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Centaurus Package: 1997 Ford F-350 Diesel

This 1997 Ford F350 is not just any pickup truck; no, it is a massive Centaurus conversion, complete with all the body cladding and extra accessories the aftermarket company saw fit to throw at it when it left the factory as a much more humble truck. The seller notes it belongs to his father, who has only accumulated 112,000 miles since purchasing it new. These conversions went well beyond what the dealership or factory was capable of doing, so it’s certainly an acquired taste if you’re looking for a truck that’s high on the eyeball factor. Still, it comes with a 7.3L Powerstroke diesel, which many consider one of the best engines you can find in a Ford. Find it here on eBay for $21,900.

As you can see, Centaurus held nothing back when customizing the F350. The flared fenders, decor stripes, side steps, visors, wind deflectors – it’s like a JC Whitney catalog exploded right where the F350 was sitting. The custom paint and huge polished wheels help boost the bling factor even further, leaving little doubt this was the top-shelf F350 you could buy in 1997. The seller notes that despite being located in upstate New York, it didn’t see winter duty and there’s no rust on the vehicle. The body certainly looks clean and straight from here, but the paint scheme is an acquired taste.

Comments about the exterior aside, Centaurus made the cabins a very nice place to spend time. And truthfully, that’s where these over-the-top conversions begin to make more sense. If you were a farmer, or a rancher, or someone who hauled livestock to auction on a regular basis, traveling in extreme comfort with one of the most capable Ford diesel engines ever built under the hood and acres of leather and wood trim insider makes for one smooth-riding and durable chariots money can buy. I doubt very many consumers were buying a truck like this just to have – there was certainly a job in mind, but also the desire to travel in comfort when doing the work.

Now, aside from the cosmetics, this F350 is equipped with an engine that really needs no introduction. The Powerstroke is a famously reliable engine and one that can pull significant loads without breaking a sweat. The indicated mileage really is barely broken in by the standards to which this engine is held, so the next owner will likely get many more years of reliable service out of it. The tires and battery are new, and only some minor cosmetic flaws are mentioned in the listing. Would you drive a gussied-up Centaurus or look for a truck with a little less flash?


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Great line Jeff: “It’s like a J C Whitney catalog exploded right where the F350 was sitting.” The Centurion conversion is certainly an acquired taste, but if you want to leave no doubt about being noticed, here’s your chance.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Yeah, I had to stop and mentally picture a JC Whitney catalog exploding. Love it.

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  2. ClassicCarFan

    I guess it’s a free country and “each to their own”…but I’d much prefer this model without all the cheesy plastic. I’m a fan of this generation of F150 and own one myself, part of the appeal to me is that they were a little cleaner and simpler in style than the later styling driven by the marketing need to look cartoonish and huge. IMHO trucks look best when they look like the utilitarian items they were always meant to be. but obviously the “dress up” look appeals to some.

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  3. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Rollin’ coal with style. Nice

  4. Mark

    ……and to prevent future rusting, if you are fortunate enough to find a used hot air balloon, you could cut it up to make a nifty truck cover for it.

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  5. PaulG

    Designed by a group of guys who’s motto is “Too much is not enough’

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  6. Rodknee

    I’m picturing it repainted in a solid color maybe black and I’m thinking it would be a good deal for a one owner Powerstroke that’s barely broken in.

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  7. West

    Trucks reaching 80 thousand + for a diesel truck these days . Not a bad idea to grab a truck like this. Might need some small items but a solid truck all in all. 7.3 has let few people down.

  8. Brittney Reader

    I love it! I think it is fabulous! I would drive it exactly like that. Yet, it would look like totally super wicked trill all blacked out, as well. It is such a beauty. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Paul

    That is clearly Centaurus not at all a Centurion. It even has the damn badge on the bed how does someone screw up what to call it?

  10. Claudio

    I had the green and gold version of this beauty and it pulled my 32 foot fifthwheel with great ease , i replaced the fifth and truck to get into smaller spots but always have a soft spot for the HUGE duallies

  11. John

    Truly grotesque.

  12. mike

    can he post his phone number on ebay or on your site to get in touch for more info thanks

  13. John

    Haha. You say exploded, I say puked up its pages.

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