Find!

We did it, we bought the Daimler SP250 we found in Florida! In this episode, we talk about whether it was a good buy and we talk a little about Porsche’s commitment to synthetic fuel. It could very well… more»

BF Podcast – Episode 5: Lost Shelby GT350?

Did we just find a lost 1965 Shelby GT350? In this week’s episode, we discuss a supposed Shelby GT350R, but what we found could be one of the few Paxton equipped GT350s! Be sure to listen and let us… more»

BF Podcast – Episode 4: Our Best Barn Finds

We’ve found some amazing barn finds over the years, so we thought it would be fun to talk about some of our all-time favorites! Our picks might just surprise you. We also discuss the revival of the Dodge TRX…. more»

BF Podcast – Episode 3: How Barn Finds Came To Be!

In this episode, we tell the tale of how Barn Finds came to be! We also discuss some automotive news, including the rebirth of a classic SUV, and the best finds of the week. The top find for the… more»

BF Podcast – Episode 2: Our First Barn Find!

In today’s episode, we cover the story of our first official barn find and how that led us to our latest find! We also discuss the past week’s automotive news, the week’s top stories, and a few great finds… more»

Barn Finds Podcast: Our First Episode!

The other day, Jesse and I were sitting in the Barn Finds Office having a lively debate about the history of some car (we have lots of these, so I don’t remember which one it was). At the conclusion… more»