Charger In The Rough: 1969 Dodge Charger Project

If there is one thing I like to think I know a lot about, its B-Body Mopars! I love the whole lot of them, Chargers, Coronets, Roadrunners, etc. The 1969 Dodge Charger is likely the most coveted 1960’s era Chrysler products, second only to Superbirds/Charger Daytonas. A 1969 Dodge Charger in true project for is quite the elusive creature, as most of the 1969 Charger projects I come across are basket cases that have only been promoted from parts car status because of the constantly rising interest in them. Although this particular Charger is a diamond in the rough, it is a diamond nonetheless! Find it here on eBay with a hefty asking price of $23,495.

Although the interior of this Charger is rough, it looks to all be there in some way, shape, or form. Many of the less expensive project Chargers available lack lots of components, and what makes this car a good starting point is that most of the parts look to be in place. The seller, an Ohio-based dealer, notes that although they are the third titled owner, this car was purchased from the original owner. Although you may be the fourth titled owner to this car upon purchasing it, I am a firm believer that if you are the second person to make good use of it, you are equivalent to being the second owner. The floor pans need some work but are mostly rust-free. Unfortunately, the seller states that the fender tag and build sheet are not with the vehicle, thus it would be difficult to determine what options it originally had. From an optimist’s point of view, this car is a blank canvas waiting for you to make it whatever you want!

Under the hood is a 440 hooked up to an A-833 4-speed manual transmission, both of which are unsurprisingly not original to the car. The seller claims this car runs and drives, and includes a video in the ad to support said claims. It looks like there may be a host of new parts under the hood, meaning that the drivetrain may not need a lot of work. As with most Mopars and all B-Bodies, it will need some metal work to be nice again. Once again, though there may be missing pieces, this Charger is largely complete and the fact that it runs and drives just adds on to the value.

This is not a rear end I shall soon forget! I grew up watching the Dukes Of Hazzard (I own every season on DVD), and the taillights on a ’69 Charger are like a familiar face. With the prices of these cars rising every day, this could be a good chance for an enthusiast like myself to get their hands on a straightforward project. It looks as if both full quarters have already been hung, which could be really good or really bad. A skilled metal-worker could have this car looking nice soon enough, and with all of the sheet metal available through various vendors, all it requires is skill, time and money. In a sea of General Lees, you could be the Charger that stands out because its the color you liked and built the way you wanted! Though it isn’t cheap, and needs some work, the next owner could still come out ahead. Cash or pass?

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    Worth restoring.

  2. Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice write-up, Andrew. I found a Build Sheet in the seat springs of my ’66 Coronet, and I’ve heard of them stuffed behind or above the glove box. To my eye the ’69 is the best of this body’s three-year run. ’68 had the less-impressive tail lights and the ’70 has the stylistically distracting chrome around the grille opening. For the love of all things holy I hope the new owner is permanently separated from any dreams of a General Lee tribute by more than a 6-pack.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Thanks Todd! I have the build sheet for my Coronet, and I also have a build sheet for a different one that was likely stuffed in my car by accident. I found both under my rear seat! I found my Duster’s behind the rear seat as well, but after I removed it it crumbled to dust in the wind. I agree, I love the General Lee but there are more than enough tributes out there already!

  3. Alfie

    Looks like it was a B5 383-4V with auto. If it was in the same family for almost 50 years, who the hell worked on it? It looks like they threw in what they could find locally 15-20 years ago.

  4. C Carl

    Also used in the movie Christine

    • Steve hagebusch

      The blue charger in christine was a 68

  5. al8apex


  6. Jay M

    Great car and a great find.
    Expensive, but that’s also a lot of people’s ultimate dreamcar sitting there.
    It will be a fun project and well worth the money.


    This car needs an extreme amount of work and money. Buy one done already.

  8. flmikey

    I do give the seller credit for showing most of the flaws…which there are many…including holes in the frame….and a floor pan replacement that looks like a monkey did it…looks like the original buyer checked very few option boxes…no power steering or brakes, for example…I do hope someone is able to bring this car back…

  9. Chebby

    Aw, it just needs 3-4 layers of clearcoat. I’d spray the interior too.

  10. Gunner

    IF I was to spend the money for 69 Charger, I would rather take a closer look at this one, as it is all original, as that is a priority for me. I will settle though for my 69 Coronet 440 Hardtop already in my garage. ;-)

  11. scottymac

    These never moved me, always preferred the Coronet with a fast back glued on 1966-’67 versions. One of the model companies has released a new kit of this style Charger, but instead of the 01 and Rebel flag of the General Lee, the box art shows a US flag on the roof and a 76 on the doors. Political correctness wins again.

  12. RoKo

    Reduce the price by at least $19000, then it would be worthwhile.

  13. KevinR

    Send this thing to a media blaster and you might not get anything back! The floors are particularly scary, since that’s the only thing keeping you in the car.

    It seems like an awfully high asking price for a car that needs everything…

  14. SuperSport

    as per AMXSteve, buy one that’s done or similar. if you buy it for $26, you are going to have to spend another $20K to have a nice.
    i know it’s not a charger, but you could get a restored hemi car for not much more than double their asking price. I’m amazed it’s at $16K right now!!!

  15. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    This is just waiting to become the 1969 version of Roadkill’s General Mayhem

  16. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Yes on the build sheet finds- went looking for the sheet every known spot….found my little S car I bought last month – under the carpet – next to the floor. Not the best spot but after seeing the rats nest under the back seat….I was happy.

  17. Dt 1

    As is 5k would be a good price

  18. Steve Bell

    23K…for THAT..missing this and that, non original…. Sheesh. Crazy, absolutely crazy. I’m
    just gonna stand on the sideline…patiently wait. “POP”…it’s coming.

  19. SuperSport

    it’s upto $18k plus…what am i missing here, ie how did it get to this price?

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