Cheap Muscle: 1974 Buick Apollo Project

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Although initially marketed as a compact, this 1974 Buick Apollo equipped with a 350 V8 would make a good luxury cruiser. It is located in Rochester, Pennsylvania and listed here on eBay with a buy it now of $1,700 with 6 days remaining on the auction at the time of writing.

The seller lists this as a GTX edition, which presumably was intended to be listed as a GSX. However, by 1974 this was relegated to an appearance package, and only available in either red or white. With the tan exterior and interior, we can assume this car not to be a true GSX. The ad is a little cryptic but from what can be gathered it was stored in a barn from 1994 until just recently. It was then or presently now stored underneath a heavy duty truck tarp. $1,700 is not a big investment for a collector car, but the buyer has to determine how much of car is being purchased. It may take that much again just to get the car drive-able assuming there are no structural repairs required. Although a neat car, there is limited demand and resale. The value of the car is in the enjoyment of refurbishing and driving the car.

The motor is listed as an Olds 330, probably meant to be 350 V8. It looks to have the proper engine, an Olds with the oil filler neck on front, and could be original. However, it looks like it hasn’t run for a very long time. It should be verified whether it turns over before any assumptions are made.

The interior is complete but has been used as temporary storage for such things as bumpers. Both the interior and trunk seem to be filled with random pieces. Although extra parts are included, it is hard to determine what part originally belongs to the car.

No mention is made about the underneath other than to say the body is in good shape. This may be somewhat true, but a visual inspection is required to see the bottoms of the quarters and floors and such. Some of the repair work was touched up with red, with the reason unclear. It also looked to be originally equipped with a vinyl roof, which can lead to all sorts of obscure rusting problems. Aftermarket sunroofs are also notorious for leaking as well.

Overall, it looks like the car may have sourced some minor parts to another project car These could be found within the stash of parts in the trunk. This is not a type of car that you would pay to ship across the country, but if a prospective buyer were looking for an entry-level car and had some extra time for assembly, it may represent a doable project. The seller is looking for money to finish his truck project, and may be receptive for a little bit of price haggling!

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  1. Bakyrdhero

    A person would have to reeeaallly like a Buick Apollo…

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  2. Arthell64

    Olds did make a 330. The 350 was swapped for a 330.

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  3. PatrickM

    I don’t think this car is worth the asking price. So much work just to clean it out. Questions about engine, tranny, underside…etc. Looking for money to work on another project? Hmmm… This might go for $800.00, tops IMO. However, if someone had the time, place and money, this could turn out to be a really nice car.

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  4. JoeMac Joe Mac

    For a second it looked like a console shift, but nope. Column. I doubt this car ever had GSX attached to it. GLWS.

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  5. Little_Cars Saul

    I’m trying to figure out how one fender on the driver’s side and part of the door, window frames (door and quarter glass) and the rear fender got to be red on the passenger side.

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  6. Johnny Joseph

    This is like a really bad joke. To call this a ‘collector car’ is to open the collector category up to literally every car ever built! This should have been aborted model never existed as a GTX, if it was anything it might have been a GSX. That still doesn’t make this conglomeration of GM 1974 X Body’s, also included the Chevy Nova, Olds Omega, and two, yes TWO Pontiac models: the Ventura and the GTO. This is the cruelest cut of all, to call one of these a GTO was the end of the road for the first muscle car (the 1964), until the reboot in 2004, which was a Holden built ride that lasted three years before being laid to rest for good. Frankenstein here, with its Olds engine and wheels, Buick body and who knows what else is worth about $500 as a parts car! To buy this with the intention of restoration is a sign that you should probably get checked out by a good doctor because you may have some onset of dementia. The crusher awaits this heap.

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  7. Stevie G

    Collector car alright…junk collector! I have driven better than this to the crushed. Good luck to the buyer, if there ever is one.

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