Charcoal Edition: 1984 Mercury Capri RS Turbo

I know most people would prefer a V8 in their Fox body Mustang, but boy do I want this turbo powered Capri RS! It’s actually the Charcoal edition Capri, which means it has all kinds of fun factory upgrades. The 2.3 liter turbo engine is equipped with the Garratt 60 trim turbo, which is capable of pushing lots of air. And if that isn’t fun enough, Mercury (aka Ford) equipped the car with the 5.0’s sway bars, a 3.45 limited slip rear end, a hood scoop and bright orange accents. This particular example is in a bit of trouble, as it somehow ended up at a tow yard. They were going to recycle (crush) it, but after seeing how nice it is, they decided to give someone the chance to buy it. You can find it here on craigslist in Hayward, California with a $2,500 asking price. Thanks to Craig L for this tip!

While there’s nothing wrong with the way the Fox body Mustang looks, I prefer it in Capri trim. The front end treatment really gives it a unique look and it isn’t until you’re looking at the back of the car that you know it’s a rebadged Mustang. That’s alright though, because the Fox platform has proven to be a great design with huge amounts of potential. With the factory performance upgrades that this Capri received, it should really be a fun car to drive and after turning the boost up, it would actually be pretty quick!

You just don’t find Charcoal Capris all that often and even if this one is a little rough, it’s definitely worth more than $2,500! If you replace the driver’s seat, clean the interior up, pop some of the dings out and get it running in top condition you’d have a great little driver or you flip it and make a little extra money for another project. Personally, I’d keep it! As a matter of fact, I’m seriously tempted to buy this one myself. The title situation could be a little dicey, give that it’s an impound car, but as long as you have the documentation and a title from the impound lot it shouldn’t be too difficult.

This really is a great find, it’s just too bad it ended up being impounded. There’s no word on why it ended up here or if there are any mechanical issues, but the 2.3 liter engine is fairly simple to work on and parts are readily available. The seller states that the car has already been scheduled for recycling and that if it isn’t sold by the end of the week, it will be crushed. So if you’ve been looking for a fun and cheap project, you might want to act fast on this one!


  1. brettucks

    looks like it is running in the pic.

    • jdjonesdr

      First line in the ad is “we have a good running 84…… ” so yep, I’d say it’s running.

      The end of the ad states their wholesaler offered $917, and I bet something between 1200 and 1500 would take it home.

      What would be the value of it crushed?

    • John

      Looks like it’s already sold . Posting has been removed .!

    • John

      Looks like it’s already sold . Posting has been removed ! I tried to contact seller

  2. Jay M

    Great winter project on a future collectible.
    Fun car to drive on weekends, and just watch it appreciate.
    People that lusted after these when new have money to spend now to relive their youth.

  3. Curt

    It should be a crime to crush any car like this, be it a mustang,camaro,capri,firebird anything like that. We need to restore these and save them for future generations..just my input thanx

  4. Steve65

    Title will be easy. As a tow yard they’ll have had plenty of practice with filling out the paperwork. Straightforward storage lein sale. You’ll get a packet of paperwork in lieu of a signed title. Since they’re not a scrapper it won’t even be branded salvage.

    I’m about 30 minute’s drive from this if anybody wants some specific “eyes on” answers or pics.

  5. Mercury man

    Somebody please buy this! 5.0L resto is one stop shopping to bring this car back to perfect. The turbo 4 made a better balanced chassis and it is so easy to get more power. It could be an amazing car with a little effort. Oh I wish I could rescue this. It deserves so much better.

  6. Mark

    No scrapyard would junk this, Parts alone worth big money on

  7. ROAR

    scrappers aren’t usually the brightest, I’ve seen lots of really nice cars smashed! I got $1000 for a straight, good running smoggable Isuzu trooper , That was a government program now you’ll be lucky to get $400, scrap prices are low.

  8. TCOPPS Tyler Member

    Looks like it’s gone to a better place!

  9. John K

    Ah TRX tires. The best Betamax of the tire industry.

    • Steve65

      Interesting comparison. Betamax was objectively “better”‘ in ways that could be measured, but the market preferred the convenience of longer recording time over a better picture.

  10. Madmatt

    Years ago my dad and I rebuilt wrecked cars,and fixed many Mustangs and Capris.We had an RS Capri turbo,with the suspension package.That car was a blast to drive!,about the best handling car I’ve ever driven!It wasn’t the fastest,
    but man it cornered flat,almost no body lean,even when doing donuts on asphalt.
    I always liked the bulged fenders more on the Capris,and they can be built just as fast as any Mustang.Someone will get a fun driver with this one!

  11. TouringFordor

    These were known to wear out camshafts quickly (I had a ’79 Mustang Turbo). That may be what put it in the scrap yard.

    • Rob

      Had a ’79 also. Exactly same color combination. I actually like the ’79 rear hatch better. Was my first car and eventually traded up to an 88 GT. Would love to still have that Capri!

  12. Maestro1 Member

    Josh, if it’s not sold, jump on it. You’ll have a lot of fun, and any reconstruction is fairly easy with availability of parts. Enjoy. I have no room for it.

  13. Glen

    If they think it’s worth anywhere near the asking price, why scrap it?

  14. W9BAG

    For the genre, I like the Capri’s over the Mustangs. They have more panache.

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