Cheap 1966 Ford Galaxie Project Car

Sometimes a simple, straight up listing is with a very obvious car is nice to come across. This 1966 Ford Galaxie project car has a clear title, no VIN listed, and a claimed 153,000 miles if that is important. The auction has a starting bid of $299.99 or a buy it now of $1,000. You can view it here on eBay.

The engine and transmission are both out of the car. The engine is in need of a rebuild and is a 289 V8 connected to a Cruis-O-Matic transmission. In the listing, the seller is honest enough to mention that the frame is un-usable and that a replacement frame should be in order. According to them, that is a common issue on these cars.

The interior needs work. There are pieces and parts to start with, but none of the material is in suitable shape for sitting. An abundance of parts also come with the car and there are only a few things missing, such as some smaller pieces and emblems.

Little is left to be said about the car or listing. Pictures provide evidence of the condition of the car and you will want to consider messaging the seller any questions you have. It is hard to say why this has not sold yet, so there might be something that is keeping buyers away. Either that or they just want to swoop in last minute for a great deal.

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  1. Chas358 Chasman358 Member

    I’ve always loved big block (FE) full size Fords. As a kid, maybe 14 years old or so, my older brother’s buddy bought a shiny new 1964 Galaxy XL, 4 speed of course. Not a stripper, this was a dark blue (metallic ?) car with bucket seats and a console. The car was an R code 427. On my first ride in something fast, when brother Ray, who was driving, got into it – I was in heaven. It was brand new, still burning overspray off engine parts and probably exhaust manifolds. That Big by Large Galaxy stood up when all 8 barrels opened and moved like nothing I’d ever been in, and the sound was something straight out of car Heaven! At idle it sounded wonderful, with just enough cam and the solid lifters ticking away. Music!

    I’ve searched for similar cars online and haven’t found one yet. If I had the $$$ I’d buy or create one. A Beautiful Thing.

    • Chas358 Chasman358 Member

      I realize this is not a big block car. I took to dreaming and kind of lost it on my first comment as a paid member.


    • Jeff

      I agree. I sold my ’66 Mercury Monterey a few years back, and I still regret it. We had our third child and I just didn’t have the time or space for it. It was a great windows-down cruiser, and the sound of the 390 through twin pipes was simply awesome. Granted, the handling was downright ponderous by modern standards and the power steering completely masked any feel for the road, but the big block made such great torque that the weight of the car wasn’t an issue at all. In a straight line at least, that car could move.

      • scottymac

        Bigger stabilizer bars, wheels, and modern radial tires make a big difference. It’ll never be a Saleen, but my old boat will surprise a few people. With a 3.00:1 back axle and a SROD overdrive, she’ll cruise at 80 mph at 2,800 rpms, and knock down 20 mpg. With a 289 in front, manual steering is doable, and the feedback is much better. Late 70s T-Bird disc brakes work great when you have to slow. People are probably tired of my old Galaxie, but here she is one more time. I socked away a spare frame for mine a long time ago.

  2. Steve R

    These are great looking, under appreciated cars. As I read the sellers description I was thinking to myself, this would make a decent beater, until I came to the end where he says the frame is junk. Unfortunately it’s a parts car, the low price is tantalizing for someone looking for a cheap project. An interested buyer should hold out for a better one to come along.

    Steve R

    • Classic Steel

      I felt the same when I saw the comment on frame .
      The seller should of showed the damage as if it was a section/ spot a possible machine and welding shop could repair again depending on issue.

      Then a possible good beater car again

      • Steve R

        When a seller describes the frame as “junk”, I believe him. His eBay store consists exclusively of car parts, I figure he knows what he’s talking about. Sometimes it’s best to take their word, this is one of those cases.

        Steve R

  3. Joseph F

    I worked a summer job in Louisville loading new full size Fords and Ford trucks out of the stock lot onto tri-level rail cars (autoracks) for shipment all over the U.S. Every time I see one of these I wonder if I drove it. I wonder how many big 66 Fords are still with us.

    • scottymac

      My red 289 car was built in Chicago, but I also have a 428 7 Litre that came out of the Louisville plant. It was made November 11, 1965, so too late for you to have loaded my car. Nice story, though.

      • Paul MacD

        Wow, your red 289 looks very nice but the 7 litre, I would love. Our family had a 64 two door Galaxie 500 with a 223 straight 6. We went to a 289 66 Galaxie 500 that was a beautiful riding car. The closet car I had after, that drove like the 66, in the 70s was a 77 t-bird with a 351 modified.

  4. Maestro1

    It’s a big project, and there are some out there requiring less work.

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