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Charming in Coral? 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air


Just over a week ago, Barn Finds readers were treated to a very attractive pink and grey 1956 Hudson Rambler. Back in the fifties, two tone paint jobs in what we now think of as exotic colors were all the rage. I well remember all sorts of two tone combinations on cars when I was young, and this coral and grey 1955 Chevy Bel Air four door sedan is a very good representation of its era.


This car is for sale on Craigslist in the small town of Buchanan, New York, near the mighty Hudson River south of Peekskill.


Admittedly, there will be many who will dismiss this because it’s a four door, but then again, if it were a two door car, the price would be a lot higher. And it’s also got a mundane Blue Flame six cylinder engine and three on the tree manual transmission, so it is not going to be the fastest car you’ve ever driven either. The car certainly has its flaws, but the overall look is pretty great, and if you want to see what an awful lot of families were driving in the mid to late 1950’s, this is a great example.


According to the seller, this Chevy was stored in a barn for 35  years.  The car was evidently painted back in the 70’s before it went into storage (boy does time fly by) and it has some chipped paint, but the seller says there is “no rust anywhere” on this car.  It’s difficult to know what the dark spots are that are showing in the pictures–these could be flaws in the paint or flaws in the photos.


The seller says he has just invested $2,000 in front end components, brakes, seals and fluids to get it ready for the road again, and has the receipts to prove it. As the pictures show, the chrome trim and interior do look really good.


The asking price for this car is $14,000, and no doubt there is some room to negotiate (bring cash and see what kind of a deal you can make). I think this car will sell once we get into spring and summer, despite it being a four door car with the venerable low output six, instead of the famous small block 265 cube V8 engine that Chevy introduced in 1955. I like the fact that this is a Bel Air also, with better interior and more chrome than other 55 Chevys, and the coral and grey color scheme is very appealing to me.

What do other Barn Finds readers think of this car and its unusual color scheme?


  1. Avatar photo Mike

    I bet during the cold winter months it would not be a nice car to ride in, considering the heater core is bypassed as you can see the loop of heater hose.
    My Parents said their first car was a 55 Belair 4 door white over blue. My Grandfathers went together bought it and gave it to my folks as a wedding present when they got married in 59.

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  2. Avatar photo RON

    Beautiful. You can bet it has a leaking heater core as the reason for the bypass. Easy fix. But what the H is a Blueflame 123? The six was a Blueflame 235 and that was the CID. I don’t think that was the HP either. Amazing people try to impress and don’t have a clue what they own. Much like every 55-56 Ford v/8 is the famous 312 thunderbird special. There was no such thing in 55 and very few 56’s had them.

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  3. Avatar photo Gary

    Hmm, no heater option, or leaky heater core? Just looking at the heater hoses off the engine. Still, neat color combo.

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  4. Avatar photo rdc

    Nice period car. Never like the thing /eyebrow over the windshield. I would not have any interest unless it was a 2 door post. I think the 4-doors really break up the lines. Just my opinion. :)

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  5. Avatar photo James HGF

    The 123 (Blueflame 123) is the horsepower rating of the six with manual transmission with powerglide the six was boosted to 136 hp. The V8 was rated at 162 hp with manual or powerglide.

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  6. Avatar photo James HGF

    There was a Plus-Power option for the V8 which raised the advertised rating to 180 hp.

    Brochure: http://oldcarbrochures.org/NA/Chevrolet/1955_Chevrolet/1955-Chevrolet-Foldout/1955-Chevrolet-Foldout-04

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  7. Avatar photo Healeydays
    • Avatar photo David Wilk Member

      Price now lowered to a more realistic ask too.

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  8. Avatar photo Terry J

    Owned a ’57 210 2 door wagon that color ( Coral/white). 283, 3 speed with O/D. Hated the color. When I saved up enough to have it repainted, guess what? Same color. It grows on you, though every time somebody said “Hmmmm…nice pink car” I’d retort: “IT IS NOT PINK,IT’S CANYON CORAL” . :-) Terry J

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    • Avatar photo Donnie

      Hmmm you had a pink car HAHAHA

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  9. Avatar photo Terry J

    Very funny Donnie. It wasn’t pink, It was CANYON CORAL. :-( Terry J

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  10. Avatar photo Van

    I’m with terry, it’s OK as long as you call it coral
    I can hear Chicago “I’m a man yes I am”

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  11. Avatar photo John H. from CT

    I am taken by any of the pastel color cars from the 50’s across the entire color palette. Of course, 55-57 Tbirds led the list, but there are a number of other cars that also look really cool in pastel.

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  12. Avatar photo Terry J

    Haw Haw Van. I’m from near Pendleton Oregon. Driving around in a pink car during the Pendleton Round Up would would be a good way to get thumped by a cowboy(s).
    At least back in the 60’s. Maybe they have become a kinder,gentler bunch by now……….NAH! NO WAY. :-) Terry J

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  13. Avatar photo Wayne

    Irrespective of the motor it is a nice car, and has the right number of doors. Powerglide would have completed the package.

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    • Avatar photo rdc

      Interesting, most collectors seem to like two-door post or hardtop cars.

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  14. Avatar photo pauline

    my next door neighbor growing up had the exact same model.

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  15. Avatar photo Van

    When I was a mechanic I thought about painting my tools pink.
    Nobody would take them.

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    • Avatar photo krash

      Van….tried that…it doesn’t work.

      ..they just spray ’em a different color as soon as they grab ’em from your box…

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  16. Avatar photo Wayne

    Imagine how good this six would look with split cast headers, twin carbs, alloy tapper cover and side plate. Or triple SUs even better. Would look much better than a belly button V8.

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  17. Avatar photo Van

    You talk like somebody that wants to be different. How about a custom manifold that rolls over the top of the valve cover and has the webbers on the other side.

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  18. Avatar photo Wayne

    Have done that on a straight 8 Hudson I used to dirt track in my youth, about 50 years ago but with Stromberg 97s

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  19. Avatar photo Barry T

    Just my opinion of course but the style of the 1955 Chevy (even with 4 doors) is so much nicer looking than the 1957 model year.

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  20. Avatar photo Ed P

    It just does not get any more 50’s than coral and gray.

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  21. Avatar photo Paul B

    I love this thing. It could actually make a Chevy owner out of me.

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